If youre, one of those professionals looking for ultra stylish lightweight 5g, enabled go anywhere two in one laptop, the hp elite, folio might be for you wrapped around in soft vegan leather. With a frugal quadcomm, snapdragon, 8cx, gen 2 processor beating inside, does it offer enough to justify its premium price tag. Lets find out soft vegan leather, wrapped around a 1.32 kilogram chassis, making the elite folio very comfortable to carry around an ultra premium. Looking its also eco friendly with 90 recycled aluminium, the luxurious look follows through internally with the dark, oxycolor keyboard deck matching the leather cover everything feels solid and well put together, theres a pen garage above the keyboard for the included stylus. This also acts as a charging point for the pen. The elite folio is a two in one convertible, with a unique twist. You have the usual laptop tent and stand modes, but you can pull the screen over the keyboard, aka tablet mode or rest it between the keyboard and touchpad in easel mode. This gives it a sturdy position for drawing or note taking as a hinge can wobble in laptop or stand mode while using a pen or your fingers. You might be thinking ive seen this before and you would be right. Hp used this design with the 2019 spectra. Folio, with the exception of using real leather to open up the elite, folio remove the pen, then the protective strip undo the four phillips screws and slide the bottom cover towards the hinge.

The memory is soldered on, but the battery is removable along with the ssd and wi fi card. The hp elite folio display is a 13.5 inch ips touchscreen at a 3×2 aspect ratio. With a 1080p resolution. The screen is protected by corning gorilla glass 5.. The display is generally very good with 100 srgb color gamut, offering vivid colors and a useful brightness level of 400 nits text is sharp and clear. When working on a report on google docs for several hours, the touchscreen is responsive with the stylus pen or your fingers. Making use of the different modes, including the easel mode, by pulling the screen forward when in tablet mode you can rest your risk, while note taking or drawing with the pen, there is a 1000 nits model with hps short view privacy display. But i would stay clear of this unless you really need the extra security feature on the left. We have the usbc 3.2 gen 1 port, supporting display port and power delivery on the right. We have a headphone microphone, combo jack and an identical usbc 3.2 gen1 port. If you need to extend the number of ports, consider something like the swiss knife of usb hubs: the eugreen usbc docking station 10 in one multiport adapter on one side, you have a 4k30 hdmi video port, vga and gigabit ethernet around the side. You have sd and microsd slots on the other side, you have three usb 3.0 ports and a 3.

5 millimeter audio jack. Finally, you have a 100 watt usbc pass through charging port. The! U green usb c hub is built in with the latest chips to guard against overheating over charging over voltage and short circuits. The qualcomm snapdragon x55 modem supports wi fi 6 bluetooth, 5 and lte 25g. The nano sim slot can be found in the pen garage compartment. The wycom aes 2.0 pen is housed in the pen garage above the keyboard. Tempting you to use the two button pen the design is flat, making it less comfortable to hold than a normal round pen shape. The pens top button is also hidden making it hard to press down on it easily. Once you get used to these quirks note, taking or drawing with a pen is perfectly usable thanks to wacom technology and 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity due to the arm limitations. Dont expect to use the elite folio with photoshop. The pen has built in charging when it is parked around 30 hours of battery life and 30 minutes to charge up the folio backlit hp. Quiet keyboard is a joy to tap on. It has 1.3 millimeter key travel and large spaced out keys, plus its spill resistant. The keys have a satisfying tactile feedback great for touch typists, with the added benefit of being ultra quiet, perfect for quiet work, environments or the library. The f2 key is blank for the short view. Privacy feature model. The click pad is a nice size to glide your fingers on with pinch to zoom or scrolling gestures, its smooth thanks to the glass surface and microsoft.

