This is a legendary’s channel, but this is not the legend gamers channel. This is the this. Is our new channel called the legend gamers technology channel? We do technology stuff in this channel, so today’s video is actually the it’s. The first video of our legend gamers technologies channel so topic is about it’s a product review. So here i have the hp envy 360. it’s. It was released a few months ago in uae. Actually, it’s uh four thousand two hundred dirhams it’s 84 000 rupees so i’m going to do a product review. Let’S start the review, so here’s hpnb, so let’s start unboxing. So you have the tape right here. Have a knife let’s cut it out: it’s, not cutting! Oh, my goodness it’s so hot, so this is going to be epic, so whoa. What an amazing! But oh i forgot to tell this is a sony mdr xb550 ap headphone, which came with uh this hp, envy laptop so i’m, going to review about this after unboxing and reviewing about this okay. Let’S start oh here’s, the hp in the laptop and let you know oh, this is a hp pen. Look at that that’s, the hp pen. Let me keep that aside, and here you have the charger it’s the plug, and now let me open the laptop okay. Oh here’s, a manual i was searching for it: okay, let’s breathe Music, okay, it’s kind of satisfying to open this. You know: okay, here’s, the green hp light whoa.

Look at that symbol. Look at here, whoa it’s, an hp i mean it’s, the envy logo right there. Whoa, what is this amazing looks. Amazing. Okay me get this whoa whoa it’s, amazing wow, so i need to give it a charge and i need to set up it so so here i set up the laptop and it looks amazing, so um it’s a key feature which is i’m going to show you Um, oh yeah, here i want you to look this carefully. Look at that. It is amazing. Look at that light. You can use it when it’s dark and you have dimness of it. You have all the controls of your laptop right here. This is the brightness, and this is the mute. This is the sound volume all this here. You can have all it so there’s a fingerprint right here. I didn’t show you that look. I have set up my fingerprint for the laptop now look at that laptop right. There this wallpaper was said by hp. Oh, i forgot the pen, so i will review about it later, so the laptop is set. So i want to look at the camera so i’m. Looking at the camera, yeah yeah here’s the camera. You can see the camera. Oh it’s a light, a blade, it’s, a big blur, but it’s good for her laptop, and i forgot you to tell this um in this laptop there’s, a secret high camera. You can use it by a button in other laptops like lenovo there’s, a switch like that.

You need to push it, but in the hp you have the camera lock button, it will lock the camera and it will not. You will not be able to see so, yes laptop, i set it up. So let me try the pencil. Oh, it has a charger. Whoa, oh here’s, the bench there we go Music right here: okay, okay, let’s start checking the pen. You click on me: oh whoa, oh it’s, nice. Oh, i forgot to tell you you can fold it yeah. I want to tell you that secret feature right there. Okay, let me show you how to fold it. Okay, don’t say: actually it’s touch screen i’m, not telling you. I have more features so let’s fold, it look i’m folding, it i’m getting it’s getting touched and fold it fully on there. So it’s, like a tablet, it’s like a tablet, you can have a tab plus a laptop doesn’t. It look amazing, actually there’s another laptop like the hp m360 it’s called the hp spectre 360, which is a bit costlier than the nv, but the envy has the same features as the hp spectre. This looks amazing. Look at it so that’s it for the laptop. I have reviewed it Music, so so let me open the headphones i’m breaking the box whoa, so it’s a box in a box. It looks amazing, whoa, it’s, a luxury packing. Look at that headphone isn’t there look at this carbon fiber. I, like it here’s the headphones it’s, a wired headphone.

It looks amazing, so i want to do the soundtrack right now. Let me do it i’m going to play some songs in youtube. I wan na go to the youtube, wait a second. I will go incognito. Okay, click on youtube and let me search, i will believer: okay, Music whoa. What a sound system you can hear it, what an amazing, sound, Music right now, it’s super comfy here’s the mic. I think it’s a mic. Okay, let’s get started! Why whoa wow it’s good it’s nice? Would you want to hear it yeah? I can hear it right. It’S super comfy. I love it. So the laptop review is done. The headphone review is done so at the end of the. So at the end of the video i will recommend you to buy this laptop, which is worth the price which you give it’s worth. So you get the fastest pro it’s like it’s, a new processor, the amd ryzen 7, and it has the same company’s amd, radio, graphics and the sound system was by band, and also i love it. I would recommend you to buy this laptop if you are buying a new laptop okay, that’s it for today guys. Oh, i forgot one, my brother’s there. I need to call him and i need to check okay. I need to call him so so here is mugil and he is my brother and he’s in the legend gamers channel. The link is in the description below for legend gamer channel and the videos to it.

So here’s move here here we have mogil hi miguel hi brother, where you keep calling me ah yeah. This is the video. This is the video and it’s a surprise to you. I actually bought a new laptop. How would you like it? Actually, the laptop’s name is hp, nv, 360., so i’m, actually speaking in the laptop, so i will send you the images of the laptop to see. So what do you think of? Why did i buy this laptop? Why do you? What do you think? Because you just left, you have already, you had three laptops and you kept the toshiba here and you gave me yeah and other two laptops got broke. It was very old, so how okay? So i will send you the pictures, and this is – i just wanted you to speak in the video so i’m going to end this video. What do you want to say what we do? Legend gamers? We are ending this video.