I think you guys are going to really like this is a laptop review for the hp. Nvx 360.. Now you’ve seen videos out there talking about this laptop, but we figured look we’ll talk about. You know some day to day use as well as also some light gaming, because we like to game on this channel now just to let you guys know there is a sponsor in this video, so stay tuned to check out more on that from our sponsors. Lg. Now the hp envy x360 laptop is a two in one laptop, and what that means is that, of course, you can fold it up into a tablet mode. You can put into tent mode it’s got a touch screen which is 15.6 inches, the full hd touchscreen, which is nice. Although i wish the brightness was a bit brighter for what you actually get with this laptop. But that being said, though, what you’ve heard from a lot of people is, this laptop is probably the best laptop and, as the title says, at seven eight hundred dollars, because you’re getting something that packs in a lot of performance at a price that is affordable for A lot of people right now so let’s take a look at the specs quickly. For this, as i mentioned, display is 15.6 inches you’re, looking at the brand new ryzen 5 4500u, which is a 4000 series processor – and this is a u processor, so it should compete in line with the core i5.

You know you as well now: uh linus has done a lot of benchmarks on this, but we decided to run our own uh center branch r20, and this came right below the koi 7700k, which is a desktop cpu, so performance wire that’s on the cinebench r20 that’s. Actually pretty good now our configuration here at this price point um is eight gigs of ram 256 gigabytes of storage and that’s just enough that we can install call of duty warzone and that game it’s huge 200 gigabytes for a game, it’s that’s, crazy activation. Please change that, but that being said, though, this also is coupled with radiant graphics. In there we’ve got wi fi we’ve got bluetooth connectivity all that fun stuff. So in terms of ports, this has actually a plethora of ports that you would think a laptop of this size and depth. Shouldn’T have you’ve got two usb ports, one’s a full size. The other one is kind of like a drop down. You’Ve got a usb type c port and then we’ve got a headphone jack and a proprietary um power port. Now i would have liked to see another usb type c port for charging, but i’m fine. It makes sense because they probably did that to drop the cost. Now this also has a fingerprint sensor to actually give you the ability ability to use windows hello, so you can sign in with a fingerprint, it’s nice. The placement of the fingerprint sensor is a little bit awkward as with some of the choices on the keyboard.

So the keyboard itself is okay. I mean it’s, not nothing too crazy, but the top row key is a little bit small. The power button is actually placed in between other buttons and not either at the side and, of course the trackpad itself is off centered. So uh, i know some people have complained that you know if you’ve got big hands, it’s a bit disruptive with the track pad location, it’s, smaller and also it’s off to the left hand side. I found it okay, but i can see how it will deter a lot of people in terms of use. Now the touch screen actually works pretty well, and if you’re, using this outdoors or working or just working on location, i think it works out really well now we talked about gaming again, this is eight gigs of ram and you can definitely get different configurations and currently, With the pricing that’s going on when i bought this laptop, it was eight hundred dollars it’s now seven hundred dollars for the eight gigabyte version, with 256 gigabytes of uh storage uh, you can go to a 16 gigabyte version with 256 gigabytes of storage for 7.79, so It’S even cheaper now, which i can’t believe for the kind of performance you’re getting from this laptop now configuration goes all the way to 32 gigabytes uh, with two terabytes of storage at so that’s actually cost effective. Now, what do you get? Gaming, wise now call of duty warzone, just doesn’t, run well on this machine.

You can start off the game. You can play a little bit in the lobby and directx just kept on crashing, so that might be a software issue, but i was able to run this at 720p with my frame rates uh looking at around 40 frames per second, which again it’s not great, but I don’t expect it to run a game like warsaw. Warzone can be a tasking game, but when we move to games that you expect to run on a system like this, like csgo, for instance, i was able to push up to 60 frames per second on cs. Go i don’t play csgo by the way, so you forgive my gameplay here, but i just wanted to see how well it performed with a game like cs. Go now another game that, of course, a lot of people play is overwatch and overwatch did quite well on this system. Uh. When i played places in my high settings, i was able to do about 60 to 70 frames per second. When i went to medium settings it went down, it went actually went up to about 77 to 80 frames per second, so you can play games like overwatch, quite well on the system like this now. The other thing, of course, is battery life. You know they claim about. You, know 13 hours of battery life, and i have to tell you that it really does well with battery life, because uh, the the processor does a really good job at minimizing.

Of course, uh power throughput so you’re basically able to use this effectively for the amount of time you’re using this. So you can actually leave your charger at home and work for early. Take it on a weekend without needing to charge this device and that’s actually pretty cool. Now it’s got banger office and speakers which are really loud and clear but i’d like you to take a listen to the speakers yourself and see how well they Music sound Music. So yeah speakers sound good and they sound really really great and clear. So when you listen to audio on them, that’s that’s that’s that’s a good experience for a laptop like this. Now, if you don’t want to use the speakers, of course, you’ve got the headphone jack or you can actually connect bluetooth headphones, and that brings up our sponsor for this video, which are the lg free tone. Wireless earbuds and let’s see what they actually offer. These are truly unique wireless buds. I want to thank lg for sending them over. I’Ve got the white and black version, and also for sponsoring this video. Now the tone wireless uh has some really unique features, starting with the case uh, which has usb type c charging. Five minutes of charge gives you 60 minutes of playback, which is nice, also has wireless charging built in so that’s, also pretty cool. Now the case itself, of course, when you open it up, reveals your true your wireless buds here.

These are powered with meridian technology built in so you’ve got lossless audio support uh as built in dsp uh, those kind of things but we’ll get to the audio in a second. But the case itself is really unique, because it’s got a built in uv light in there. What does that do? Well, it helps you kill. Bacteria and lg says it kills up to 99 of bacteria, which is absolutely amazing, especially in times like this. So you take it out, you put it back in the case you plug it into charge and boom. It starts doing its job. So i love that feature and i think it’s actually pretty cool now in terms of the buds themselves. They have a really good fit. Uh and a really good noise isolation, so they actually fit quite comfortably into your ears and you get nice uh, just a nice seal in there and they don’t actually fall off now in terms of um connectivity. You connect to your smartphone say like the lg velvet, where it it’s a really seamless feature. It prompts you to download the application if you don’t have it already, and once you go through that app, it gives you a lot more functionality with the buds themselves. Uh. You can you basically see how to control the user. Controls on the earbuds also gives you built in eqs where you can customize the sound the way you want it. So that’s also a really good feature as well, and you can find your earbuds whenever you want to now six hours of playback time as well as combined 18 hours in total, so that is really really nice.

It also has built in microphones. We do a good job for voice calls as well. So i think this is something a lot of people like, especially with just the cleanliness and health benefits that you kind of get with. This is actually pretty cool, plus, of course, the solid audio you’re getting overall. You can check it out with the link down below so overall, the um hp envy x360, with, of course, the amd um 4000 series processor is a great laptop now. This is the second amd based laptop that i’ve reviewed the first one, of course was that am you know, asus zephyr g14, which packed a lot of power and performance in a small package and was priced really well at you know, fifteen hundred dollars now you’re going To something that’s priced at you know seven hundred dollars and still gives you some really good performance and battery life. So if you’re looking at a laptop that you’re going to be using for work – and you need to do some word processing hand, a lot of documents – and you want to do some really light gaming – i mean this is the perfect laptop for you again pricing, starting At seven hundred dollars, i would say: go for the 16 gigabyte version uh, which is price of 779. i’ll, leave the links down for you guys down below. I think this is a great laptop to check out and also, if you want to pick up some true wireless buds, definitely check out our sponsor of the video uh, the lg free tone wireless and see what they have to offer.