I also reviewed one from hp on the envy line last year and i thought it was a really good one and i wanted to see what hp would build upon this year in a follow up with the hp envy 34, all in one desktop. Well, i took delivery of it about a month ago and ive been using it ever since. What this brings to the table is a 34 inch 5k display now its a widescreen display with an aspect ratio of 21 to 9. thats like youre, going to have two side by side windows or having like two monitors side by side. Thats really handy, especially if you are a content creator to which this is geared towards its got a core i9 11900 processor and its got the rtx 3080 gpu lets see if this comes together to make this the content. Creators dream, hey everybody its andrew, and this is my review of the hp envy 34, all in one desktop pc coming up Music and as we take a look at the specs, i want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im. Not being paid by hp im not being sponsored by hp, all the opinions youre about to hear are my own hp is not getting copy approval. That means theyre seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this review unit is on loan from hp and once this review is done, ill be sending it back now.

As far as pricing is concerned, i was able to find it over at b. H photo for the price of 23.99, now its not the same as far as the specs of my review unit, which is fully decked out, but this is a very decent offering and i dont think you need to go with a decked out one that i have You might want to save a few bucks and ill tell you why, later on in the performance review now as far as the keyboard and mouse that is included in the box, theres no additional cost thats, always good its a pretty decent keyboard. I would say a little bit shallow in terms of the key travel but, as a value add on, i dont have any problem with it. Most people want to use their own keyboard or mouse, but its there, and i like the fact that you do get it. The mouse is wireless as well and its pretty comfortable to use. I have no complaints again, nice, throw in in the box, and i like the fact that they went with an external webcam which is magnetic, and you can place it anywhere on the base. You could put it on the bottom. You could put it on the side. You could put it on the top. I like that versatility that this brings now. This is a 16 megapixel webcam capable of shooting at least 1080p video, maybe even a little bit higher im going to show you an example very soon later on in this video okay lets check out, the port selection were going to start off on the back.

We get your headphone microphone, combo jack, you get two thunderbolt 4 with usb c4 type c ports, you get usba! You get two super speed, usb type, a ports, you get an hdmi out port, you get your gigabit ethernet and you get your power port thats. Where you plug in the power adapter now moving over to the base, you get a full size, sd card reader. I actually like that location. You get another usbc port and finally rounded out two more usb a ports. All in all, i would say its a pretty good port selection and for those wondering the power button is located below the display. I couldnt find it at first, you have to search for it its there and you cant miss it once you know where it is. Now, one of the best things about this all in one is its upgrade ability and how easy it is to do that and hp does have a video on how to upgrade and install memory modules to the hp nv34. You could also swap out the ssd ill link it in the description below for those that want to see it, but it is super easy. All you need to do is remove the cover it pops off. It seeks magnetically by the way – and you have access to the memory modules you have access to ssd. I wish more manufacturers would follow suit. This is a really great way for the user to upgrade now.

My review unit is fully decked out. I have 128 gigabytes of ddr4 2400 ram and the good news is its the rank 8 ram. That means its the faster ram as opposed to the rank 16.. Now, as far as the ssd is concerned, you have access to it as well. My unit has two terabytes of pcie gen 4 ssd storage and i got to say very fast reads and writes as weve come to expect with gen 4.. All right lets talk about what i think is the main feature of this all in one which, of course, would be its display. Its a 5k display, its 34 inches. It has a resolution of 5120 by 2160, and that is a 21 to 9 aspect ratio. Its a wide screen aspect ratio, its an ips display with an anti reflective coating, and it also will get up to 500 nits according to hp, but ive, actually gotten higher than that. I measured 507, its, which is even better and its a creators dream in terms of the display. It has a really deep blacks with a 0.48 which is really good, lower the better, and it also has a really color accurate display coming in at 0.96. In terms of the delta e score, remember anything below 2 means that this will be a color accurate display. This doesnt disappoint its got: some great coverage of the color gamut youre, looking at 100 srgb youre, looking at 88 adobe rgb 90 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 80 ntsc.

