So first, what you’re going to want to do is remove all the screws from the bottom. So it looks like these are using t5 and most likely there’s a ph 1 or js1 screws hidden under each of these feet. So you want to keep all these screws in order because they can be different size, shapes and lengths. So keep that in mind. It’S, a good idea, if you have this like rectangular pattern, just put it like that on your desk. I just put them like this with the head down so that they stay in place, okay and that’s, how you keep them in order all right? Okay, so we’re gon na remove those and then let’s remove the four at the bottom here: three and four okay. So once you get all four of these screws out, let’s go ahead and remove the rubber feet because i’m pretty sure there’s screws hidden under there and i’m, pretty sure they’re gon na be ph or js1 all right. So just get your fingernail or pry tool or whatever a needle get underneath these little rubber feet and peel it up. And yes, as you can see, there is a screw hidden under there. Okay, i’m gon na do this on both sides. And yes, it also is ph1 or js1. Okay, all right, let’s, peel this one up as well. Okay, the screw on this side is more up on this corner. All right so we’ll take out those two screws as well, and usually there aren’t any screws hidden under these feet, because there’s already four screws going across that way.

So we’re going to leave that be a screws staying in place. I might need a magnet to get them out. Let’S see. Sometimes you got ta just like wobble it as you kind of lift but nope all right, so i’m gon na get a magnet to make this easier to pull it out. If you can’t get it out um, it looks okay yeah, you can take them out, but if you can’t get these screws out, it’s. Okay, just be careful when you open the cover to catch them. If they fly out okay, there we go just like that. All right, okay! So now what we’re gon na do let’s open up the computer, so the easiest way i find to remove these covers. Is you open it up, and then you find the seam here so there’s the seam right here and either you want to get your fingernails in and then push on this side or you want to go from the other side. Get your fingernails in and push from the back okay! So since we’re it’s, the cover is going this way, i’m, pretty sure we’re going to go from this side, make sure not to push on the track pad, because you don’t want to push that through the bottom of the computer. Okay and then just push just like this, okay, and if it doesn’t come out let’s see. I think it came out a little bit on one side here.

We might have to use a different method for this one. Okay, this one doesn’t seem to want to come out let’s try with the suction cup i’m, going to try towards the center and no that’s not working either okay. So maybe we have to start prying from the back side. So let’s go from the back. You can see there’s this gap here. Okay, be careful because there’s like the air vent or the speaker thing, you don’t want to push that into the laptop, but we do want to try and lift this let’s see if we can get that. So this cover is pretty tough. It looks like we might have to use my metal pry tools yup. This cover doesn’t want to come off, so we’re going to have to use a metal pry tool to get this out. Let me try one more time this way, because most people aren’t going to have the right tool to open this so i’m gon na make it easier for me by tilting it forward. This way, when i do it okay, i mean it sounds like it’s popping up but nothing’s happening so let’s. All right, we’re gon na, have to use the metal pry tool so i’m gon na use this metal thin metal tool and i’m gon na start from the side. Let’S see here. Wow this cover is really tough. To get open. Let’S go to the front then, and you don’t want to stick the tool too far, because there’s components in there that you can damage.

If you do so just be careful for that. Okay, i just heard one clip come up. Did it actually come up, though wow these clips are super strong, okay, so let’s try and keep trying to pry this up, but it doesn’t want to come up all right. Let’S go to the side here. Hopefully, once i get this cover off, i can kind of show inside what it looks like, so you can kind of see where the actual okay, the side clips, are easier to remove so go along the side. There we go looks like the front where the laptop opens side. Part is the easiest, so go here, kind of lined up with the rubber foot and maybe a little bit higher nope even higher there. We go so higher up than the rubber foot and it looks like it’s kind of coming up, and this is a pretty tough to pop this cover open man – i don’t know here it might be bending stuff, so i don’t know this side. Doesn’T want seem to want to come out as easily so let’s go ahead and work from the side that already popped up quite a bit more right. So here you can see this side popped up so i’m, going to kind of wiggle. This cover so i’m pushing the cover over that way and then just back and forth just wiggling it like this, and it looks like it’s coming out now so kind of wiggle it like that all right, i don’t know why it’s stuck so strong.

This is some crazy stuff: okay, let’s, try and pop this corner part out. Oh there we go and there we go now we got the whole cover out. So i don’t know why that’s so difficult, there’s, not really much here. The only part is all the way towards the back, so just be careful prying there. I guess the front. You can kind of insert the tool pretty far. You got these clips here and yeah. We got these clips on the side here. So the way these clips are designed, if you can push the case inwards, that’s what you want to do to release these clips, so these clips go out like towards the center and then it hooks onto this so to remove it. What you want is you get the tool and you’re kind of like pushing the cover in towards the center and that’s. What seems to be the easiest and it seems like prying. This side was the easiest where the battery is, but that might just be because this battery is like bulging out all right, anyways um, we got the battery in here model number mb04xl, they’re, probably gon na – have to replace their battery soon because it looks pretty bad. We got a m.2 pcie, nvme ssd, which we’re upgrading because it’s only 250 gigs and we um clone this. We already cloned this hard drive or ssd to a one, terabyte ssd, so we’re going to remove this.

