This is a chromebook 14a which is being sold. The different stores um this one about at uh best buy they’re a little bit different, but the specs are uh kind of the same. I so they have one on target, which is on sale now for 229. um. They have it at. I believe costco staples, which is like i said, it’s same chromebook a little bit different. Something about it is different. The one at best buy has the, as you guys can see, has a different uh bottom different color bottom, but i checked the one with the target. It’S the same specs but just looks a little bit different um. So this one, let me show you this one has the so it has the headphone jack. It has a usbc which also charges the chromebook and uh sd card, and on this other side it has another usbc which also charges it, and it has a usb 3.0. Now when it comes to charging, it does have the little light next to it. It’S going to go from orange to white when it’s charged the problem i’m, having which is kind of annoying um every time the chromebook is in a sleep mode, that light will flash and it will be literally non stop and it’s, just even when you close it It’S still going to do that little white light flashing, it’s extremely annoying. If you have it in the bedroom and you’re going to sleep, and you see the little white flashing light, the only thing you can do is just shut it off.

Then the light will disappear, but that’s one thing i don’t know how to turn it off. I don’t think there’s a way that really bugged me about this chromebook um. So, as i mentioned, it has a 14 inch screen it’s a 1080p resolution ips, and this is very, very good screen. You know most of this budget chromebooks, they come with the 720p resolution and you can definitely tell a difference um, especially on the 14 inch. This one also has 250 nits of brightness, which it gets decently bright, now it’s 100, but usually like at night. I can leave it at 30. 40. You know to ease you know, to ease the brightness of my eyes during the day. I keep it like. 50. 60. um, so, which is pretty good um. I had a couple chromebooks, which were at 20 uh, 220 nits and again you can tell the difference right away. It has four gigs of ram um. It has a cpu and 40 20 and uh has a 32 gigabytes of storage, um, honestly for under 300 bucks that’s. What all the budget chromebooks are. This is pretty standard and uh. It does the job honestly it never. I never had any issues with slowness. It started sub fast opening pages, it’s fast it loads them. Uh, wi fi is fast. It has a ac wi fi, bluetooth, 5.5, so it you know anytime. I want to open up a page it’s. Just do it very fast.

The first thing i did out of the box because i kind of figured um the resolution – won’t be 1080, so i went to device and i went to this place and, as you guys can see, it was set as um uh 1707 times, 960. uh. It does come with the 1080, so if you want to go and switch it to a 1080, you can mess around with it. So this will be the native resolution uh. The reason why i didn’t keep it this way because it was really hard for me to see you know on the pages i didn’t want to zoom in every page. So i just changed it to. You know uh two little bit like bigger screen, but it does come with the 1080. One thing i wish you had was the hdmi, because they do sometimes connect it to the tv but it’s, not a big deal. You can buy usbc to hdmi. If you want that option, this chromebook weighs 3.2 pounds so it’s, not the light lightest thing um, but it’s, not the heaviest for 14 inch again it’s a bit. You know it’s standard weight, it’s, not the lightest chromebook. I use it this size and it’s, not the heaviest so it’s. You know because it’s plastic, it doesn’t, weigh it as much. But again it does have some weight to it. 3.2 pounds isn’t light at all has the camera, so you can use it for school.

You can use it for zoom and other um. You know things that require camera. The camera isn’t the best cloud quality, it’s, pretty much standard for all the hp and other laptops. I believe it’s 0.9 megapixel it’s a bit grainy, it’s, it’s usable. So let’s talk about the keyboard. The keyboard is very spacious, there’s plenty of space for your hands, um it’s a bit clicky, but not too much as the other ones. It has a good travel. So if you used to um type in you’re, gon na you know it’s gon na feel normal. You know for the price it’s a budget, so you got ta, keep that in mind, it’s, very good keyboard for the price it doesn’t have the cap lock and the power button is top right side, as you guys can see it. Doesn’T have backlight on it. So at night it becomes very difficult to type. You know if you’re not familiar with the keys, you might need to turn on the night light. You know if you’re doing a lot of typing now the track pad. I don’t know if you guys can see it. The trackpad is pretty large. This is my hand, so it’s like i can put two hands on it: it’s uh it’s, pretty large trackpad i’m, not a big fan of the trackpad. I feel like the trackpad is probably um honest. I would give it the lowest grade. I’M, not sure like it. Might my fingers travel good around that and like if i do tap, you know let’s, say i’m just doing a tap.

