I really liked it for those that didnt see it check out that link below. I encourage you to check it out its a really great two, two in one big improvements across the board, but i wanted to check out something that hp just sent over that really piqued my interest, its the hp x2 chromebook 11, here for 2021.. Now i dont normally do too many chromebooks on the channel. Ive done my share in the past, of course, but i havent done one in a while, but when i saw the premium 2k display on this the surface pro like form factor with the kickstand and the keyboard and the pen all included in the box. I really wanted to check it out so were going to take a look at it today to get our first look at it and see what this can bring to the table. Hey everybody its andrew – and this is my unboxing and first look at the hp. Chromebook. X211, here for 2021 coming up Music and as we take a look at the specs, i want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure that im not being paid by hp im, not being sponsored by hp. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own hp is not getting copy approval. That means theyre, seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this review unit is on loan from hp and once this review is done, ill be sending it back.

Pricing starts at 569.99 over at hp.com. The unit i have here today can be picked up for 599 over at best buy for those interested check out the link below for more information and where you can buy one and with the specs and pricing. Out of the way lets find out what you get inside. The box lets open it up now. Lifting the lid youre greeted by the unit itself well get to that in just a moment, and you get a 45 watt usbc power adapter its pretty compact, and you also get the extension cord as well. You get some documentation which includes a setup guide and some warranty information as well, and you also get a sim ejector tool and, unlike the surface pro 8, we recently took a look at. They give you the type cover, along with the kickstand, at no additional cost. Now that type cover was a separate purchase with the surface pro 8.. Its a good value add here, throwing it in the box im liking the look and feel of this type cover, and especially that teal color. It looks pretty nice and, unlike the surface pro 8, where the kickstand is built into the device itself, this has a separate kickstand that connects magnetically to the back of the unit, and it has a pretty nice hinge on it. So far, it looks pretty good in terms of the amount of angles youll be able to get with it and, finally, the skew that i have does come with a pen in the box again another value add here, its a usi pen will be great for taking Notes and sketching out artwork, and they also give you some extra pen tips as well, and finally, we get to the unit itself and i got ta say holding it for the first time.

This is a very premium, all metal design, not something we normally see with a chromebook and at 1.23 pounds or 0.55 kilograms. This is definitely portable to take with you on the go. This is very similar in terms of the weight and look, as we saw with the surface pro 8 from microsoft, and, as you can see here, the kickstand secures magnetically to the back its pretty secure and, as you can see, the kickstand working pretty well and the Magnetic connection to the keyboard cover is pretty tight and secure its not going anywhere once its attached. Okay lets check out. The port selection lets start off on the left side, you get two usbc ports. Now these are full service ports. That means youll do data charge and display out above that is a volume rocker up and down and above that is your sim tray that holds the micro sd card slot and the sim card for the optional lte and on the right side is the place where Youll store and charge the pen, it sticks, magnetically to the side, and so far the keyboard is actually working pretty well good, tactile feedback, good key travel. One thing to note, though there is no backlight on it kind of a little bit of a miss. In my opinion, but not a deal breaker just something to be aware of, and it does have that raised typing angle, as you would get with the surface pro 8.

thats great for typing for extended periods of time. One thing to note its not quite as sturdy in that raze typing angle as that surface pro 8, something to be aware of – and it has a really nice touch, pad its a good size actually – and i found it very responsive, two finger scrolling working well and All the gestures work as youd expect so far, so good all right lets talk about the display. What we have here is an 11 inch display with a resolution of 2160×1440 and yes, that is a three to two aspect: ratio, its 236 pixels per inch. For those wondering and its a 10 point, capacitive multi touch display with native pen support. This is an ips display and, yes, it is a glossy display. That means you will notice some glaring reflections in certain lighting conditions, something to be aware of and its a very bright display coming in at 430 nits making this a really good choice for both indoor and outdoor use, its a really nice bright display so far, im Loving it and the numbers look really good on this display really deep blacks, good white points, good contrast and you do get a low delta e score of 1.46, making it a color accurate display, and it covers 100 of the color gamut in terms of the srgb Thats good and being able to take notes and use the pen to navigate through the os has actually been pretty good so far, thats that usi pen again no additional cost, as it is included with this skew again.

