But there is one thing: everyone needs to know about this laptop it’s, not using an intel processor it’s, not using an amd processor it’s using an arm processor, and that means you can’t, run all the applications that you’re used to running on those intel and amd notebooks. It’S, an arm processor it’s, a different architecture. The windows on this is built for arm. You can’t run x 64 bit applications which are a lot of the apps we use. Today. You can run 32 bit applications but you’re taking a performance hit because it has to be emulated. Now. Microsoft is releasing an emulator it’s in development right now, and you can test it out for yourself using a beta version of windows, but the results so far have been really really poor. Nothing compared to like what you’d get on the mac side using rosetta. Now this emulation is supposed to come out in fall 2021. So just keep that in mind, if you’re looking at this, because you need to really understand what you’re getting yourself into before picking up an elite, folio or even the surface pro x now since i’m. Talking about the surface pro x, i think it’s only fair to compare it to the folio, because there’s a lot of similarities here and the price differences are quite different. The folio is wrapped in this beautiful leather case, and the way you open it up is just like any other traditional laptop. The display comes up.

You can open it up with one hand, but if you want to manipulate it and put it in different positions, all you do is you push the display forward it pops out and then you can put in intent mode if you want to have a media consumption Experience or you can place it flat down if you want to have it in a tablet position. I kind of like this, because the keyboard is always connected and since you have a proper deck to use, it feels like an actual keyboard with the surface pro it’s. A tablet first and then an optional keyboard to connect later the problem with connectable keyboards is the typing. Experience is never as good as a proper keyboard like don’t. Get me wrong. This detachable keyboard feels great to type on, but the deck of this folio is so much better. Hp actually did an amazing job with the key travel. The way it feels it’s, a wonderful keyboard. Even the touchpad is bigger and somehow hp managed to get the accuracy and the feel just as good as microsoft’s offering now the speaker setup is also different. With the surface pro x. You have these two tiny speakers on the top of the display, whereas on the folio they’re embedded into the top deck of the keyboard Music. Now the pen setup is also different. With the surface pro x, it’s an optional accessory that comes with the keyboard, whereas with the folio it already comes with the laptop in the box.

Now there are some differences, the actual pens themselves have a lot of similarities. They have this like flat, rectangular look, but the surface pro x pen is smaller. It also looks nicer too, with the folio. They have connector pins, whereas the surface pro x pen actually charges wirelessly. I like the way the pro x feels better in the hand, but, quite frankly, the differences are very minor. The actual drawing experience are identical. Like i didn’t find drawing with the folio pen to be exceptionally better than the pro x. They were actually very, very equal. The next thing is the display and that’s one difference that these two have is that you can’t buy this folio with a qhd plus display where it’s standard on the pro x. You get a bigger display with the folio at 13.5 inches compared to 13, but it’s. Not as pixel dense, right, it’s still 1920 by 1280, compared to 2880 by whatever it is 1889 or something, and that gives you a better looking screen sure if i was to like calibrate it and get the measurements technically. The folio has a better color, gamut and and and color accuracy, but the surface pro x gets brighter and of course it has more pixels to work with now they do both support windows, hello with facial recognition to log you in, but none of these laptops have A fingerprint scanner, the other thing is the webcam like if you value a good webcam, because you’re working from home hp is rocking that 720p webcam, which is very weird because there’s a qualcomm chip in here and those things can support 4k cameras, whereas the surface pro X is using a 1080p camera and just looks much much better.

Now, if you care about connectivity like you’re on the road and you don’t have access to wi fi, they both can have a cellular plan, but the surface pro x only supports up to lte, whereas on the folio you can actually put a 5g chip inside of Here, there’s a little place beside the pen where you can insert the sim card and then you just push it in right here and then you can get cellular connectivity, whereas on the surface pro x, you have to place your sim card on the back of the Device, the other thing is not a lot, is upgradable on either of these machines. You can’t upgrade anything on the folio, but at least with the surface pro x. If you want a bigger ssd, you have the option to swap it out. Another design thing that i like about the folio is that the ports are actually in the sides of the laptop. You know you have one usb type c port on the right hand, side and another usb type c port on the left hand, side now, no usb type c port on either of these laptops support thunderbolt, but you get two of them: the downfall. With the surface pro x is it’s not built into the keyboard, obviously it’s on the side of the surface pro, which is fine because it’s on the main component, but like, if you’re, connecting stuff to it. It’S gon na hang from the sides of your display, which looks super messy, whereas on the folio it connects to the bottom base, which looks a lot cleaner if it’s in a typical laptop position but here’s.

The thing like these are arm based computers, and you have to really understand what you’re getting yourself into. They both have very similar specs with the few variations and they both perform very similar. They don’t come anywhere near or close to the macbook pro m1 they’re. Still significantly slower but here’s, the thing like you have to think of these products as a high end windows chromebook. So if you live in a browser and you’re okay with using microsoft’s edge, which has been compiled for arm and you’re, a hardcore office user, and you use tons of extensions, you’re gon na love, these things like they’re gon na run fantastic, and even if you need To do the odd thing like chat on discord and things like that there’s 32, bit versions of that that work, fine, it doesn’t run as fast and fluid as the the intel apps being translated on rosetta on the mac side, but it works let’s be realistic. Here, you’re living in the browser plus you’re, supplementing a few applications which are 32 bit, which means it has to be translated. That means performance is going to take a hit and battery life is gon na. Take a hit the battery life on. This is good. You’Re, probably gon na get eight nine hours of regular use, which is still good for today’s standard, but it’s gon na be nowhere near the 24 to 25 hours that these companies are promising. And this brings me back to the same thing i talked about before.

You need to know why you’re buying this, if it’s, because you want to enter a new style of computing and you’re living in the web browser, and you want something that looks and feels different than traditional laptops that are currently on the market. Just know that this is not going to be consistent, all the time they’re going to be times where you run into little hiccups and issues and have to take the time to research if there’s a way around it, because if there’s not you’re, probably not going to Be able to run that app, especially true if you’re using the adobe suite like you, can’t, run anything on these things except for lightroom, and that brings me to the final thing: should you buy the folio or should you buy the surface pro x? This is eighteen hundred and eighty nine dollars and, yes, you get slightly better speakers, a nicer, looking design, you, you get the pen, that’s included and a bigger touch pad, but you don’t get the crispier more pixel dense, display that the surface pro has and the surface Pro x, even with the type cover, is still almost 500 cheaper and because of that, i still think the surface pro x is a better buy. I hope this video cleared up some stuff for you and helped you out on deciding whether or not you should buy one of these things.