The asus spin 713 i reviewed back in october 2020, was an excellent example of a mid range chromebook with premium aspirations. The hp elite c1030 is aiming to fill this flagship chromebook category. Does it deliver let’s find out Music? The elite c1030 eludes a aura of premium quality from the solid or aluminium chassis to the strong dual hinges. This is backed by the military standard, 810 h testing. So you know it’s going to last there’s little flex on the keyboard, deck and display lid. The silver color design is compact and premium weighing in at light 1.33 kilograms or 2.93 pounds, but at the same time feels totally rigid. The dual hinges: pivot 360 degrees to various modes, depending on your personal preference. The traditional laptop mode, stand mode for zoom or content, consumption, temp mode for web surfing or youtube watching. Finally, tablet mode for browsing content or writing with the optional pen to get into the internals undo the five torx screws and carefully lift open the bottom cover. The memory is soldered on ram, so it can’t be upgraded. The good news is the removable m.2230 ssd 50w battery and wi fi card 2021 is going to be the year of 3×2 aspect. Ratio displays no surprise. The elite c1030 has a 13.5 inch touchscreen with a 3×2 aspect ratio. The screen is an anti glare matte touchscreen that has far less reflective than the glass bonded versions, it’s also protected by the corning gorilla glass 3.

. The bezels are razor thin with a class leading 90 screen to body ratio in a chromebook. Colors are vibrant, rich and eager sharp color gamut is rated at 72 ntsc. Viewing angles are very good. Naturally, you get 20 more vertical display with a 3×2 aspect ratio, especially useful for office apps and web pages. This review model has a brightness level of 400 nits. Perfectly suitable for all conditions, including in the shade, during a sunny day outdoors, you do need to keep the brightness level to near max, or it gets dull at 50 percent or below hp does offer a thousand nits display with shore view reflect privacy screen. If you don’t need this feature, stick to the 400 nits display. The touchscreen is compatible with the optional hp active usi pen, offering up to 20 days of battery life and pressure sensitivity, levels of 4096 on the right. We have a usb type, a usb 3.1 type c with charge and video support data transfer power, delivery, micro, sd card reader, 4g lte sim slot on the left. We have a headphone microphone, combo, usb 3.1 type c with charge and video support, data transfer, power, delivery, kensington, lock, power, button volume up and down switch and the webcam kill, switch. Wireless and bluetooth is taken care of with the intel wi fi, 6. Ax201. 2X2 wi. Fi and bluetooth 5 combo card. If you have a wi fi 6 access point, the c1030 will get the full benefit of greater data, transfer speeds, better performance and increased battery life for the road warrior.

The c1030 review model has an intel xmm, 7360 lte advanced cat9 card. In other words, you can pop in a 4g sim card for mobile broadband connectivity, especially useful in places where there is no wi fi signal to connect to the chrome. Os keyboard is full size with island style. Backlit keys, hp engineers have done a great job accommodating all the keys into the compact dimensions of the elite. C1030 typing is excellent, with good tactile feedback, no issues with typing all day with this keyboard. If you happen to accidentally spill, some liquid on the keyboard, there’s a drain hole in the vent grille, underneath the click pad made with sodium lime, glass is generously large, perfect for multi touch gestures. The integrated buttons are quiet and work without any fuss to the right of the touchpad. Is the biometrics fingerprint scanner for quick, chromebook login, the 720p hd webcam is the usual fare with above average, video quality enough for today’s working from home or zoom calls with your classmates as it’s a business class chromebook there is a security privacy. Camera switch on the side of the laptop to stop any embarrassing zoom moments with your work. Colleagues, sound from the dual speakers is good. With a little tuning from b o volume, audio is clear and loud if you’re, using it for zoom or teams, calls it’s. Also great for listening to streaming, music in the background, with a touch of bass due to the compact dimensions, the speakers are bottom firing, so it loses a point compared to top firing ones.