Not all skus have the pen so be aware. Now, as far as taking notes, sketching an artwork working well so far being able to draw on this tablet has been pretty good. The weight isnt overly heavy, so you cant hold it in your hand. Doesnt get too uncomfortable, although it is better on a table or connected to the attached. Keyboard cover thats, actually pretty good as well and chrome. Os has really matured over the years, adding a lot of new features and youre also able to run android apps as well as run linux, and this is running the qualcomm snapdragon 7c chip, its been pretty snappy, pretty fluid. I havent seen too much delay or any kind of lag its actually been pretty good so far, but i have a lot more testing to do to see if this will hold muster against other laptops and other chromebooks. So this is a front facing camera, its capable of up to almost 2k resolution in terms of the video resolution. What do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality of the internal mics? The hp chromebook x2 11 here for 2021 is pretty impressive, especially for the price and the high end display that you do get. Let me know what you think about this front facing camera in that comment. Section below – and here are examples of photos and videos on the rear camera, and this is the rear facing camera in terms of video quality.

Let me know it was a pretty nasty day yesterday here in las vegas overcast, but today its sunny and lets see out here how it looks now its a little bit windy today. Let me know how the internal mics are doing competing with the wind theres. My car, of course, my model s, which i absolutely love. Let me know in the comment section below what do you think about the video and audio quality? I am curious to know, and the speakers are located on the front portion of the display and i have to say its – not the strong suit of this tablet. It gets pretty loud, but it doesnt have any bass at all its pretty tinny. Actually, now you might want to use a good pair of bluetooth headphones thats. What youll only be able to do with this, since it doesnt have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack thats, a bit of a miss all right lets, bring it all home so far, so good about 48 hours with this device – and i got ta, say im impressed. I think chrome os has come a long way, although not perfect. This is a really nice two in one device, with a detachable display, obviously its not going to perform as well as a surface pro 8, which has a core i7 11 gen tiger lake processor. But this snapdragon 7c chip is actually performing better than i expected so far, no lag in terms of the web.

Browsing no lag in terms of the games. I will show you more of this in the upcoming full review. I found that the device just seemed to get the work done, its a nice companion device and i think at 569 dollars starting price thats very competitive, especially with a really beautiful 2k display, not something we normally see in this price point and with my initial use. Ive been seeing about nine and a half hours in terms of battery life and thats actually been pretty good. So so far, so good in that department ill have more to say on this very soon in my upcoming full review. But suffice it to say the chromebook x211 here for 2021 brings a lot to the table and at a good price. So what do you think about this bad boy? The hp chromebook x2 11 inch 11 inch, two in one detachable, of course. Here for 2021, the usi pen working well sticks, magnetically stores and charges on the side of the device. As you see there, uh the negatives here. Of course, let me start off with that: theres no 3.5 millimeter audio jack youre gon na have these bluetooth headphones or maybe even a usbc adapter. I dont know if that works, but you wont get wired headphones with this no 3.5 millimeter audio jack. I think thats a miss, you do get the two usbc ports, full service data charge display out worked. Okay, the display is the star here: 2k display here.

Multi touch capacitive screen. Of course, its a glossy display not too reflective working well gets bright about 430 nits or so actually covered the color gamut really well, and it was color accurate, so very impressive, outing with this display from hp. Looking good uh the keyboard cover detaches. As we talked about now, this keyboard cover is very similar in style that we saw with the surface pro 8 keyboard, but the difference is here: theres, no alcantara here this is a nice soft finish on it has a pretty decent grip. Sticks magnetically, as we said, very, very strong connection, its not coming off when its on and the difference between this and the surface. Pro 8, of course, is that this comes off. This is the kickstand sticks, magnetically to the back stays securely on there. You dont have to worry about it falling off and it gives you some really nice angles, of course, with this kickstand, so its working well as youd expect with a detachable surface pro like now. As far as the snapdragon 7c that weve been using on this. So far, working well very snappy, very fluid. I havent seen any slowdowns or any kind of delay or any kind of lag on it. Its actually been pretty good, but i still have to do my further testing, but the numbers are looking pretty decent its not going to blow you out of the water, its not going to compete with the surface pro device, which has a core i7 up to a Core i7 tiger lake processor – this is a more mobile processor, of course, thats going to be more akin to a smartphone performance with that snapdragon 7c weve seen a similar stuff before uh armed based chip and its actually working pretty decently ill have more numbers for you Very soon, 569 dollars is a really good look for this.

I like the price i like what they bring to the table, the pen, the accessories the keyboard, the kickstand is all included. You dont have to pay extra, like you do with the surface pro 8. nice secondary device nice for a student who wants something to be portable to take with you on the go. This might be your ticket, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there. You think i should review ill do my best to try to make that happen. Dont forget to check me out on facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, my website amdtechreviews.com.