So this is going to be a great choice. If you are that content creator, who does lightroom photoshop and, of course, color grading, video editing and things of that nature and its an absolutely gorgeous display great for consuming media watching netflix, amazon and youtube, has been great on this. Its also a dolby vision display so watching high dynamic range content has been sensational on this really superb display. Now this is a 60 hertz display. There is no option for a higher refresh rate and thats, because this is really geared towards a content creator doing things such as lightroom photoshop, video, editing, color grading, you dont need the higher refresh rate. You need the higher pixel count. You need the better coverage of the color gamut and you want to get it really. Color accurate, all things that this really checks the boxes on, and i love the fact that you can adjust the display up and down and back and forth. So you can get the perfect viewing angle each and every time i like that versatility that it gives the end user. So this is the camera that comes with the hp all in one a 34 inch all in one computer, thats, actually really impressive. With a 5k display, i like the ability that you have with this camera, to place it anywhere on the display around the edges, its magnetic its a very strong connection. As far as the camera is concerned, what do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality? Now? One thing to note: there is a shutter switch, a physical shutter switch on the top of the camera, thatll, give you more security and privacy when you need it.

I like that. I think this is a good solution. I like what hps doing with this, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comments section below now. Another great part about this. All in one is the fact that the base has a qi charger. It allows you to charge a smartphone or your earbuds if they do support wireless charging. Really nice convenient feature that this offers and i like the placement of it, its really convenient you dont, have to worry about plugging anything in just place. Your smartphone onto the pad and its ready to charge thats great okay, lets talk performance and my unit has the core: i9 11900 processor, its an 8 core processor 16 threads, and it also has 128 gigabytes of the ddr4 20 400 ram again that rank 8 ram, Which is faster, which is good to see. It also has 2 terabytes of pcie gen 4 ssd storage, as i mentioned, so as you can see from the numbers, this is going to be excellent for everyday use. Microsoft, office, email, web browsing all worked well. Video editing worked well its great for that, especially with this beautiful 5k display that it has. As you can see, it will be really good for the content creator. Now. As far as gaming is concerned, youre going to notice some thermal throttling when you are running this under heavy load when youre really pushing it with aaa titles, you will notice it throttle.

So this is not the ideal gaming system and again its not geared towards that. Its geared towards a content creator, but you can play the occasional game here and there if you lower the settings now. The fact of the matter is this: has the rtx 3080 laptop gpu, its not gon na, have a desktop class performance, so youre gon na have to compare this to laptop performance and we can expect nothing less, but it actually worked pretty well, but its not overwhelming. In terms of the numbers, as you see here, but again definitely playable, if you lower some of the settings, you will get playable frame rates. Now you can add an external gpu, because this does have two thunderbolt 4 ports. That will allow you to do that and for those wondering yes, you will notice thermal throttling with this all in one, and it has to do a lot with the type of internals that it has the very thin nature and design of this all in one which Results in thermal throttling when it is put under maximum or heavy load, it will throttle down in order for it not to overheat. So you can expect thermal throttling when you are gaming, when you are really pushing this to the limit, so not to be surprised by that now i did notice the fans kick in under heavy load when youre running this under performance mode. You will notice them not overly loud, but something to be aware of not too distracting so thats pretty good.

