So here I am today. I will answer the questions that you guys want to know and hope. This video can clear some of your tops and will help you in deciding whether you should buy this laptop or not so lets get started Music. First of all, I want to talk about the good points of this laptop. It is small, fast and versatile. In case you guys havent watched my previous video, my HP, Envy 360 has 16 gig RAM and 512 gig storage, so anyway, running Photoshop doing PowerPoints were surfing the web using Zoom playing games. Everything is fast enough. For me, foreign Music comes the answer to the questions you guys are most concerned which are about the fun noise, whether the hinge breaks or not, and the pen. I will also add my opinions about the things you should know. As I use this laptop, I noticed the screen reflects like a mirror and if there is a light source, the screen will show rainbow lines like this. Whether the screen is on or off foreign Music Im, using this laptop for about eight months now, but you as you can see, my laptop hinge – is still intact without signs of breaking, though I need to watch and see how it will be after one or two Years, thank you, Music. Thank you. Music next is about the pen. I havent bought a new one. Yet, but after updating the laptop several times, I find that the pending experience become much better.

Now I will open the Microsoft whiteboard and show you the pen tapping sound. Is still there but my hand wont slip anymore, like I showed you in my previous video, so it wont slip anymore if even if my palm touches the screen, while writing – and another thing you should know about this pen – is that it wont work when its tilted Later, I will show you my iPad, a writing experience where you can still ride it when the pan is tilted from the side, so that you can compare the two pants and see the difference Music, foreign Music. I will charge it and make the fan wise get louder by opening the games and drama Music. So I open the game to see. As you can hear, the fan noise is getting louder first here. Right click. This then, here text manager. You see that this one is really high, so lets right, click and then click and task. Okay. So this one is also hi, so we will close this and then lets wait. Music. Now I have closed the heavy programs like games and only open the low power usage ones like um video player, foreign Music. So after a few minutes, the noise finally becomes quieter. The main point of doing this is to stop the softwares and applications that have high power usage and let the laptop rest for a while. So if youre using the high power usage softwares during charging, the laptop will get heat up quickly.

You can hear the noise getting smaller as we close the programs, but be aware that doing this will close the program we have opened, so anything that needs to be saved will be lost if you havent saved them. But I want to suggest that, while charging you shouldnt use heavy software so as not to damage the battery, so should you buy two in one laptop or a separate tablet, a normal laptop. The answer is, it depends on how youre going to use it. If you need a normal laptop, I suggest you should not buy this, because this is more expensive than normal ones and if you happen to buy separate tablet after buying this, you will be spending much more money than you should have. If you dont plan to buy separate tablet or iPad later, I think this laptop may be a good choice for you. In my opinion, after using iPad, I found that three in one laptop is not very convenient for me because its heavier and its not easy to flip between laptop mode and tablet mode. That efficiently, though, I really like the touch screen mode, I personally like to use separate, laptop and tablet now that I experience this two in one, but it and its entirely my opinion and based on my personal preference, so feel free to choose what you like. In conclusion, Im still using my HP laptop well until now and hinge the battery the performance are still good for me and Im satisfied with the overall experience.

If you plan to buy this laptop, you should consider about the pros and cons I mentioned above the price compared to the functions youre going to use and consider Which choice will be the best for you.