6 inch laptop thats, eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of solid States drive a solid. You know: SSD, a backlit keyboard is full hot, full high definition. Windows 11 Intel Core i5. So just talking about the display, the display definitely look real good man. When I had the HP 14 inch, it only comes in 1366 by 768. So, but the display on this is nice. The backlit keyboard its nice too. You know I like that. Only thing about me now was um since its a little wider and bigger just getting comfortable with the keys. So once again like I said, I really dont like a lot of things. Just you know extremely long or big like that um, but uh yeah, the 14 inch one. I liked it that more better, because it was just more. You know um, Slimmer and before its like the weight it aint too much heavy well its a little bit more heavier than a 14 inch um. The only thing I was trying to get used to was the keys over here because Im still using like a um, I got like these little. You know I like to plug this in, but um the USB is on the opposite side. You know its all be on this side, but you got the USB type c over here in the HDMI, with your um SD pop that in over there, but its on this side. So I had to sling that around on the side to put the mouse in um, but its not you know too too bad uh.

You know for us to complain about the track. The track pad is nice clickable. I like the keyboards, the keyboards. Just I like the keyboard man, you know, like I said some people probably dont like the keyboards, because it looked like some of the buttons do seem like theyre about to fall off, but I, like them just its just comfortable youre, the type on it front. Camera is cool 720 um. You know and thats really about it. It doesnt get real warm or nothing like that. Um, its its real nice and wide and, like I said, uh watching YouTube videos was a breeze um. Everything was just clean. I didnt uh get to play no games on here, but I know it would have handled it. It would have handled the same thing as the 14 inch, the one I had because it got everything the same internals. The speaker is loud, like I said, use they do a good job on that um yeah thats, really about it. The only thing with this right, its going to come down to. As far as this price and like I said this was 669 dollars and thats the thing about this now also too, I want to tell you all this man, because I I got a headache when you go shopping for these HP laptops. They all look the same dog Im talking about the same same thing when they do with like these iPhones. You know if you put the 13 Pro next to the 14 pro you know its like all these HP laptops look the same, and then I noticed different stores.

Yo is selling different ones with just little stuff little tweaks in it like Im with the Target, and I try to tell them like yo. They got this laptop. You know I want with the backlit keyboard, they got it at Sams Club for 4.99. He was trying to do a match price or a price match or whatever and um. He was like nah man, its a different model, but Im like damn. It looked the same. I got this and that hes like yeah, but you know I cant do it. So I had to pay the 600 something dollars just to test it out and thats what Im saying and then the one I seen that uh Sams Club it got like these. You know a split right here where you could just press the button as far as like the track pad and its just weird, and one of them got like a fingerprint reader or things like that, so its just yo its a its a whole bunch of stuff That they doing, I dont understand why theyre doing all this, because its just like almost like um the Moto G stylos Im just doing comparisons like a phones, because they was doing that again with one phone got 5G in it, then the other one dont, but it Got like you know, I mean so. The only thing like I said I want in a good HP laptop in general. The backlit keyboard is cool, but if I have to you know not get that no more then Im Im with that, but looking at just the the full high definition of the display I got ta have that now, because I was going to go back and get The 14 inch was only like ‘7, but it just got that 13 30.

What 1366 by 768, or something like that for us to display and thats really about it. I really I really dont have to really care about the backlit keyboard too much just as long as the screen get bright enough. I noticed that too, like, as I was doing, because at night time I got to put it down with someone my eyes to hurt, but I noticed I was like damn. If I turn it up a little bit more, I can see the keyboard at night and without even just doing the backlit um but yeah man. I had to really take my time now and really try to figure out what I want because, like I said, HP is just real Im telling you its real confusing. If you go on a website or go to Sams Club Best, Buy Walmart and Target yall gon na find, like the same laptop show, and they just gon na, be all different. You aint gon na know which one to get you know like they even got the same laptop like this and then its just switched to Intel core I3 and then its like. No, you know I mean like its just crazy, that it might be four gigabytes or 125, like date, is just killing me yo, so these HP is just all over the place they. They really need to. Stop that. I understand what you know trying to get your money and stuff like that, but its too much confusion with it because dont nobody know what to get with these.

You know all of them. Look the same, like I said: theres, damn theyre, all up like you know some bigger some not, but they got like Im telling yall. They got like five different or ten different 14 inch, laptops and 15 inch and 17 inch. They all look alike and they different yo, so Im gon na have this resolution. Some not so. Im gon na have four gigabytes, and all this other like this one Im gon na not have a backlit keyboard, its just its confusing, and all these is going to be switched around. It might be 30 USB type on head theres, something on the other side. Its just its just crazy man, so I got to really take my time and adjust and see what I want now for a good price. So um, you know my budget for a good laptop is I wanted. I wanted it to be like 500, but um. I dont know yet I aint trying to really go too higher than that 600. I dont know man but Im not going to be doing anything extreme like that. So but I do want that full high definition and if I got to go to Sams Club to pay, you know that that damn fifty dollars, because I dont got a membership, then thats. What Im gon na have to do so all together. I think it came like 588. I dont know you know I mean I mean but, like I said, if thats what I really want – and it comes with the backlit keyboard full height for high definition, Intel five and eight gigabytes 256.

So you know if Im Ill. Probably lean that way more, but I might find something online, but um yeah man its just my little review of this. You know these HP laptops its nice. You can see how its super big, you know. The size aint really like I said 14 is cool with me, you know but 15, then they got 17.. You know so, like I said as long as I can see the damn uh screen Im good. I dont have to be. You know extra big like that, but I will I would like to get the 14 inch but, like I said, I think they have the 15 like this as well, but yall keep me updated. Let me know if yall getting any HP laptops or do you like HP or you know, have they broken on yall, like I said, only bad situation I just had is when I got the 14 inch HP laptop at Walmart and the damn charger start working within A couple of hours you know I was pissed about that and thats the only thing about, and the charger on this side too as well, but you know like they charges be a little. You know like flimsy man like it seemed like its so easy to. You know pop out and pull out. You know when I had the Gateway One. I noticed some of the cheaper laptops in charge. Theyd be snug in there and thats what you really want.

You want them to be snug in there and make sure you know nothing. Coming out, but this you know its a lot of these charges do be a little. You know easy and they must be breakable like that. So thats, the only another thing that I probably didnt like about them, but other than that its cool. So I asked your boy to the loot, like I said its been the HP 15.6 inch laptop um. If you want this, when you go to Target and pick it up for 600, something dollars, but I dont think its worth. That Im, just being honest because, like I said, look up almost the same specs and other stores have this almost you know same damn laptop its cheaper. You know if you can get it for that 4.99 or you can find something for 380 thats. Even better too. You know I mean but, like I said, Im not gon na be editing and all you know my main thing for a laptop cause Im going to get an Android phone. I might get the s22. I got the pixel 6A right now, but Im going to be taking that back too as well, but I just need something I can. You know, take pictures and videos directly off my phone. I might want to add in a Sony Vegas, you know you know. Hat is with me and just swap back and forth like that really, and I aint really doing too much like that.

You know watching my sling, my Xfinity football games wrestling here and there you know and thats really about it. I mostly be on YouTube. I might want to type here and there, but other than that, its not nothing extreme Im not getting in the editing Im, not shooting music videos for nobody. You know if I did do something like that. I just added something for myself or, if Im, trying to make an intro video or something like that. You know I mean so its not really that serious with me, so its paying 600 like I might as well just wait, because I probably can get something this Intel Core. I7. You know something way better. You know for that price, like I wouldnt, this wouldnt really be worth no 600, like that.