This is a sponsored video when hp reached out to me and asked whether or not as an affiliate. I would be interested in covering this. I said yes and that’s because i believe it’s not only a value to me but to a large part of my audience, mainly you so whether you’re a graphic designer a photographer, videographer architect, pretty much anything creative. This mouse will likely change the way you work or just enjoy your hobby. As you can see, i’ve got an omen30l desktop i’m reviewing with a rtx 3090, my 31 inch hp, dream, color display for color proofing, video and photography and then two spectres, the 13t and 15t that i’ve all been using in concert with the 930 creator. Mouse now what’s unique about this wireless mouse; well, it’s, not just another programmable device, seven buttons, 128 grams and really the ability to utilize it inside of adobe’s creative cloud as well as autodesk. In any way you like, it’s, compatible with up to three workstations at once. That’S using the nano dongle that is housed inside the mouse, you plug that into your device of choice and then through bluetooth, 4.2 connectivity to additional computers, that’s, pc or mac. So really versatile. The dpi range is 800 to 3 000, not the highest range, but at 89.99 us you will be not just hard pressed to find something comparable. There isn’t anything like this and that’s, because hp has presets for all of the creative software i’ve mentioned, which i was shocked, how many pieces of software and then, of course, the ability to program anything you want as a macro, so let’s take a look at what Comes inside the box, of course, the mouse, as i mentioned 128 grams – not that light not that heavy, but just heavy enough with that 3000 dpi top line to really give you precision where you need it now.

Lefties are out of luck left out. Of course, type c charging which is really fast battery life. Another strong suit here, because one minute will yield three hours and a full charge. Uh hp estimates at 12 weeks, which seems accurate, based on my experience. You can see there the nano dongle housed with that magnetic lid on the bottom really easy to get to and store in the event you don’t need to use it and by the way you don’t need to use it because, as soon as you sync, this mouse With any device the hp accessory software installs, and i will include a link not only to the mouse for purchase, but also the accessory software walkthrough – that hp has now in terms of overall build fit and finish. I think hp got this right. They wanted to make something that was attractive. You know, form follows function and they delivered on that again. Solid battery life flexibility – and one thing i haven’t mentioned – is that with the sensor the pixar sensor they’ve employed on this mouse. You can use this on virtually any surface, including glass, and i did test that. I was predominantly working on the black surface, the desk that you saw at the beginning of this video, but i had no problems moving from any surface to another. Now the seven programmable buttons, as i mentioned, are all around, and i already told you about the sensor. You can see there, the power switch and you know again really easy to pop off the magnetic bottom plate and gain access to that nano dongle, and that is one of the three ways, as mentioned the most direct to connect.

The idea here is that, even though it’s not designed to be a portable mouse, of course, it can be, and then seven buttons in total your your traditional right and left click uh. Of course, you have a scroll wheel that has actually three buttons built to built in left and right, as well as a center click and then three along the right side of the body that i’m touching now and then. Last but not least, the dedicated button for connectivity, so whatever is illuminated, is what you’re connected to as you cycle through that that’s. Why? Right now the dongle is solid, because it is not paired to anything. The button i’m touching now gives you the ability to switch between infinite scrolls or what hp likes to call a hyper scroll to a stepped, more precision scroll, something commonly found on gaming mice, but is incredibly incredibly useful for creators. In my opinion, in terms of the software which we’re looking at now, all the programs on your system will be recognized by hp’s accessory software, and then presets will be offered to you. You can see that right there with adobe illustrator. So there are some of the presets anything that isn’t in the preset list that you desire. You can obviously create a macro for and then assign it to any button of your choice, but where this really gets interesting is that hp also has a command wheel. Where you can assign eight additional commands so clearly, the idea here is assign whatever is going to change your workflow, make you more efficient and just make your work more enjoyable to accomplish.

So it really is incredibly versatile, flexible and depends on the user to really take full advantage of it. But the beauty is that they’ve, given you so many presets, so here we’re looking at illustrator and some of the preset commands that are there for uh. This illustration of barclay are pup that are general commands. You would use. Are things like the selection tool, the direct selection tool, the pen tool, the eyedropper, lock and unlock all group and ungroup brush grow and shrink, but some particular commands that weren’t there as presets that were important for this were things like the shape builder tool, the curvature Tool and the lock and unlock selection, but again the beauty is, is that whatever your workflow is you’re going to make this mouse your own? You are not going to have to rely on the presets because they’re not going to cover everything, but the beauty is that hp has given you presets and there isn’t another device on the market that does this and if there is it especially doesn’t accomplish it at An 89 and 99 price point i mean this is a great mouse on its own, but then factor in the seven programmable buttons which isn’t new they didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s the software side and now we’re going to take a look at photoshop. One of the most popular offerings, i think, for this device now in terms of preset commands again, you have your list, some of the ones that i think are of particular importance.

