The reason why i picked this laptop is because i need a laptop that is thin and light. So that i could take on the go to edit and that also my wife can use that is powerful, light long battery life, so she doesn’t have to carry the charger with her and, according to the manufacturer, this guy has 10 hours of battery life and before We take a look at it if you guys enjoy this kind of content. Smash that like and hit subscribe, let’s open this guy up let’s grab my trusty old knife that my dad gave me this knife is from the 70s before i open this box up. Let’S go over uh, what’s, all the packet itself. We have a picture of the laptop, it looks very sleek. We got the name on the side, we have all the specs which we’ll go over in a little bit on the back. We have a little warning that has a lithium ion battery and be careful with shipping, and that is fragile and on this side we just have some serial numbers and other information and that’s about it. Let’S open this guy up, where’s, the laptop ah it’s, not the first thing we see has a little protective covering and we have some instructions uh what ports we have and the gestures that we use on the trackpad for zooming, uh, scrolling and other things. Let me keep this here: we’ll tease, you guys let’s, leave it there a little bit open this up and over here we have our 65 watt charger, it’s, nice and small one thing i don’t like it’s, using the the cylinder pin style personally at this wattage.

I prefer a usb type c that gives you extra connectivity to use the other port. If you need another usb port, they claim that this is a fast charger and you should be getting 50 and 45 minutes. So that’s. The great thing about this charger, our extension cord and laptop, is pretty light, that’s kind of like that, but it’s inside what else we got here. Oh got the pen it’s another unboxing, all right, well panda uses a special type of battery this isn’t, your typical battery. This is a quadruple, a battery just make sure that when the battery does die to get a quadruple, another triple a pen out let’s install the battery since we’re right here. Right then – and this is how you’re gon na use the pen so make sure it’s in there and it feels like a normal pen – and you got some clickers here, so you could you know right. Click left click. You can use this basically like a mouse. Just point, and then you just use it and we got some replacement tips. So when the tips do wear out, you can replace them and we have here the user guide. We have some warranty information and since this is a costco product, they give you a second year warranty. So you have an extra year warranty on top of the one year, warranty that comes with the laptop and that congratulations that you bought this laptop, so let’s go over the specs of this laptop.

This laptop rocks an amd ryzen 7 4700u at 2 gigahertz. That is an 8 core processor, but sadly it does not have cmt and cmt is basically their multi threading implementation, which allows to give you an extra virtual core. If it had cmt, you have had eight physical cores and 16 logical cores. Basically, if it had cmt, this would have been a fake 16 core processor. We have eight gigs of ram running at 3, 200 megahertz and the ram is 4×2, so it is running at dual channel. So you have all the speed it’s running windows 10 and for the space you have a 512 gigabyte, nvme m.2 drive. You have a blazing fast hard drive. That is awesome. The screen size is a 15.6 inch, ips display running at 1080p and we have amd integrated graphics, powering the display and it’s running wi fi 6 2×2 with bluetooth 5.0, a 720p hd webcam with integrated dual array: digital microphones, the audio is banging all self audio. So hopefully the audio sounds great. It is a full size, backlit keyboard. If you have to type at night or do some kind of productivity at night, you will be able to see the keyboard. It has almost a 56 watt hour lithium iron battery, which gives you up to 10 hours of battery life, and the laptop is about 4.5 pounds. Let’S unbag, it let’s do a tour of the laptop let’s test it out the one finger.

Okay, you can open up one hand test the hinge out. It looks nice, do a little flex test, it’s good for the bottom, not much flex very rigid, laptop, very high quality, very premium feeling this is supposed to be a yoga tablet mode. So here’s our 15.6 inch ips display our speaker grille our keyboard, fingerprint reader and our track pad on the bottom, a vent, two rubber pads and some little information. The hp logo is nice and the hinges must engraved mv symbol here, one con so far. I said by the laptop: it is a fingerprint magnet, so you’re, always gon na have to have a microfiber cloth with you to wipe it down over. Here we have the privacy guard, an intake for the fan, a usb and an hdmi port. On the other side, one of my favorite integration for this laptop is a full size, sd card reader, so that, when i’m recording on the go, i could just put it in here and i carry a dongle around with me: a multi audio port for headphones, a Microphone, another intake power usb and our charging port let’s type on the keyboard, it’s, not bad the keyboard, the travel distance for the click is it’s actually fairly. Well, i like that there’s a full number pad here. So if you have to type in numbers, you do very quickly like there’s, a fingerprint reader here, overall it’s uh, pretty nice that’s part of the gown and no power.

Oh wait a minute. We just had to wait a little bit. It has enough juice to come alive, hi there we’re here to help cortana using this is fairly simple, like that. Just asked me to have another keyboard. Don’T put another keyboard. It is very precise. Hey look magnetic that worked right once, but okay that’s pretty nice. So you don’t lose the pen, but i wish i had a place where you could put it overall. My first impressions of this laptop, the build quality is solid. It is all metal, design and it’s beautiful. So far the display looks great now i wish it was brighter 250 bits is not that bright. I wish it was closer to 400 500 nits so that when we are using it in direct sunlight, we can actually make out the display um. Another con that i find about this laptop. It is a fingerprint magnet, so you’re always going to have to wipe it down to keep it clean and shiny. I know i haven’t had a chance to put this laptop through its paces, since i just opened it up, but i am planning on doing a full review, so guys stay tuned for that. If you guys want to know how to set up your computer, i did a video so check it out over here. In that video, i show you guys how to set up your brand new laptop so overall for the price point.