So the reason its called the X360 in very simple terms is because it is a laptop that folds all the way to the other side to become a tablet at the same time, and obviously it has a touch screen, lets talk about the overall look to it. So this version here is like a gunmetal, blackish gray and first off, I dont know if you could tell on camera, but its definitely a fingerprint magnet. So keep that in mind. If that is something that bothers, you youre going to see fingerprints all over the chassis on the touchpad on the screen, since it is a touch screen, so get ready to wipe it down after every use. So looking at the outside, this is a really its really well built theres, no bending on it like, even if I try a lot here, youre, not seeing any bending on it. Its really well built its got a nice little metal bottom doesnt feel cheap at all. So it is very well built in the back youre going to see here on the hinge theres a little NV logo for HP Envy and the fan cooling unit over here and underneath as well. You can see that theres, the grille for the fans and the cooling over there, so you get ample cooling on this laptop, which is very important now, in terms of i o on this side. Here you have a usb a you, have your headset Jack and you have a standard, full size, SD card which is nice and then on the other side.

Here you have another USB, a you: have a HDMI, a full size, HDMI, and then you have two high speed usbcs, which are also used to charge this laptop, which is nice because in the past, HP had their own proprietary charging and then on the side. You have the two grilles for the Bang and Olufsen speakers, which is one of the selling points of this laptop is kind of a better sound system than your standard laptop. So this version here, obviously theres different, builds for it, but this version that I have here is rocking the AMD ryzen. 5. 5625U. Six cores 12 threads more than enough for productivity. You also have 16 gigabytes of RAM, which is fantastic, because most laptops nowadays still come with eight, and I find that 16 is just going to give you that sweet spot to make sure that you dont have to upgrade your laptop in a few years. From now and then you have AMD Radeon graphics and if you want to see what thats capable of stick around and subscribe, because on the next video Im gon na see what games this laptop can handle. If you want to do video, editing, color accuracy, projects or photo editing, the IPS screen really helps and you dont really need more than 60 hertz. It does have HDR, but I do wish it does get a bit brighter for HDR. I think its a peak 250 nits, which isnt really the brightest for HDR but hey, check the box.

It has HDR all laptops. Listen to me, every single laptop, even if it does not have a touch screen, should be able to completely fold 360 degrees into tablet mode, even if it doesnt have a touchscreen and a very simple reason. Why is if you work from home or if you have your laptop at home or if you do want to run some games, it doesnt have to be the most intense, graphically intense games, but you do want to still run some games older games. You can, and you have your own wireless Bluetooth, keyboard and a mouse. Then you could still be able to use it and game on it. You know comfortably without having to use the keyboard that comes with the laptop. I ran Cinema for half an hour just to see what the heat output on this, how the fans kick in and the profiler has and, to be honest, I was surprised it did Peak at one point over 90 degrees to I think 92, but it stayed there For just a millisecond and after that, the tests ran pretty smoothly, so I didnt see any thermal throttling and I ended up with a score that we did under 8 000 on a Center bench run now one big claim to fame on this laptop. Obviously, is they really love the fact that they have partnered, with with bang Olufsen, for the speakers so lets? Do a quick test? Um lets just go here, lets go to YouTube and since it is a touch screen, whats good is once youre on YouTube.

You can easily just hit that subscribe button to Robs corner and that would be much appreciated. Music. Okay, I dont want to wake up my daughter thats enough of that, because its pretty late right now and shes sleeping. So, no Honestly, though, the bang analysis speakers really do a good job. In terms of a laptop speaker, I would say that if youre somebody blasting these in a coffee shop or on a flight, you are pretty annoying and you should stop doing that. Okay, so this is me talking and recording using the HP and the X360 15 inch model. This is the webcam, so it is 720p, but its 5 megapixel, true Vision, so its a bit better than the 720p webcam that they have on the 13 inch model. And this is the sound from the microphone so Im, not using any external settings or peripherals everything that youve seen here is the laptop quality, camera and laptop quality. Sound. One thing I do like is: there is a built in kind of camera privacy shutter. So you just click that there Im not sure if you can see it here, but right here its in the built into keyboard. So you have a little light on top that shows up and now youre on privacy mode. So your webcam cant be seen, and then, when you need to use it, you just click it, and your webcam clears up. Hp does also have a stylus pen available for this if youre doing graphic design.

Unfortunately, I dont have one here to test it. Aside from that, I think this is a great laptop if you could find it at a good price. I think on retail is about thirteen hundred dollars, which I think, if you could wait for it to go on special. I think if you get this around the thousand dollar price point, its definitely a good purchase all right, guys, thatll! Do it for this one if you liked it liked, if not dislike, and if you really enjoyed it please subscribe to the channel.