This is my long term review of the new hp elite folio first off. This is a well executed laptop from hp, but for everyones information. The elite folio is not running an intel processor, nor is it running on an amd, ryzen processor. This machine is running windows 10 on arm thats, going to be 32 bit windows. If youre wondering why that matters its because there will be some application compatibility issues you might run into depending on which apps you use on a regular basis, ill go into a bit more detail about this qualcomm snapdragon and overall performance later in this review. So right out of the box, this thing looks feels and even smells amazing. Now, before anyone panics. This material is what hp calls vegan leather, so no animals harmed here anyway. It feels premium and looks like a high quality notebook or journal. I love a black laptop and this one does not disappoint this design offers more than just aesthetics, though its a two in one convertible that can adjust to all the usual modes like tint mode tablet, mode and, of course, clamshell mode like a traditional laptop, but theres. Also, an easel mode that utilizes this pull forward, design that allows you to navigate the ui using the track pad weighing in at 2.9 pounds. You can feel the heft, but its not heavy, if that makes sense, its obviously heavier than my thinkpad x1 fold, but i didnt notice a difference carrying it around throughout my workday.

Taking a quick look at the ports, theyre minimal one usb type c port on the right, the second usb type c port on the left and a headphone microphone combo jack. At this stage of my career, i have bundles of dongles hubs and docking stations so ill link. A couple of those down below youre gon na need one hp designed the elite folio with business in mind. So i was happy to see this 13.5 inch display with a 3×2 aspect ratio its 1920×1280 and covers 100 srgb as well as 75 adobe rgb. It hits nearly 400 nits of brightness, so theres not a lot to complain about with this screen unless youre planning to use it mostly in direct sunlight. It checks the boxes for productivity plus watching movies and shows with good vibrance and contrast. Hp did a great job. Keeping the side bezel slim so overall, the display is a nice one, plus its touch enabled with pin support well circle back to the stylus pin in a moment in this thicker bezel. Here at the top is the 720p infrared webcam its not a high quality camera, but its there for when you need it plus, it allows you to log into the laptop using facial recognition whenever youre, not using it just slide the privacy shutter over to cover it. Moving down to the keyboard and keeping portability in mind its not a bad experience at all its more compact than some larger laptops, but this was made to be travel friendly.

The typing experience is surprisingly good. With 1.3 millimeters of key travel, tactile feedback, its backlit and its still quiet enough to use in any office, environment or local cafe. The track pad or click pad in this case is a good size and it glides smoothly with all the normal gestures the elite. Folio has a quad stereo speaker system by bangin olufsen. They get plenty loud and can deliver quality sound at those higher volumes. I wouldnt push them to the level of those on the macbook pro, but i was pleasantly surprised at the audio, especially coming from this type of convertible laptop for both video conferencing and listening to music, its great to have an upward firing, speaker array. So this laptop comes with a nice wacom enabled stylus its called the hp slim active pen, and it works flawlessly with this device. It glides smoothly and the palm rejection works really well. The pull forward design of this screen makes it easy to sketch draw and take notes. Even after seven months of using this elite folio, the hinge is still just as strong as the day i got it. We have this slot above the keyboard to store and charge the pen, and it really is convenient inside this slot youll also find the sim card tray. It can easily be overlooked when you first get the laptop, but i dont mind the location now that i know where it is now lets talk performance.

The hp elite folio is powered by the 2nd gen qualcomm snapdragon, 8cx processor and 16 gigs of ram its definitely not the most powerful laptop on the market, and i have to be completely honest here, its a bit underwhelming for a power user. Like myself, before, you close the video, though im not exactly the target consumer for this type of machine, because i regularly edit videos and photos, this machine can handle office tasks and multitasking between a few different apps at once. But i wouldnt get too crazy, with the chrome tabs being a macbook user as well. I know that some major improvements should be on the list for microsoft. Well, just have to wait and see if youre wondering about the benefit of using windows on an arm based processor, its supposed to be stable, lte access and battery life battery life was good for a machine this size i get around 15 hours of video playback as Long as i dont exceed 50 brightness in normal day to day use, i can consistently get 9 hours of battery life before i need to reach for the charger the gigabit lte has been fast and reliable. In addition to the lte we get wi fi, six and ive had no issues with slow speeds or drop signals. What really caught my attention about the hp elite, folio and why ive continued to use? It is the premium design, the reliable wireless connectivity and good battery life theres.

Nothing. This machine is exceptional at so you need to keep that in mind. If youre considering buying this laptop, i highly recommend trying to catch it on sale with the regular price tag of over eighteen hundred dollars. U.S its not budget friendly. But i will leave some links below in the video description with updated pricing, including any current promotions from hp, well, thats gon na wrap it up for this review.