We just got this in the studio because, if you’re like me – and if you know somebody who is working from home this – something right here is the best laptop well, not the best, but one of the best laptop that you can get right now. What are we waiting for right now? We have the new hp envy x, 360 degrees, convertible 15d laptop. It has a ryzen 4700 processor, not the intel one, of course, and what are we waiting for? I mean we should unbox this right now, i’m really excited. This is a good it’s, not a gaming laptop, but you know because of what’s happening right now. A lot of people are working from home. So i guess this is a nice replacement for your desktop. If your desktop is kind of running slow, what are we waiting for let’s, just unbox, it really quick. This will be my quick unboxing of this new laptop and, if you want me to do a full review comment down below, because we will do that just to give you the specs right out of the bat, this one has a 512 solid state drive ssd 8 Gigs of ram it doesn’t have any optical drive. Unfortunately, windows 10 touchscreen multi touch enabled it has a 4 cell 55.6 watt battery and it has a fhd ips led display, which is good. It has a 250 nits of brightness comes with a banging option: uh speaker and a fingerprint reader right out of the box.

Wait where’s the laptop Laughter. I thought there’s, no laptop that’s, a good joke when you open it, it just says there it’s envy. I thought the laptop was missing. Let’S put this aside for now you get the setup instructions right there and just to let you know guys that you can use this as a tablet as well. Can you guys see that you see the design it’s foldable let’s be very careful the laptop right there let’s put this aside let’s check first. What else are we gon na get the included pen for your design, graphic design, or you want to express yourself instructions, warranty card, all those things and the accessories, not the accessories, but i believe this is the power brick look at that. The power brick is here. This is just the power brick. You see how small that is, it’s, not your traditional laptop. It has a 65 watt capacity, so this will be fast charging. I believe power, cable right here, charge board. On the other side, the charger is pretty light, it’s pretty small that’s, it that’s your charger. What else are we gon na get? Well, judging from the box, i guess that. Is it simple as that let’s unwrap this new laptop from hp at that? First of all, it’s a metal design, so you can see right away and the feel of it it’s really premium. You can tell that it’s not cheaply made and the envy. Of course, it is right there, the bottom part of the laptop and, of course, the moment you’ve been waiting for.

How does it look like all right? Look at that it has a fingerprint feeder right there, so that should not be a problem on the side. You got the power button on the left side. There is the power button right here. You got a sd card reader right here, 3.5 millimeter jack. Can you guys even see it? I don’t think you can but 3.5 millimeter jack, and this is where you plug your charger. On the other side, you have hdmi 2.0. You have a type c plug and a usb 3.0 and i’m here, okay, she’s here, Music right use your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. Your region is set to united states. Is that right, we’ll set you up later cortana, but as of right now. What i like about this is that you can flip it like that, and you now have your own portable. This is not portable anymore, but this is considered a tablet, slash laptop so it’s two in one. The design itself is pretty nice uh. The only downside that i can see is this is a glass, so the reflection that you will get on this one might be an issue for you, but other than that. This should be good to go and also, i think, on the other side, i saw a privacy shutter for the webcam, but you can turn it on turn it off.

It will close the webcam itself and let me just show you the pen: how does it look like? Okay, so for the pen, it needs a quadruple, a battery right there in order for you to use it. Unfortunately, this is not rechargeable, so you just have to keep replacing. I mean this will last long. Any kind of battery should be good enough. They also included two extra dips for your pen. Now, in order for you to put the battery it’s, pretty simple you have to do is open that insert the battery just like that. Oh okay, uh it’s, already working so make sure that you have extra quadruple a batteries just in case you ran out and, if i’m being honest, the idea of this becoming a tablet. I guess it’s an experience, because the usual apple tablet is not this big. Yet maybe in the future, like you’re in the restaurant, can i take your order? Ma’Am, sir? Ah, okay, okay, okay, that’s, it yeah the design itself. I like it. I think i would use this more for a laptop like this. It also has a dedicated amd, radeon graphics card again it’s, not the gaming laptop, but it should handle any photoshop video editing. That should be good already, if i’m being honest here, okay and then the backlit keyboard, you can also activate that or if you want to remove it, it’s completely up to you. So this is my quick unboxing of the new hp envy x360, with a ryzen 7 4700 series right here.

I would suggest for you to check this one out. It has a bend you want to draw while waiting for somebody explore your creative mind with the pen, and i hope that they can just put this somewhere safe, there’s, no magnet, no just keep in mind, do not lose this one, but other than that. I believe this is less than five pounds so around four, something like that which is supposed to be okay. I really like the design. I really like the how they put the hp, although it looks like it’s a line but h and p right there. This is one of their premium laptop, as you can see, with a ryzen 4000 series processor, so far, i’m very satisfied with my first impression: the design how the build quality. Actually i just don’t like that, it wobbles like that. But what do you expect for a laptop and it’s really thin compared to other laptops right now comment down below, if you guys want me to do a full review about this one, but as of right now. This is just a quick, unboxing and impression of yours. Truly, if you are interested i’m, also gon na leave a link down below and check it out and make sure to get one yours, there is a discount going on right now. So if you want to know the updated price just check the link below it should tell you what is the price on that one, but for a quick impression, i would give this a two thumbs up up one more thing before we go.

I think you might need to use some wipes because it might be a fingerprint magnet. The case itself just remember to wipe it, but with the aluminum design. I think the cooling system on this one should be really good. So there you have it that’s. My quick impression and unboxing of the new hp envy 360..