This is a 24 inch full 1080p hd ips panel display. I did purchase this product myself and any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own. That being said, if you’re interested in this product, you want to find out more about it. The link to it will be in my video description below you can see echoes packages right here in a very nice and simple retail box, again 24 inch display 1080p full hd ips panel, built in speakers and a height adjustable stand now. Let’S, go ahead, let’s, open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents. Besides the panel itself. First, you can see our product notices in multiple languages, followed by our quick setup guide. Take note of the resolution 1920 by 1080 at 60 hertz. They have four simple steps: to get everything set up and ready to go from installing the stand and base to connecting your computer with three different display options: vga hdmi displayport. We also have our audio connector right there and we have our power plug at the bottom. Here’S, the other side too, with showing you how to actually position the monitor with the adjustable height stand, and we can rotate it portrait and landscape. We can attach a kensington security lock as well, then we have hp support in multiple countries and languages. Next up, you can see some included cables right here. We have our hdmi cable. We have our 3.

5 millimeter auxiliary, cable for audio and our power plug right here you can see that and then we have our stand and base in two separate pieces. So take a look at that really nice quality looks great. Here is the second piece again. This will be height, adjustable right there for us and it’s going to attach right in now, let’s go ahead. Let’S look at the panel last but not least, with the monitor itself right here you can see the ap logo and branding where we’re going to attach our base. Our kensington lock option our two built in speakers right here. We can gently tip it up and now you can see all of our different ports and i o we got our power plug our display connections right there. We have displayport hdmi vga and we have our 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Take a look at the bottom. We have our buttons right here: here’s our power button. Everything looks really nice really thin. Now, let’s flip it around. You can see from this side guys it’s 24 inches. This is a 24 inch monitor super lightweight and very slim and thin design, especially around the top up. Here you can see it gets thicker along the back, but very lightweight looks great. We can see it from the other side as well too, and then pay attention to the thin screen bezels along the top and the sides as well. What a nice design! I really like the color of this it’s got a good impression with the black screen and our silvery um plate at the bottom right here covering and then you can see.

We have the model information, hp, 2, 4 mh right there, but i really like the color scheme going on with the black and the silver it’s, really sharp and yeah there. It is there’s a monitor itself. Now let’s go ahead, let’s get the stand installed. So the stand comes in two pieces here’s. The first piece we’re going to install right here, pay attention to the top right here where it says milky way you just go ahead, you’re going to line it up and it’s just going to clip right into place. So there we go it just clipped in. If we ever need to release this. There is a release lever and then we can pull it out. So let’s go ahead, let’s just line it up and then attach it right in place. Now we need to take the base piece you can see in the bottom. We have a screw that we’re going to use to finger, tighten everything and line this up start with the thicker side. First there’s a metal lip there. We need to get that in place. Just like we have right here now, we can go ahead, push it in firmly and now we can tighten it down just finger tight again there we go and that just sits flush right there. So you can see how that’s gon na go for us now. Let’S go ahead, let’s pull it up and let’s take a look at it. So here we go here’s the lowest height setting right there, here’s the highest height setting here’s somewhere in between.

We can adjust the tilt too, so that’s our tilt, adjusted all the way down, and then we can bring it back. We can adjust the tilt up, so you can see that right there that’s the lowest tilt setting here’s the highest tilt, setting here’s that max height setting again we’ll turn it around. So you can see it this way: let’s bring it down lowest height, max height, max tilt now for fun. Let’S go ahead, let’s twist it around, so we can actually rotate this from landscape to portrait mode. It does only rotate one way and then we got it kind of got to kick it out at the bottom and then we can rotate it all the way around. If you want to use this for like spreadsheets, something like that, you can definitely use it in portrait mode right. There really nice stand and base, definitely a really flexible and versatile one, which is nice and again we can adjust the tilt a little bit too. Even in that mode, so again you kind of got ta pivot, it a little bit out and you can rotate it around, but we have two different viewing angle options right there, depending on our content, what we’re trying to consume or do productivity wise. We can do our landscape or our portrait. Viewing with this monitor now let’s go ahead, let’s plug it in and try it out. So here we go, you can see, i got it plugged in powered on everything, works great and looks great.