Are things like brush grow and shrink crop, as well as the ruler zooming in and out reverse color and foreground, but again what you’re going to use is going to be up to you. In this instance, you can see again the programming of the command wheel. Some of the custom commands that were vital that really helped change the way we were able to operate inside a photoshop were things like free transform, as well as deselect, and the marquee tool and you’ll see all of that come together here in this, for lack of A better word illustration: uh inside of photoshop, that is predominantly being developed again by the creator. 930 wireless mouse – and you know i’m, not here to tell you that this is going to make you 20 or 30 percent more efficient in what you’re doing. But i know that you won’t have to go to the keyboard for a lot for many commands that you traditionally would be relegated to, and that is what this mouse aims to accomplish. Make you more efficient, make you more confident and really customize software with your mouse to your liking, so it makes perfect sense that hp would now finally give creators a mouse designed specifically for their content creation and granted i’m only showing you a small sample, subset of Applications where you’re going to be able to use this, because this does work, even in things like microsoft, office and zoom, in a more limited capacity, but still giving you access to customize it.

However, you want, but more importantly, the presets are there and i think, that’s a major advantage because any other programmable mouse on the market traditionally gaming oriented which i’ll talk about style later, because i already mentioned the looks here – are good. You would have to basically memorize all of your macros that you have synced with each piece of software, whereas this mouse is going to permit you to do that seamlessly. And then, if you want to customize beyond, you, can the lasso tool going to work there to create to basically accomplish finish this reflection on the storefront again just a small example of how the creator 930 really can change your entire workflow. They haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we’ve moved from wood to rubber, and hopefully that makes sense because there is a major difference using a traditional mouse or gaming mouse with programmable buttons, as opposed to what you’re, seeing here at work now let’s take a look. Finally, at autocad, for those of you that work in architecture and any design oriented with cad you’ll appreciate this, some of the preset commands that are critical, i think for most – are ortho grid, polar group, snap properties. I think a lot of you use tool palettes as well as select all, but then you have things beyond the preset yet again. Custom commands that you’re going to want to program so in our particular example that you’re about to see linear dimension, align dimension, make current layer as well as trim and extend.

These are critical commands that without the presets, you can still, of course, enable create those macros assign them to specific uh buttons on the mouse or as you’re seeing here create. Yet again, your own custom command wheel and the eight commands. I cannot stress enough that this is yet another element, another layer of what makes this tool so unique and gives such flexibility, so here you’re watching a schematic, obviously floor plan being developed, we’re rotating we’re relocating. These are things that you could do all with traditional commands, but the creator mouse is giving you leverage that you traditionally just wouldn’t have, and you can see it happening even with something as simple as the trim tool it’s going on now and again, if this isn’t Something that you see shaping or changing the way you work, then you know it’s hard for me to imagine, because i know, as someone working inside of again photo and video editing that macros the things i generally have to turn to are not designed for the application. This mouse is and that’s why we have preset commands from hp – and i imagine the road map for this is only going to improve if this mouse is a success and at 90 us dollars before tax. It should be and i’m not saying this because it’s a promoted, video, a promotional one i’m saying it, because it is going to change the way i work and the aesthetic that you’re looking at now, that’s part of the beauty of this device.

Again, i said earlier in the video form follows function. Hp got this right because one of the biggest drawbacks of using a mouse that would compete with this is that they all come from the gaming genre and in doing so, they’re not devices. Anyone is really going to be comfortable or rather would like to use inside of a traditional office setting, so we finally have a product that, whether you’re at home or in the office or in the field it’s going to look its role and, more importantly, accomplish its Role – it’s, not just another programmable mouse and that’s, because hp took the time to deliver real software with real presets for such a wide variety of different creative suites, i mean i was shocked. I thought it would be only the software that hp made mention to that. They disclosed to me, but literally i mean there were so many pieces of software that it populated like premiere pro where i didn’t expect to see any you know preset functions. They were there, so we’ve got great battery life, the 12 weeks of on a single charge. I can’t confirm, but in roughly a week it was about a 10 drop, so that seems pretty close to their estimation, uh. In addition to that, the three different devices that may or may not be critical to you, that’s, not a game, changing feature, but i still think it’s an important one and the ability to use it with a pc as well as a mac.

I did not test it with any ios devices, so i can’t speak to ipad. It is not compatible at present with android devices, so my tab, s7 plus, was out of luck but ultimately again build quality performance presets all here and it amounts to the best mouse. On the market right now for anyone in any creative field – and i experienced it firsthand no better way of putting it.