This one is a Chromebook. This is the HP X360 13.3 and it is powered by a mediatek, compatio 1300 processor and were going to take a closer look at the performance that this machine delivers in just a second. But I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure. This is on loan from HP, so were done with this, it goes back to them all the opinions youre about to hear are my own. No one is paying for this review. Nor has anyone reviewed or approved what youre about to see before it was uploaded. So lets get into it now and see what this Chromebook is all about. Now the price point on this comes in at around 500, give or take one thing to note as we go through. The review is that this model has a slightly faster processor than the entry level version in this X360 Chromebook line. So you will see, especially on the games, probably if 10 or 15 percent performance boost on this one versus the base model, but the beyond that everything should be pretty close in its overall performance and battery life. Now this is a two in one, which means that you can use it like a laptop like we have it configured right now, but it can also flip into display mode here and then, of course, flip into a tablet configuration and then you can also do the Tent thing with it as well, so its got that two in one functionality it works with USI pens, but HP did not provide us with a pen for this review.

So we wont be looking at that today, however, Chrome OS is getting pretty good with pen interfaces and although the software isnt as extensive as it is on the iPad and on Windows, it is a pretty nice pen experience overall, now, its equipped with a 16 by 9 13.3 inch 1080p touch display. This is running at around 250 nits, so its about what you typically see on a low end laptop, but it looks fine for doing day to day basic tasks. Now this comes in at just under under three pounds or 1.36 kilograms. The build quality, though, is not great theres a lot of flex to this plastic here and as Im just doing this, I can actually feel the mouse clicking as I move the laptop up and down here. So picking the laptop up is not going to be the nicest feeling. Another thing I noticed is that if I push down on the keyboard here, theres a lot of flex as you can see to the Keys as you push down so the quality here is not spectacular. The webcam is a 720p camera, not the best picture quality out of it either. This is some of the compromises that you get on. These lower end laptops, but you do have a shutter mechanism here for physically blocking the lens, so you dont need to put tape over it and then on the keyboard. Here you also have a key that will disable the microphone with just a button push.

So there are some Creature Comforts here that are kind of nice. The keyboard beyond the flexing is okay. I would have liked slightly larger keyboard words. We typically see larger keyboards on Chromebooks, so it takes a little bit of getting used to, but there is decent travel to the Keys as youre typing. So I think itll work out pretty well. The keyboard is backlit too Im, also not crazy about the trackpad. It does feel a bit springy to me and of course it is clicking, even when I just pick the laptop up like this, so I was expecting a little better, build quality here, especially given the price point of this particular laptop. But you do get a good number of ports on this one. So, on the left hand side we have a full size, USB 3 Port. Next to it is a full service, USB type c port. So this will do video out in addition to power in, and it supports USBC and USB data devices, so you can plug this into a docking station. For example, this will output 4K at 60 hertz, although it only supports One external display at a time. Next, to that youve got your power switch and your volume rocker there. On the other side, we have a headphone microphone Jack, another full service, USBC port and an SD card slot. So you can power it on either side, but remember only one display is supported as an external one.

With this laptop now, it does have Wi Fi 6 on board and connected to my Wi Fi 6 access point in the ceiling Im pulling down about 500 megabits per second, and we could probably get the same in the other direction as well. So, overall good Wi, Fi performance out of this, and of course you can always attach an Ethernet dongle to it. If you want to go hardwired and they do offer a gigabit dongle that you can purchase separately so lets take a look now and see how it performs well begin with some web browsing and then go up from there and well start here by loading up the Chrome browser and visiting the home page and, as you can see things spring up here, pretty quickly its rendering pretty efficiently. You have the use of the touch screen here, although the screen does bounce around a little bit when youre navigating with it. But still, I think the performance here is quite nice, and actually it feels a little better than it would on a low end, Intel processor that we typically see on Chromebooks at around this price point. So a nice performance boost here for doing some of the basic work and as youll see in a few minutes. Itll do pretty well at some other things too. Now we ran the speedometer benchmark test in Google Chrome and there we got a score of 76.56 and that was actually pretty close to an eighth generation.

I5 Intel IdeaPad from Lenovo that we looked at a couple of years ago. Thats, pretty impressive out of one of these lower end arm chips and its certainly faster than the Asus l210, which is powered by a Gemini Lake refresh processor, from Intel that we usually see in these Chromebooks. So its a nice boost in performance here not only for web browsing but for some other stuff too lets take a look now at YouTube, and here we didnt have as great a result. It did play back 1080p 60 video just fine, but it was dropping frames. Occasionally I didnt notice it in the playback, but on the statistics panel there we were seeing a pretty regular dropping of frames as the video was playing back so not perfect playback, but not all that noticeable, at least to me, as I was watching it now. Chromebooks all have access to the Google Play Store these days and youll find HBO and Netflix and Disney Plus available for download there. However, I recommend, whenever possible, to watch video on those services using the Chrome browser, and the reason is is that the Android version of those media apps do not support 1080p video on Chromebooks here. So you have that high resolution display. But if you watch HBO Max, for example, through their Android app, the best youre going to get is 480p basically standard definition, and this is due to the digital Rights Management issues that the Android overlay here is still not caught up on.

Yet. So if you can watch it on the browser, although if you are downloading for offline viewing, youll need to do that through the Android app most of the time now, one of the advantages of a Chromebook with an arm processor is that youll find better compatibility with Android apps especially Android games, so this is Call of Duty mobile thats running great on here. As you can see, I also have my Xbox controller paired up and everything seems to be working pretty well here. So you shouldnt find any real big issues playing games on Chromebooks, even with a game controller. Just note that a lot of Android games dont support the controller and you might have to very clumsily use this large screen as a touch surface, but overall good Android compatibility and certainly better than what you would see with an Intel based Chromebook. Now. Another thing I tested out here is the GeForce now service in the box. Youll get a coupon for a free trial, and this lets you play some of your steam library or your epic games Library on a Cloud Server that is run by Nvidia. Not every game supports this, but games like no mans sky here, which I purchased on Steam a while ago, do run great on here. As you can see now, this is not running locally on the Chromebook. We are streaming this from Nvidia, but it looks great and it plays great and the Wi Fi 6 here seems to be able to keep up with the network demands.

This is a very high bitrate activity here, but, as you can see, its working quite nicely and Im also getting force feedback on the controller. So the rumble on the controller is working here when I execute my jetpack, for example, and all in its a really nice experience here, streaming games off of GeForce now other streaming services like the Xbox cloud gaming should work with this. Just fine – and there are also in home game streaming apps that you can run on a Chromebook like this one and get a very similar experiences. So if you are someone with a pretty deep PC games live Library, you can play those games streaming from another computer. Even though this one doesnt have the horsepower to run those games directly now I was really impressed with its game. Emulation performance, weve got the Android version of the Dolphin Emulator running here, and wave race is running pretty much at its full speed at 30 frames per. Second, here with the default settings for the emulator and of course my game controller is working as well, very, very playable. Here now not every GameCube game is going to run as nice as this one. But this does give you an idea as to what its performance potential is. I also ran a Dreamcast emulator, and that worked extremely well too so a lot of power baked into this armed chip here, because it does have a pretty decent GPU on board.

So I think, even on the lower end model, you should see some good performance out of this and on the 3D Mark slingshot benchmark test, we got a score of 6658. It bests the Nvidia shield on that test and some areas, especially when it comes to its CPU performance and its onboard graphics for Android games and emulators, is right up there with the shield. So this has a lot of potential, especially if you are into game emulation or just Android gaming in general. Now the speakers on this one are downward firing. Youve got one on the left and the right here, itll sound different, depending on what its resting on and in what orientation the laptop is in. So it doesnt sound bad though its got a good range of sound, but of course you can attach headphones to it. Either through the headphone jack or over Bluetooth, now one of my favorite features of Chromebooks is the ability to boot up Linux applications and run those apps. Alongside all the other things you can run on your Chromebook, so here we are in the command line, but I can also download other applications like LibreOffice here, which is a full on office, suite very similar to Microsoft Office, and you can operate this completely off the Cloud and just locally on the computer, so you could turn off the internet and still have a lot of functionality out of your Chromebook and at the same time, you can load up your Chrome OS browser here and have your Linux applications all running together.

This is where you probably want to get a Chromebook with a little more memory, so the base model of this one comes with four gigabytes. This one that were looking at today has eight, so that will allow for more of these things to run alongside each other. Without a performance hit and overall Im really pleased with its performance, even if you have a bunch of stuff going at the same time, this is completely fanless, because this is a more power efficient arm processor and the battery life is pretty good on this too. If youre sticking to the browser and keeping the display brightness down youre going to get about 10 to 11 hours out of this, in my test thing, you will of course get less battery life if youre working that GPU harder like playing games, but I think for What most people do with one of these Chromebooks youre, going to get a good amount of battery life out of this, and certainly get through a work day without a problem? Now all Chromebooks, no matter which manufacturer you get them from, have an end of support date. Where Google stops pushing down software updates to the computer, this ones date is June of 2030, which is eight years from the time in which I am recording this video. So if you were to buy this new a year or two from now, the date is static. It doesnt change, so just keep that in mind June of 2030, for this particular Chromebook and its updates.

Overall, I am very impressed with its performance and its battery life. These new mediatek processors are excellent and a very nice match for the Chrome operating system. I do wish the build quality on this was a little better, but beyond that, I think its a really nice Chromebook for people looking for something thats a little more powerful than the typical Intel Chromebook. You might see at around this price point that is going to do it for now until next time this is lon zeiben. Thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by by the supporters, including gold level, supporters, Brian Parker, Chris allegreta, hot sauce and video games, logic, kgr, Tom Albrecht and Im the brown. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to, support to learn more and dont forget to subscribe visit.