Hp have a few security features. You don’t normally find on chromebooks. Today. First, a fingerprint sensor for login authentication normally found on windows business laptops; secondly, a physical switch to turn on webcam on and off electronically. Lastly, there is an option for a privacy screen, hp sure view that blocks people sitting to the side of you from viewing your sensitive data, with the press of a button, a useful option for organizations that deal with a lot of sensitive data. This review model has an intel core i5 10310u quad core running at a base. Frequency of 1.6 gigahertz up to 4.4 gigahertz with intel turbo boost technology power consumption is rated at 15 watts, along with 8 gigabytes of ddr4 soldered on memory and a 256 gigabyte pcie nvme, m.2, ssd, multiple chrome, tabs and android apps run smoothly and quickly with no Issues it’s up there as one of the faster chromebooks on the market hp offers overkill hardware specs for a chromebook as there’s an option to run parallel’s desktop for hp, chrome, enterprise, virtualization software to run windows applications. Hence why you can spec up to an i7 cpu, 16 gigabytes memory and 256 gigabytes storage thanks to the intel? U processor and the dual calling fans. The c1030 runs cool and quiet as a door, mouse suitable for quiet environments or, if you need to catch up in the meeting room. This review model has an integrated intel, uhd, graphics, 620 for enterprise chromebook.

This is fine and will happily run office tasks and all the zoom calls you can fit into a day after a long day at work. The elite c1030 will handle some light gaming from the uhd 620 gpu, similar to what you could do on your android smartphone. With google play store, of course, nowadays you can happily play popular gaming titles with a controller and subscription on some of the following gaming services. Xbox game pass cloud: gaming, beta, geforce, now stadia steam shadow battery life from the 51 watt hour. Battery is just shy of eight hours of general office usage, it’s, not class leading, but will get you through a full day before needing to find a wall. Socket hp has included fast charging, getting you from zero to fifty percent juice, with 30 minutes of charging top three pros and cons before buying the hp elite, c1030 chromebook 3×2 display this excellent 13.5 inch screen has an anti glare coating that makes it less reflective colours. Are vibrant and viewing angles are still good: there’s, a non anti glare bright view panel and a 1000 nit short view model, but don’t get this version. Unless you really must have the privacy feature, another tiny bug bear the asus spin. 13. I reviewed has a quad resolution display. Why is intel limited? The c1030 to 1080p only build quality. The elite c1030 has superb, build quality, take it out the box, and you can feel the excellent fit and finish from the all aluminium chassis military tested for durability.

To give you peace of mind, the hinges have a slight wobble when you tap with your finger or when you’re using the optional pen, comfortable keyboard and touchpad the island type keyboard is a joy for touch typists with generous, spacing and smooth feedback. Five levels of backlighting is an added bonus. The click pad is larger than usual. Thanks to the 3×2 display dimensions, it’s, smooth and precise, when you make use of the chrome os multi touch gestures. Expensive pricing for the elite c1030 is aimed at the enterprise market period. If you are a consumer or small business, that doesn’t need the manageability and security tools, you might want to look at cheaper options like the acer chromebook spin. 713, no 1080p webcam. Why have manufacturers like hp not woken up to offering 1080p webcams the 720p camera is above average, but high resolution option would be a welcome, especially given the zoom or teams world. We all live in where’s the pen for serious money to buy the elite c1030. I would expect a osi hp, active pen to be included to make use of the touchscreen and 360 degree hinges: there’s a crowded market for premium chromebooks in 2021.. What other chromebooks? Would you be looking at in no particular order here are some to consider acer, chromebook. 715 samsung galaxy chromebook 2 google pixel go zeus, chromebook flip c436 lenovo yoga chromebook dell latitude 7410 chromebook enterprise 2. In 1., the hp elite c1030 chromebook is targeted at enterprise level organizations looking for top notch, build quality, solid security features and easy deployment.

This shows in the corporate price tag you get a decent ips 3×2 display there’s, the excellent typing keyboard and touchpad audio is better than most chromebooks and the finish is worthy of its premium status. Otherwise, if you don’t need the enterprise features or have deep pockets, you can get yourself a consumer chromebook with the same hardware and performance for half the money. What you guys think leave your comments and discuss below hope. You guys enjoyed the review of the hp elite. C1030 chromebook laptop, please click on the like button.