The monitor itself understand oh it’s, all nicely wrapped, so the box also contains one analog cable, so the vga cable. You got also one displayport cable. One hdmi we got one usb cable and the power cable, so also some informations, of course, quick setup, and this is a base actually for stands so let’s, assemble everything together, easier and recommended by the vendor is to use the original application from the monitor. So after you unwrap everything all the parts put the monitor with the display downwards, put it back into the this uh packaging. Look at the arrow, it should be pointing at you now take the stand. Look at these three pegs so actually align it with these three holes. Just slightly put it down to the angle like this down there now you can either just actually push it down there, but i don’t recommend that or you can actually just see this button, just lift it up. That’S it and the last step take the base. Uh put it like, like this twist it a little bit clockwise and align all these holes, the bigger ones with these small screws put in there and then just by twisting it anti clockwise, lock it into the position and now just use this screws. You don’t need screwdriver for this, just screw them in and that’s it. So the monitor is really very economic. We have swivel range 45 degrees to each side, as you can see very easy.

You got tilt range from 5 to 23 degrees and also pivot rotation to 90 degrees, so either like this or actually both ways, clockwise or anticlockwise, it’s really easy. With this monitor and the height adjustment is about 15 centimeters up and down so that’s it at the back. We have plug for the power cable, we have displayport version 1.2, hdmi, 1.4 vga, and there is a usb type b connector, which needs to be connected to the computer uh using provided cable. If you like to use these two usb 3 ports on the side or back side, so let’s start it the first time it’s already connected to the computers in hdmi. So the colors are nice. There are no dead pixels. I don’t see any of them. Uh the bezel it’s just about, i would say, uh half centimeter, so the monitor offers a full hd resolution with 60 hertz it’s uh 23.8 inches by uh, actually 16 to 9 minute or we’ve got 178 degrees, horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Also, 250 candela per square meters, brightness contrast ratio is thousand to one or dynamic contrast. Ratio is 10 million to one response. Times are five milliseconds, but default is 40 milliseconds and it has to be adjusted to as low as 5 milliseconds in the display menu and it offers up to 16.7 million uh colors and color gamut is 94 srgb of 72 percent ntsc and it’s also anti clear Panel and it has flicker free technology, so we have five buttons at the right bottom corner uh.

There is on off button and four unmarked buttons. So for the osd menu you can change basic stuff like brightness contrast, color control, so you can change the colors or on the viewing modes. You can set up low blue light. If you are interested in this and some other regimes, you get the input control here. Also, so you can change between input or setup, autoswitch input, image control, so actually black stretch response times, and i, as i mentioned earlier, so you can change it from 5 to 14 milliseconds sharpness, overscan stuff, like that power control, so actually the power mode you can Set up a power saver which actually turn on off usb hub or usb port power led sleep, timer power on recall: you can see there is a menu control, so you can actually position all the manual rotate it or change the uh chd messages under management. I can do a factory regression or dcci support uh. You can change languages down here, so you have deutsche traditional and simplified chinese, english, espanol, french, italian, japanese and that one’s portuguese and here we can actually check just the basic informations uh. Also so when you press any of these buttons, so we got at the left, the whole menu or quickly. We have a information second from the left, or there is a second from the right. We can change all those viewing modes like blue light or nitrating and atc, and also uh by the right button.

We can quickly change the inputs, so uh that’s it about this monitor.