Just take the one screw out, pull the thing slightly up at an angle and then pull it back. Just like that, and there we go. We got the ssd out we’re gon na put in the new one terabyte ssd, just like this line. It up i like to put pressure on both sides. Just so it’s not pushing the connector off the board. All right drop that in place and put this screw in um to be safe. You want to disconnect the battery and press the power button, but for ram and ssd, usually it’s, not an issue. If you mess with the video cable here, then you’re definitely going to have some problems so battery connectors here, pretty easy to remove – probably should have mentioned this first for but for ssd and ram it doesn’t matter all right. So what you do you get the wings of the connector here and you just wiggle the connector or the wings, and eventually it will come out just like this all right there you go very easy and after you disconnect the battery it’s, always a good idea open Up the computer and then press and hold the power button, so the power button on this one is on the side here, but you want to have the computer open? Oh sorry, it’s going off camera, so the buttons here i can’t get that there we go so press and hold the power button, but you want the computer open, because if the computer screen is closed, sometimes it won’t send the power power on signal to the computer And then doing this won’t really do anything all right.

So after 10 to 15 seconds, you can close this all right. You got the keyboard, backlight cable, here, keyboard connector. Here i believe this is the trackpad connector got the connector here for all these ports on the side, which is what’s that the lock you got the usb port headphone jack and the volume buttons here. This lock is not part of the board. Um let’s see you also got the power button and the power light or the charging light all right or the power light. Then you got the charger here with the charging light um for the charger dc jack, which is underneath. This plastic piece got the wireless antennas here. Um cmos our bios battery is here so to remove that you just use a screwdriver and kind of like push it this way as you lift it up and it’ll pop out it’ll go past these little latches that are blocking it all right. What else do we got? The ram is, i think, the rams only thing left. You got the speaker connector here um. This connector is for the fan. Sorry, if i’m going out of view um the fan, i think you can remove with these screws, but you have to unroute this, the lcd or lvds connector. All these connectors are the same. You flip up these latches and then you can pull the connector out and then, to put it back, you kind of just slide your finger over the top all right, so the ram it’s in this under this little cover.

So you just lift this up. The metal cover all right just like this get underneath oops. Let me zoom out all right, get underneath and then lift this up. It does have these little metal latches that kind of grab onto it all right and they’re only using one slot, so i don’t know sometimes customers mess with their computers, but this one looked like it was never open before so most likely on yours, you’ll have one Stick of 8 gig uh pc4 2400t. So if you want you can as long as you get pc4 2400t, you can go with two 16 gig sticks. You can get another. Eight gig stick it’s, usually a good idea to keep the same size memory. If you have mismatch, it does run a little bit slower, usually so yeah, but i don’t really do benchmarks, so i don’t really notice the speed difference and then you got the cpu that’s soldered. If i didn’t mention that and the heatsink is um, this is the heatsink, but the cpu underneath is soldered to the board and that’s pretty much. All there is um. I can actually show you under the wireless antennas, so i’m gon na pop these up. Just like this, okay move the antennas out of the way, and here you can see the charge port or dc jack connector, so that comes out the same way as the battery i’m, not going to mess with it, and the wireless card comes out the same way As the ssd, so to put back the antennas, you just got ta make sure they’re completely lined up you don’t wan na try and push it down when they’re not lined up or you can damage the connectors.

Okay, make sure it’s lined up and then push it down right, get lined up. The way i know it’s lined up is. If i move my finger over the top, it usually stays in place, and then you can just snap it down all right. So there we go, it looks like there’s, an area here for a two and a half inch sata hard drive, but you will need like a bracket and adapter so there’s these little screw hole mounts that are supposed to these two have screws that can hold the Hard drive in place if you’re putting a 2.5 inch sata ssd in here, you don’t need to worry about the bracket, but you do need the connector and the connector um has a ribbon cable that connects to this little slot here, all right, so let’s put back On this ram cover and that’s pretty much it if you need help figuring out how to clone your hard drive over or anything like that. Just let me know i have videos for that. I can send it to you or send you a link but um yeah that’s, pretty much. It let’s put this thing back together, all right, so we’ll just get this cover back on. Let me zoom out again all right and then just snap all these clips back in place just like that make sure all the clips are good, all right and then we’ll just put back all the screws.

So since we only have the two ph one screws, we’re gon na put those first okay, just like this all right, get this over cover and try and get it to line up the way you had it torn off. So, just like this, okay, the other one half adhesive, is missing. So just like that all right and then put back in all the t5 or torx 5 screws. All right, oh shoot. I think i forgot to reconnect the battery so let’s open this back up. I guess now we’ll see if it if it really is easier to disassemble the way i was mentioning all right. Take these screws back out. I guess i’ll leave the screws in this time all right i’m going gon na use the flat pry tool go in from this side, and then you can kind of push it this way and lift it. It actually helps to lift it up, but you do want the cover to go in towards the center okay. So once we get that then kind of pull it towards the center and lift it up. All right looks like it’s working and then you can wiggle the case side to side that helps pull the clips in towards the center to remove them and then, as you can see, pulling it towards the center. It releases those clips all right, let’s plug the battery back in make sure you get it completely lined up and then pinch the two wings to the connector, like that all right now, we’ll just put this all back together, again same thing, just line it up push Everything back down, okay, everything looks good put back these screws.

I always like to turn it backwards until i hear it click so i know it falls into the threads properly there. We go all right. Get this line back up push that down and this one lined up push that back down all right. Let’S go back to the t5 torx 5 screwdriver put back those screws, and this one has the cmos a separate cmos battery, so it shouldn’t have an issue. Turning back on, but in some cases it will tell you that the bios was reset, so if your computer’s – not turning on you, might have to plug it in and then turn it on after that, all right get back all the screws, okay and that’s. All there is to it so hopefully this video helped you guys if it did please like and subscribe help. Others find my videos.