Now, when it comes to the speakers, absolutely amazing speakers on this hp, all in one i got ta say really good bass. Good mids gets loud, really full rich sound youre not going to be disappointed. This is an excellent media consumption device, and the speakers certainly enhance that experience. Good job on that front, hp all right people lets bring it all home. What do i think about this hp? Envy 34, all in one desktop pc a lot to like here people. It is really really something to look at, especially that gorgeous 5k display the modern and sleek design. I absolutely love it. I like the good port selection that it has. I love love, love the fact that the ram and ssd are so easily user accessible, just remove that latch in the back, and you have access to upgrade the ram and ssd. I think more manufacturers should follow suit. I, like the good laptop class performance, itll, be great for everyday tasks like microsoft, office, email, web browsing, color, grading, photoshop, lightroom, video editing. This is made for that content creator and the performance will match that 16 megapixel ir webcam is great. I love the video quality. I thought the sound was very good in terms of the audio and, of course, that outstanding audio coming from the speakers really good job in that regard, love the fact that they include a qi wireless charger on the base. Thats, a really nice handy, convenient feature to have, and i also like the fact that you can get this with up to an rtx 3080 graphics, although it is laptop class, not desktop class performance.

So keep that in mind. Not so great is the fact that it will thermal throttle under heavy load, especially with this thin design and as it ramps up and gets hot, it will throttle down. It just makes sense and of course the fans will kick in under heavy load, although not too noisy, not too loud, so i thought it was good in that regard now. Another thing i would have liked to have seen was an hdmi in port for use, as a second monitor. You cannot use this as a second monitor would have been a great feature to include and its also hard to find right now, although i did speak to hp and they said more stock is coming in soon so check the link in the description below for the Latest pricing and availability and speaking of pricing it can get expensive, especially fully decked out, as my review unit is here today, but all in all, i think hp has done a great job on this really sleek and modern. Looking all in one and its highly recommended, especially if you are a content creator that needs it to do: color, grading, lightroom, photoshop and all those things i think it will fit the build, especially with that gorgeous 5k display. So what do you think about the hp envy 34? All in one desktop pc, absolutely gorgeous 5k display 21 to 9 aspect ratio. Widescreen. You can have two side by side windows, its like having two side by side monitors.

I absolutely love that it makes you more productive, itll help you multitask, especially if youre a content creator that this is geared towards color grading, photoshop, lightroom, video, editing and premiere pro or davinci resolve have all worked well on this now keep in mind. This is the core i9 processor, its the core, i9 11 900 processor, eight core 16 threads, and it also has the rtx 3080 gpu, which is a laptop version, not the desktop class performance. So keep that in mind, but it is good. Nonetheless, this is not a gaming machine. I showed you the numbers. You can play certain titles if you lower the settings to get better playable frame rates, but it will thermal throttle under heavy load. That is just due to the nature of that thin and sleek design, and i really do like the way this looks, especially with that 5k display very thin, bezels, absolutely gorgeous. It gets bright. I measured 507 knits, its got an anti reflective coating, so you dont see too much glare reflections, its also a color accurate display, and it covers the color gamut very well. So if you are a content creator, this is one youre going to want to look at, especially for color grading, video, editing and photoshop and the like. I think you get my drift now as far as the availability i spoke to hp, they will be getting more in stock. This starts at around 2300, or so my review unit fully decked out im, not even sure of the price.

Its got 128 gigabytes of ram. Two terabytes of pcie gen4 storage and its very fast, as you saw from the numbers, so this is fully decked out and im sure its a premium in terms of the price but ill give you more information as it becomes available and as hp restocks it again. I spoke to my rep at hp and they said more are coming so, if youre interested in this, if you are a content creator, you want to have a great multimedia experience. That display is great. The speakers are great on this very full and rich good bass. Good mids, i think the audio experience is really really good on this, so this is one youre going to want to take a look at. So what do you think about the hp nv34? Maybe you want to look at the imac. This is a lot of things that the imac doesnt have, for instance, it has accessible ram and ssd that the user can upgrade down the road, something you cant do on the imac, and i think that is a very important distinction that shouldnt be uh ignored. I think it should be emphasized actually, and there are a lot of other things, especially if youre liking windows 11. This is going to be great if youre in the windows camp, you want to use premiere pro. I think this is a really good alternative to the imac and especially, if youre, not in the apple camp, and you want windows, this will fit the bill again.

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