But you will end up installing linux on it, one of the linux distros. What you’re, probably missing out on and you’re, probably making a mistake here – is you’re missing out on google’s chrome os, specifically the google chromebooks at this time in india. Not many laptop makers are really focusing on chromebooks that’s, where all the credit goes to hp, because every year they are introducing new machines to their chromebook lineup. We have one here as well. This is the latest chromebook from the house of hp. This is the chromebook 11a and well. This has some rather intriguing elements to it. First of all, this is an 11.6 inch display. So let me get this out of the way. First and foremost, this is the screen size that will work for you. If you need a laptop for let’s, say work, environment and work situations such as writing a lot of emails working on documents, maybe browsing the web, and you need portability primarily. However, if you’re working on multiple applications at the same time, you probably need to have two or three apps open on the same screen at the same time or working on spreadsheets that need more horizontal attention from you. This sort of screen size may not really work as it should in terms of how the screen is it’s, bright, it’s, crisp, it’s, pretty simple, no modern day geekbee happening here. No hdr support no high resolution screens. This simply just works as a great work machine and perhaps even for i mean catching up on some reading and some web browsing post all the work that you’ve done in terms of the design.

This looks absolutely brilliant. It’S got a matte blue finish and well. The only giveaway that this is a chromebook is the chromebook logo. Here, apart from that, it looks pretty much like any windows laptop that you may have used so far and if you don’t really notice the chromebook logo. You will probably think this is a windows laptop in terms of the build quality it’s quite light it’s. Just over 1 kg, but that doesn’t mean it’s built badly they’re very good materials in use here. This feels great to hold and it’s quite light, as well now on to chrome, os, so what’s, really so great about chrome ones. The thing with chrome os is the simplicity. It started out with those simple foundations of providing a computing platform for let’s, say education for work for home usage, which did not really need a very powerful machine to work properly. What we have here with chrome os is a continuity of that sort of simplicity. Yes, chrome os has grown up over time, it’s become more versatile. There are more and more apps available for it now, but it’s still at its core. That means a very frugal and a lightweight operating system. This is, i don’t know about you, but the first laptop that i’ve used with a mediatek processor on it and the experience the takeaway of that experience has been absolutely pristine. This doesn’t slow down at all chrome os, just works very smoothly.

Apps opens in a pretty snappy fashion and even if you leave a few apps open in the background, it doesn’t really slow down that’s great, because if you look at a laptop around the 20 25 000p price point that runs windows 10. You would be hard pressed to find something that works smoothly. This has four gigs of ram, which, for a windows, 10 laptop is a pure no go. You need at least 8gb of ram footage to work smoothly and for it to be future proof enough. Good battery life, too, i got about 14 hours of battery life on a single charge when using this as a typical laptop for work, the entire day, that’s great, you probably will be able to get through a day at work without having to carry the charger along. In terms of the overall performance and the overall experience it’s, the simplicity, like i said before, which really continues to be the game changer for chrome os, even though a lot a lot of people on the shop floor are paying attention to this. This sort of operating system will work the best if you actually invested in the google ecosystem of apps and services. Gmail google drive google docs that sort of stuff it’s going to work very, very well there, but that doesn’t mean that that’s. The only scenario where it will work you have the play store now, which offers one million apps simply because chrome os now runs android.

Apps too, you won’t really know the difference, because everything just seamlessly works. That means you can have pretty much every app that you use on your windows 10 laptop available here as well. It will work differently, it will feel a little different, but it will simply get the job done all in all for about 21 22. 000 rupees. For this particular chromebook, you get a very, very versatile machine. You shouldn’t have too many expectations from this, because chrome os as a platform is meant for a particular situation, and that is to give you a very, very frugal machine that would work well for education. That would work well in the office, and that would work well at home. Don’T expect it to go. Gaming don’t expect this to be a multitasking powerhouse.