This is the more affordable option here compared to the hp spectre. 13.. This one features the core: i7 77500u, 256 ssd 8 gigs of ram and a 13.3 inch quad hd ips panel. All of this for retail price that’s on sale. Right now, for 750 bucks hp has definitely stepped up to the plate on the hp envy line of laptops. This one features an aluminum, lid and aluminum chassis. The only place, that’s plastic is the bottom cover. The internal components of this laptop is easily accessible. Here goes your 57.9 watt hour battery pack intel dual band: wireless ac, 7265, dual fan, setup, 8, gigabytes of soldered onboard ram and your 256 gigabyte nvme ssd. This laptop weighs roughly three pounds and measures 0.55 inches thick. This is one of the thinnest and lightest 13 inch ultrabooks on the market that looks very slick and stylish. The interior looks great. You got that same silver finish. You got your speaker grilles on left and right and your power button on the top left. It looks like there’s a ton of keyboard flicks here, but keep in mind i’m pressing down very firmly, with regular casual typing you’re, not going to experience this issue next up let’s take a look at the ports on the left. You got your security, lock, slot micro, sd card slot, usb type c, and your headset microphone jack combo. Towards the other side, you got your charging port, full size, hdmi and two usb 3’s.

When you open up your hp, envy laptop you’ll, get these pins that push from the bottom to raise the keyboard, to give you a better comfortable typing experience, and while doing that, hp also claims better cooling efficiency. This specific model, the hp envy 13 features the quad hd plus screen, which features a resolution of 3200 by 1800. This screen is simply beautiful. It just looks stunning, the text is sharp and the color accuracy is amazing. The color accuracy came in at 97 of srgb and 76 of adobe rgb. The brightness settings were pretty good as well coming in at 336 nits. The viewing angles are good thanks to the ips panel. The only knock i have on this panel is extremely reflective. Coating. Other than that, this is a solid panel overall, the keyboard on the envy 13 is pretty well spaced out and overall, pretty comfortable to type on. The only con i have here is the short key travel coming at 1.2 millimeters. However, as ultrabooks get thinner and lighter, this is kind of the norm. You do get a backlit keyboard, but there’s only one option either on or off. I wish there was multiple brightness settings or at least two options. This laptop features the intel core i7 7500u, which is a dual core kaby lake processor. That offers great strong performance. So if you’re buying this laptop for school rest assured, the cpu will fly through those programs with ease. Remember the kaby lake chips are far more efficient than the skylake variant, especially at 4k.

Video playback, intelhd, graphics, 620 can play light. Duty games like cs, go league of legends and get an average frame rate around 45 to 55 frames. There are two small fans on this laptop during light to medium tests. You can hardly hear them running fire up intense cpu program. You can hear them running, but it’s very smooth and efficient. This trackpad is powered by synthetics and it does a pretty good job. Overall, two fingers scrolling multi touch and tracking was right on target. There are two top facing drivers powered by bang olufsen and the overall sound call is actually pretty good. However, the low end is very lacking there’s, hardly any bass at all: hey what’s up guys andrew here test out the webcam on the hp envy. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below this laptop features: a three cell 57.9 watt hour battery pack and i’m, getting an average around seven to eight hours with medium screen, brightness light duty activities like browsing the web watching netflix and word processing. Let’S get to the closing thoughts of the hpn v13. This laptop features a nice aluminum design, that’s light and compact. You get eight gigabytes of solid onboard ram, which should be fine for many students. The 13.3 inch quad hd plus screen is just drop dead, gorgeous it’s. Just a beauty to look at battery life is good. However, some competing notebooks, like the xps 13, does get a little bit better battery life.

With that being said, this is a great laptop overall for students. The dual core kbla chip is very strong, yet very efficient. As well now, if you want more screen real estate and a dedicated gpu for more power – and you have more money to spend be sure to check out the hp spectre, x360. 15 – all right guys. This completes my full review on hp. Envy 13 2017 edition kaby lake version. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please be sure to smack on that, like button and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you guys for watching and i’ll catch.