It has that weird click to it, which i haven’t experienced without him once because i’m, not actually clicking i’m just tapping, but it has this if you guys can hear it that has that weird click to it now now i’m clicking. But if i’m just doing like a little tap, which you shouldn’t be doing, that it just feels like something is loose in it it’s hard to describe, but once you use it for a bit, especially if you use something else, then you move on to this. You can feel the difference after a while. The something is like off about it. I’M, not sure what it is. It does function really good. Everything works, though you know two finger, three finger, everything works, but it just has this weird feel about it? I would say that would be my you know, least favorite thing about this chromebook uh, including that charging light, which i also hated it just bugged me so much. I will have to take it to another room. You know before sleep, but the sound on this chromebook is pretty good. It has two speakers, one on each side and they’re by bno um, all the hp laptops chromebooks that have the sound set up by bno, and let me guys play something so you guys can hear how it sounds and turn that all the way it’s not the Loudest chromebook but it’s, you know for movies videos, it’s it’s, pretty good sound.

I like that it has the setup of two speakers, so i mean one speaker on each side. I prefer that much better than if they had one speaker on top, so the battery life on this chromebook it’s pretty good. I get about around not 10 hours. You know maybe a little bit more, maybe a little bit less depending what i’m doing, but it should be around 10 hours and another thing i like about this chromebook: it charges very fast, so we’ll go from 15 from 10 15 200 in about two hours, so It does charge it pretty fast, which is nice. You know, let’s say you wake up. You got to go to school. You know your chromebook is kind of empty. You just plug it in you know 30 30 minutes hour. It will give you enough. You know enough power to use it throughout the school day. So, as i already mentioned, the screen is 1080p ips, 250 nits it’s a beautiful screen. I watched a lot of movies sports games youtube. It was really amazing to watch on it, especially coming off the last chromebook i really reviewed was 720p, but that one had the touchscreen this one doesn’t. So you know it’s. If you want to sacrifice the touchscreen for 1080p, i say: do it, you know if you don’t plan on using the touchscreen option, definitely go for 1080p, but if you’re accustomed to using touchscreen for me, for example, you know i reviewed the 720p 10 720p touchscreen chromebook And now i moved to this, i was very impressed by the screen, but when the time came for me to actually use the touch i’m like oh, oh gosh, this one doesn’t have it so the biggest issue you might have with not having a touchscreen is, if You play a lot of games, um it’s, very hard to use this for gaming.

Without i mean you can connect the mouse, but most of the games on chromebooks are designed for tablets because it runs off of android, so it’s it’s uh. You know like, for example, games like candy crush and some puzzle games. Yes, you can use the trackpad, you can use the mouse but it’s just not as fast as just you know, doing your screen uh putting your finger on screen and just moving it. So i honestly wouldn’t advise this. If you plan you know, if you spend a lot of time gaming, you know playing silly android games, it’s, really not fred it’s hard to do with the trackpad and most games you won’t even be able to use. You know just trackpad and keyboard they’re, just not optimized for that, because they, like, i said that their android games, you know designed for phone and tablets, so that’s uh, you know downside of not having a touchscreen um, so it’s a sacrifice. You’Re gon na have to make, because i honestly haven’t seen any 1080p ips screens with the touchscreen for under 300 bucks. Maybe this year you know when the new ones are coming out. Um there might be. You know some sales, or maybe somebody will just come out with 1080p touchscreen one so far, nothing yet for that price, at least, if it’s not on sale, you might be able to find one on sale for around 300. That has you know touchscreen and 1080p.

Honestly, i would recommend this chromebook, especially if you can find it around 200 to 250 price range. The screen is beautiful. Keyboard is very good. To use. Trackpad is a bit iffy that’s about it.