So you can see this is full hd 1920 by 1080p resolution, 60 hertz, as our refresh rate let’s go ahead. The first thing: let’s do let’s dive into the menu settings really quick. So again we have all these buttons along the bottom right here. Let’S push the first one that’ll bring up our quick menu, we can see the full menu brightness color options or we can exit so let’s. Go ahead. Let’S push the first one again. Now we can browse all the different categories, so the first one we have is brightness and you can see. We have brightness contrast, dynamic, contrast and black stretch, so we can adjust all those features. Then we have our color options right here. Let’S go into those really quick. You guys can see we’re currently in neutral by default. Now, let’s just browse a couple different ones. You can see cool here’s, low, blue light and they’re definitely making a noticeable difference here in the studio, that’s night mode, here’s, reading mode, hp, enhanced, plus custom rgb. So we could set our own rgb right there and then we have reset. We can go back and then here’s warm let’s, keep it at neutral for now and then we can exit out if we want let’s see one two three fourth button all right now, we’re back let’s keep browsing. Then we have our image options right here. Our response time, our sharpness image scaling. If we want, we can change those settings and we have our input options currently we’re using displayport, but we have hdmi and vga auto switch input and dp hot plug detection.

You can see those options: here’s power, you can see auto sleep mode power on recall, sleep, timer, power off timer power led. Then we have our menu settings, our menu position, menu, transparency, menu, timeout menu rotation, osd messages and assign buttons. Then we have management right here. You can see we can conduct a factory reset additional support options for us language options and audio. Then we have information right here. You can see current mode 1920, 1080, 60 hertz optimal mode. 1920, 1080, 60, hertz color, setting backlight hours firmware version serial number. Then we have the exit option and again you can see the very bottom current mode. It tells us our resolution and display settings right there. So that’s a quick look at the hp menu it’s pretty in depth, guys with a lot of customization, depending on your needs and preferences, for what you’ll be using this monitor for now, let’s go ahead and let’s try out the image quality. So, first up you can see we got a pretty stunning video right here at 1080p 60hz. You can see the image quality right now with the natural image setting preset that we currently have with the monitor right here, but take a look at that picture. It looks really nice very smooth, really crisp. The colors look great too now keep in mind. You are watching this on a camera filming the screen, but they look really good in person really quickly. If you want, we can change the image settings right here.

So let’s look at another option for the picture quality, so let’s change our color again, so let’s do um. What do you guys want to see? There’S cool low blue light, obviously night reading here’s hp, enhanced, plus let’s? Try that one here’s medium settings for it and there’s the high and there is low medium high. I like the high settings let’s try that and let’s go back out really quick. Take a look again with their enhanced settings on really stunning video right there, pretty cool! Look at how beautiful the earth is: that’s the hp enhance plus on high let’s go back and let’s. Do that one on medium again, but again, you’ll have to tweak the settings to whatever preference you prefer for whatever content, you’re viewing so there’s medium let’s. Select that all right and then let’s go back there we go, we can watch it for another. Second right there, pretty neat now let’s go ahead and let’s try out the viewing angle. So, with an ips panel, we should have a viewing angle of around 178 degrees. So this is about you know straight on with the camera now just watch as we rotate it to get a feel for the viewing angle. This monitor does a really good job handling the glare here in the studio i got massive studio lights and other monitors pointing back at me right now, so you can see we kind of lose it there a little bit and it is doing such a good job With all the harsh lighting here in the studio, i can’t stress that enough all right so get a feel for the viewing angle.

Now let’s go ahead. Let’S! Try that one more time with the studio lights off so now, we’re going to do it one more time. Right here, with the lights off, you can see that viewing angle again still have a glimpse of it. Technically, you can still see some right there, too, that’s pretty impressive, but you get the feel for it. I’M. Not gon na have any issues doing this from a desk or over your co worker, shoulder or off to the side for presentation or anything along those lines, so there’s the nice viewing angle that we get with these ips panels looks so good check that out now We can watch it for another second again with the lights off here, so you can see the screen in a less harsh environment. Look at that landscape, video gorgeous again, 1920 1080p, full hd, 60 hertz and that’s the quality of video we’re watching two on the monitor right now, look at those colors really nice pop to them. So you can see everything looks great with this monitor so now, it’s time for one of my favorite tests right here. This is the blurbusters motion test. You can see the results for the 60fps for this monitor with our 60hz refresh rate, i would not recommend any monitor less than 60fps, honestly, even that’s, a minimum by today’s standards, so obviously the higher hertz and refresh rate that you get the smoother the footage is Going to be – and you can see the pretty drastic results, as we jump up from 15 to 30 to 60 and then again if we went from 60 to like 75 to 120 to 144, only up to 240 hertz and beyond you’re gon na get super smooth Footage and refresh rates that’s really crucial for game play, not so much for a multi use.

