Our new laptop. This laptop is an hdmv times 360 convertible laptop and it’s also touchscreen and the audio is by bang and olufsen. Come on let’s open up Music, yes, Music, so Music, oh what’s, going to be inside whoa. That’S so cool wow Music – and this is the new car. This is the new hp. 2021 modern mv316 let’s see how it looks like Music it’s, a leo formula, Music what’s inside of it Music there’s a pencil for the screen you can sketch it. You can use this for drawing and this Music we have. Maybe this rug Music. You can use it for sketching to grow and the good thing is it’s. Also wow. The pen is rechargeable, so you don’t need to buy a battery every now and then Music. So let’s let’s show them oh it’s for the pencil Music Music, um let’s, open it that’s a nice problem. Thank you. In the back, oh it’s, nice, Music let’s, try it Music, two three four: five: six: seven: eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18, 19, 20 that’s, 22nd, so we’ll see because we don’t know if it has but Music, we have to select the language select the language to accept english, obviously set it up Music. Next time we will show you so that’s it next time. We will show you how fast it is when we were. We already set it up: okay, okay, thank you for watching bye, bye, guys.

I finished setting up my laptop now. Let’S see how fast it will start. We will count up to 20 seconds and we’ll see if it will uh start before that: okay, okay, one two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight: nine ten, eleven twelve, so twelve, seven six eleven seconds to start the pc. It means it’s fast and the key feature is it’s: a touch screen yeah, so it’s actually a touch screen, and then you can also fold it and make it into like a personal iphone ipad or if you are, if you want to read the blue yeah or Sketch so it does converted into i into a like a mini, an ipad and a phone and a phone, a big phone, so so it’s really nice and it has a fan that is rechargeable so that’s it guys. I hope you like you, will like our video. Thank you, but please don’t, forget to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell.