Elitebook revolve 810 g3. This was hps answer to microsofts fledgling windows 8.1 in an attempt to make it easier for users to navigate lets, go ahead and start off with the form factor in io. This is an 11 inch ultrabook and it does match those dimensions rather well, with a very stylish sort of metal. Looking design, despite it being plastic on many parts, well go ahead and start off with the i o, which is mostly centralized on the back of the machine starting off with an ethernet port. Usb 3.0 kensington lock display port another usb 3.0 with charging functionality and a power port on the sides of these computers there arent much to talk about. There is a fan exhaust port in one of the speaker, grills on the front of the machine. There are no indicator lights; instead, it is on the right side, where we have this ds style. Slider switch as well as an airplane mode, toggle very loose volume, buttons and underneath here, another speaker port and a micro sd card slot, which i find very handy, especially for users, migrating files off of android and whatnot. We have also a audio in outboard and a docking station connector underneath the computer. We have an easily removable battery with the flip. This switch and also relatively simple access to the memory and wi fi card underneath these screws. Removing this cover to get you a better look grants you access to an expandable ram slot, of which four gigabytes of ddr3 memory is already soldered onto the board.

So you could stick according to hp. Another 8 gigabyte module in here bringing the computer to a maximum of 12 gigabytes of ram over here is our m.2 2280 ssd its important to note that there are three different generations of the elitebook revolve. The second and third generation, like this one use the 2280 m.2 ssd, but the first generation uses an msata ssd much like the one that i ordered by mistake when trying to put this machine together. Thats about all there is to see of the inside of this computer, so well go ahead and put it together and take a closer look at the surface level. Opening up the revolve. You can see that we have a very nicely laid out key arrangement with the exception of the arrow keys on this keyboard. Trackpad is short and wide, but surprisingly usable with a beautiful multi touch glass finish. The keyboard travel is surprisingly good, considering how small of a machine this is extenuating beautifully to the edges of the machine and whats even cooler about them is that theyre backlit. The display on this machine, despite coming from chunky bezel city, is surprisingly bright. Coming in at 350 nits because its a tablet hp also implemented their wide angle, viewing technology giving it a really good. Look from whichever angle youre looking at the display resolution comes in at 1366 by 768 aka, barely better than 720p hd, but it looks good on the 11 inch screen.

It really does and it makes up for that fact. Specifications for this computer include the intel core. I5, 550, 200u and the standard four gigabytes of ram. These machines were also available with an i7 5600u in the graphics coming from a computer as thin as this we have integrated 5500 hd graphics. So all of this begs the question: what exactly can you do with this computer that you cant do with other machines? Well, of course, we have a rotatable screen that folds down to reveal our tablet mode. This machine also has an accelerometer inside meaning you can easily change your display orientation with a simple tilt, which also means you can play tablet games on this, and if you need to bring up the keyboard, you can tap that button at the bottom of the screen And you have a widely usable touch screen keyboard. This is also where those volume buttons come in handy because you dont have access to the keyboard. You can simply push them on the side. You can also draw professional photographs in microsoft. Paint made even better with the optional hp stylus that they sold alongside these computers. One disadvantage of this computer is how loud and shrill the fan gets, which it understandably has to do for a computer, this small and finally, one other thing of note: we have ourselves a 4g sim slot here for cellular connectivity, which really completes the whole portability package. One other really cool detail about this machine is the ability to use the hp ultra slim docking station, and if you know anything about these, they are not hard to find at all.

You can usually buy these around six or seven bucks. A pop youll find them everywhere and you can slip your notebook right in to the chamber and voila. All of a sudden. You have the i o of a desktop replacement, including another kensington, lock, port hps, proprietary, docking locker, as well as vga ethernet displayport. Four more usb 3.0 ports, one of which charges devices when its off a plug and line in and line out so thats just about it for this video. But that begs the question: should you buy one of these machines if you can find it for the right price, i would definitely recommend it. I know a lot of people who would kill to have a tablet running windows 10 that can convert into a normal. Looking laptop at a moments notice and the thing about these machines is that all the new ones are also being marketed as premium machines and theyre selling. As such, these computers cost in the thousand dollar range when they were new and finding one of these for 10 percent of the original price, with nearly 100 of the functionality, is a game changer. Now, of course, even the latest generations of these are running broadwell processors, but that doesnt hinder you from doing the majority of your daily tasks, especially ones. That would require a tablet interface and with the available pin and docking station, you are looking at a fully fledged lifestyle machine. So with that were going to end the video.

Thank you so much for watching.