This one has four gigabytes of ram and we have 128 gigabytes ssd hard drive. So this one is the jet black version and we have this one brand new. So, just to show you we have the charger, we have ethernet port. Here we have hdmi. We have two usb ports along with the headphone jack port there and on the other side we have sd card port. We have a c type port as well and that’s. It for this jet black 14 inch. We are going to take a closer look at the laptop. We are going to see what we can do with this laptop as well. So, with this laptop, we have windows 10 home s mode. It is in this laptop also carried a 3 cell battery 41 watt hours, guys so what we’re going to do we’re going to power this on for the first time. First, we need to select a country your keyboard is set to us want to stick with that. Do you also type with another keyboard layout, and you can quickly set up your now let’s get to connection as you can see, we just set up the laptop for the very first time. To be honest, guys, everything feel great everything feel lovely, and not only that i’m enjoying the black, the shiny black, and on top the panel here we have a design of the black. We also have speaker here across this area. Here we also have a webcam.

We are going to look at a few things with this laptop. To be honest with you guys, we have the battery here, we’re going to look at the battery it’s, currently at 46 percent, so this battery should last us up to eight hours i’m, letting you know that firsthand and again guys it all depends on your battery settings As well, so if you go here it’s currently on best battery life, you can put the laptop on best performance as well, and that will actually cause your battery to die faster so guys. We know that this laptop battery can work up to eight hours and that’s. Very, very, very good for us, so what we are going to do now we are going to go to my computer. We are going to take a look at the specs of this laptop. So what we have here, we have 118 gigabytes available to us. We are talking about a 120 gigabyte storage ssd hard drive because of different partition. We only have 118 available to us. We have 2.3 gigahertz processor speed here. This is quite good. This is quite lovely. We have 4 gig of ram, which was mentioned before so with this laptop. You can use this for a lot of different things. We have windows 10 home in s mode. We can use this for internet surfing. We can use this for document presentation. We can use this for college school universities. We can also use this for certain types of games as well.

Let me put it in that way: right and it’s, a very small nice neat laptop and also we have a webcam here as well, so let’s go and test the quality of the camera. Wow i’m. Definitely impressed guys. I am, i am definitely impressed, so you can actually see that the camera is good. The camera is crystal clear, it’s workable, you can do a lot with this camera. You can play games with this camera. You can video call, you can facebook call guys you name it i’m telling you. This is good i’ve seen a lot of laptop cameras before and i’ve i’m telling you this this. This is good. This is good. This camera may not be the one that you may looking for in terms of the highest quality, but on a level of 10. I will give this one seven and a half. This camera is very good i’m telling you i am telling you. There are a lot of room for improvements. We also have photo qualities so yeah, so we can actually change the photo qualities here and also the video quality. So there are actually some settings that we can play around with so guys. We can do all of this. In the camera settings, so we do have a webcam camera in this laptop and, as you can see here, it’s looking good, it is looking good. So let us test the speed of this laptop, so i am going to shut down the laptop.

We are going to do a shutdown test and we are also going to do a startup test as well. So this is what i am going to do here when i hit shutdown, i am going to hit start, so i am actually looking at the shutdown time and the laptop is actually off. The laptop is actually off like i’m still timing and the laptop is off. You know sometimes you shot on your laptop and it’s still on, but the screen is off. This laptop is off so what we are going to do here now we are going to do a startup test and i am going to hit the power button and when i see the light on the screen, i am going to hit start so guys. This is a brand new laptop, and this laptop starts up in 10 seconds 10 11 seconds, guys and it’s actually ready to use so you’re. Seeing this for yourself. This is running fast, so guys, if you’re, looking for a laptop for colleges, universities for your work environment for business venture for online marketing, even for youtubers. This laptop is very, very good. For starters, you have some space and you also have some memory and i recommend 128 gigabytes, ssd hard drive and up. You can see that there’s a fraction of the hard drive which the system is taking up about 30 gigabytes already for the windows system. So we have 30 gigabytes taken up here on the hard drive already, so we only have almost 90 gigabytes available to us.

We have 89.3 gigabytes available to us. So, as you can see, you need laptop with space and i will recommend this one. I would not recommend any laptop lower than 128 gigabytes for you, depending on your usage, so this is a very, very nice laptop for you guys. So i hope that this video was helpful and i hope that it helped you to make a decision on acquiring a laptop and guys if this video was helpful to you. Do like this video and also drop a comment down below, and let me know what you think and also subscribe to my channel turn the post notifications on i’ll be doing giveaways in the future, so guys make sure subscribe and make sure turn the post notifications on.