Precision drivers, the elite, folios audio, is a bang and olefson quad stereo speaker setup. Two upward firing speakers either side of the keyboard plus two more side. Speakers in the palm rest area sound, is loud and clear, with a hint of bass perfect for video conferencing. During the day with the jewelry microphones and a spot of music or video streaming at night, the 720p hd privacy camera is the usual poor, video quality grainy at times and dark, even in a brightly lit office. Why have manufactures not moved to 1080p webcam yet on the plus side, theres a physical privacy shutter slide across to keep things private beating inside the folio is a quadcomm snapdragon 8cx gen2 arm chip with a maximum clock, speed of 3.1 gigahertz the benefit of the hcx Gen 2 is power. Efficiency, higher clock speeds than the gen 1 variant found on the surface pro x, integrated 5g modem and wi fi 6.. On this review model we have 16 gigabytes of ddr4 soldered on memory and a 512 gigabytes pcie nvme ssd, m.2 storage. As its arm chip competition to the x86 chips from amd and intel, you can only run 32 bit x86 applications or arm 64 written apps to make it run on the snapdragon 8cx. You will therefore find app compatibility issues in the elite folio. If you deviate from running office or web based apps as a quick test, i tried to install some popular programs. The steam and epic launchers will install, but dont expect to play any games on them.

Fortnite fans will be disappointed, as it wont run on the folio. The adobe creative cloud suite will install like photoshop, but its painfully slow to use. I wont, recommend using a folio for this type of work. Office 365, apps, like word and excel, are pre installed on the elite. Folio desktop versions of microsoft teams, zoom and slack will install on the photo as its an arm processor. We cant run our usual benchmarks, but geekbench 5.3 managed to install ok running. This benchmark resulted in a score of 800 in single core and 3159 in multicore. The folio will happily run multiple browser tabs along with compatible office apps all day long in complete silence thanks to the snapdragon, 8cx and fanless design. Heat is not an issue too, so its perfect for working on your lap for a couple of hours inside the elite. Folios, the quadcomm adreno 890 gpu the same chip found on the microsoft sq2 in the surface pro x. It will run microsoft, store games like roblox, but epic games like fortnite or aaa titles will not run on this gpu. The leapfolio has a four cell 46 watt hour battery, thanks to its average power consumption of 3.5 watts in idle operation and a maximum of 25 watts under load battery life is around 15 hours, almost two full working days, which is amazing. The hp 65 watt usb type c adapter will fast charge 90 in 90 minutes the good, the bad and the really bad high quality design theres.

No denying that elite folio is gorgeous to look at and hold in hand. Leather covered in a lightweight and well put together chassis that will turn heads long battery life. One of the reasons for the choice of the snapdragon 8cx gen 2 compute platform is for always on always connected laptop. Over 15 hours of battery life is possible, with the leap folio offering 2 days between charges 5g compatible as we consume more more cloud services faster connectivity will help. This is where 5g and 4g lte capable modem in the elite. Folio gives you the potential for instant access to your work stream. Videos or make conference calls without delay low performance if youre after a productivity, beast running any windows programs or the adobe suite of apps look elsewhere. The snapdragon 8cx gen2 infolo was designed specifically to run web and office. Apps only take notes with the pen and catch up on video with your work, colleagues anywhere highly reflective display. The 13.5 inch display on the folio is bright vivid and a joy to work on. However, it can be hugely reflective under bright office lighting near window or outdoors. Luckily, as a two in one device, you can work around this. Only three ports, small bugbears elite folio – was designed first and foremost as a lightweight ultrabook. Therefore, its limited by its dimensions, however, wish the hp engineers could have squeezed their sd card slot and possibly a third usb c port for times when one port is taken up with charging expensive, starting from 269 plus taxes for the base model to over 2 000.

For this review model, the leap folio is not cheap, especially if you compare it with what you can get for the same money if youre in the market for snapdragon laptop. What other laptops would you be looking at in no particular order? Heres something to consider surface pro x, samsung galaxy book go lenovo, yoga 5g asus, spin 7., the leapfolio showcases the best and worst features for using an arm processor, excellent battery life 5g ready ultra portable and premium design included stylus for note, taking or sketching ideas. As a bonus, especially with the innovative easel position performance wise, if you stick to office, applications web based tabs, a minor image or note taking the folio runs smoothly and quickly, if you acquire more performance or to run applications that are not compatible with arm processor. Look to devices like the newly announced microsoft surface laptop studio for running heavyweight application when you compare the steep price of the hp elite folio to the competition and the limitations that go with it think twice before spending the cash. If you can live with this, the hb elite folio is a beautiful, 2 1 laptop. What you guys think leave your comments and discuss below hope. You guys enjoyed the review of the hp elite. Folio laptop, please click on the like button.