Monitor like this, where 60 hertz is going to be good enough, but just keep that in mind. You want to see higher refresh rates for your monitors to get that smooth footage, whether you’re watching videos or playing an fps shooter or something along those lines. But this is the blurbusters motion test where you can see the results of this monitor with our 60hz refresh rate. Now you can see, i have the audio settings set to 50 right now for the speaker volume. We also have our binaurial microphone to try to capture the audio in the most realistic way, like you guys are right here in the studio listening to the built in speaker, quality with me. So first let’s go ahead. Let’S play a song, let’s! Listen to it! For a couple of seconds at 50 for the volume then we’ll increase the volume and continue on with our test, so let’s go ahead. Let’S! Try it out now, so Music Music do Music Music. So there you go hopefully get a feel for how everything sounds with this monitor so what’s a computer monitor good for, if you’re not going to use it to browse the web and check up on your favorite videos and to see what’s trending online. So you can see right here, we’re at the youtube trending page, you can see how fluid and responsive it is to our scrolling. Really nice monitor guys with 24 inches of screen real estate great for watching videos.

Reading articles online browsing the web. We can also check out our favorite tech news as well catch up on everything that’s going on around the web in the tech world, so we can click on a link right here. You can see. Very nice. Looks nice no issues at all right there with it. Now let’s go ahead; let’s try that again, but instead of landscape mode let’s check it out in portrait mode. Alright check that out. We got it in portrait mode now, look at how cool that is, as we browse the youtube trending page right there. So many videos load fantastic now, let’s go up to the top let’s go back to the verge, so you can see the verge right here. Look at how cool that is great for stuff like this browsing, the web online portrait mode is really cool or again spreadsheets. If you’re into data entry stock trading day trading, any of that stuff let’s go find the same article we clicked on previously. Here it is a twitch article. There we go look at that watch as everything loads right here. Really, a cool layout, guys love portrait mode, really neat again. We can do that really easily. With this monitor, you will have to make one display setting change to change it from landscape to portrait, but it’s very simple, so it’s really easy to do in windows. 10. Just to change it to portrait mode, if you want to view your content like this with, maybe a second monitor all right guys, so it wouldn’t be a monitor review if we don’t try to sneak in a game of fortnite just to see how gaming is on This 1080p monitor 60 hertz.

A second right here: let’s go ahead. Let’S jump out of the bus and let’s play. Some fortnite got him: oh sad death. Indeed Music, oh man, oh my gosh. I can’t kill anybody. Oh i got one so let’s just say the monitor. Isn’T the reason why i didn’t win in fortnite or do that well, but overall it’s, actually an enjoyable experience gaming on this monitor. So let me show you guys my final thoughts after reviewing this monitor, honestly, i wasn’t sure about it, but since this is one of the most popular monitors you guys bought through digital david affiliate links now i understand why one the design is there. It looks really good. I love the slim bezels across the top and the sides it’s really just a good, looking monitor better than the pictures and i’m just really actually pleasantly surprised. The second thing is, the value is actually there. While i thought this did run a couple dollars more in price than some other comparable monitors on the market today at full hd 1080p, with 60hz refresh rates, one of the biggest values for this monitor is that stand and the fact that we can adjust it between Portrait and landscape mode that’s actually really really really a solid value right there, if you’re in the market for having that capability, you’re really going to be impressed with this monitor if that’s something you’re after the value is there with this stand versus all the other monitors That this is competing with so from a business use case.

I see why this is popular with businesses and offices. Maybe somebody working from home to just wants to have a second monitor for their laptop you’re, definitely going to want to check this out. It actually did decently well in gaming for the full hd 60 hertz, refresh rate about what you would expect. I like the colors on it. I like all the different modes that we have really it’s a solid choice. The value is there guys with the stand. The built in speakers obviously i’d like to see higher resolutions. 1440P 75hz refresh rate and beyond would be nice in the future too. But honestly, at this price point for a utility monitor you’re in really good hands. If you end up going with this hp well, that concludes our video. Thank you. So much for watching don’t forget the product link will be in our video description below. Please go ahead, check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link. Help support our channel at no additional cost to you, so we’re really grateful and thankful for all of your support, while you’re at it. Can you go ahead and hit that, like button for us and subscribe to our channel, we have new content coming out daily and we don’t want you to miss anything. Please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep. Facebook, twitter, instagram, twitch, tick, tock, discord. You can message us on wechat check out our website and join our free newsletter.

Thank you guys.