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In the description down below now, the one thing that hp is doing very well is making the envy lineup the more affordable. Lineup look very classy like this is a metal chassis. It looks clean, it has a black grayish, look to it with the hp logo. In the middle sure, it doesn’t have the crazy gem cut design of the spectre, but it holds its own now. This is a metal chassis, but it does feel a bit like plastic and there’s a little bit of flex but it’s, not nearly as bad as the hp omen. 15.. The other thing to note is that this is a convertible, so you can completely flip this display. 360 degrees and use it as a tablet or purchase the pen, and you can of course draw on the display. I will say this, though the hinge is kind of stiff when you open it up a bit, but as soon as you get back to about, i don’t know 90 degrees. It feels very loose like if you’re holding this up like this screen is going to tilt backwards. Now the weight on this thing is about 4.11 pounds. So it’s, not the lightest 15 inch ultrabook by any means, but i still think it’s light enough. That you’d be okay carrying this on a daily basis, there’s. A lot of i o to work with here like on the left hand side, you have your usb port hdmi, usb type c.

If you want thunderbolt, you’ve got to go with the intel model, but because this is using ryzen it’s, just a regular, usb type c port audio jack and then on the other side. You have your barrel connector for power, another usb port and a full size. Sd card slot now, probably not a big deal for a lot of people, but you can’t open up this laptop with one hand. You have to use one hand to hold the deck down: hey nice deck dude thanks dirk it’s, real cedar, and because this deck is so big, some of you might say why didn’t they put a numpad and look. You have two options. You either put a numpad on this and then put the speakers on the bottom or you go with upward firing. Speakers me personally i’d rather have the upward firing speakers. Now the typing experience is okay. I find the keys to be a bit too mushy compared to the spectre but it’s fine, if you’re typing on them for a long period of time, there’s a fingerprint scanner right beside the alt key. If you want to use windows, hello to log you in, and the touchpad it’s centered and it’s 19 bigger compared to the previous year now the touch pad doesn’t have the same finesse as a true glass touch pad it’s, fine, but it’s. Nothing compared to let’s say the touchpad on the surface laptop now, when you open up this display there’s a bit of wobble so like if you’re typing on this very aggressively, the screen will shake a little bit and the display is okay, like there’s two versions of This there’s a cheaper one, that’s only 250 nits, but if you spend 80 dollars more, you get this one here.

It’S 16×9, and i feel like this – would have been a good opportunity for hp to incorporate a 16 by 10 display instead, but it’s not a bad panel like it gets close to 400 nits of brightness, the color gamut’s good, and i feel a lot of people Spending the extra money on the more expensive one will have a good display for design work now, since the speakers are on the top of the deck, if you’re curious how it sounds i’m compared to the surface laptop 4, and you guys, let me know which one Sounds better Music now the price on this is a thousand and thirty nine dollars at least the review unit that i have here, but i think it’s, pretty fair, considering it’s packing the latest ryzen 5000 cpu with 16 gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd, Like if you’re doing anything, multi core related, this thing absolutely screams like if you’re some sort of developer and you’re compiling code, then this thing is going to be absolutely awesome to use the one area that it kind of does suffer in is when you’re doing anything. In the adobe suite, like intel, processors paired with their iris xe, still give you better results, but most cpu related tasks has an advantage on these amd processors. Now, when it comes to heat management, it does pretty good, like i tested this out on balanced and performance mode when you’re using balanced mode, it keeps the cpu temps under 80 degrees celsius, but you get a nerf in clock speeds.

The advantage to this is you get a very quiet, laptop under 40 decibels or around 40 decibels of noise. When you kick it onto performance mode, it gets a little hot. It goes up to 90 degrees, but it doesn’t do this for a very long period of time. The fans will be louder. It will slightly go over 40 decibels, but you’re able to push this thing a bit more. Yes, i think hp could have been more aggressive with the tuning, but most people are just using this for every day and i think they value fan noise a little bit more than having the maximum performance. Now, thankfully, a lot of the regular stuff you’d expect is upgradable, like there’s one slot for an nvme ssd, and you can swap this out for something bigger. The other thing is the ram. This is not soldered onto the motherboard, so if you want to put more ram in here down the road, you have the option to do so, and i always love seeing two fans on an ultrabook. I know a lot of companies tend to use only one, but even with just an integrated gpu like this one, two fans do a better job of keeping this thing cool. You have your swappable wi fi six card, and then you have a 51 watt hour battery, which gets me about 11 hours and 44 minutes of use before needing to charge so here’s. The thing the hp envy 15 x, 360 is obviously not perfect, but i don’t have a ton of complaints.

Yes, i do wish the screen was 16 by 10.. I do wish the keyboard was more tactile and obviously the hinges should be a bit tighter, but for the price for an envy being aimed towards budget to more mid range users, i think they nailed the most important things: fantastic performance, great battery life and low fan Noise like when you’re running this under full load, it’s not going to bother you or the people surrounding you so yeah. If you’re interested in checking this out or have any more questions.