. Im also told that inside of this box is the worlds first tablet with a 13 megapixel front facing camera. Intriguing isnt. It Lets just get our hands on it. Shall we The HP? Eleven inch tablet PC Lets, see what all the fuss is about.. We have the device itself., Oh thats, interesting, already actually. And I suppose keyboard. First things. First HP. Here we go HP. Eleven inch tablet PC. Immediately. What comes to my attention is that this is showcasing, that HP is showcasing portrait mode, not like a standard. You can even see the keyboard goes on beyond the width of the device.. So clearly, it can be used in both cases, but its interesting that theyre showcasing it in portrait. Mode. Im excited to see that because theres a lot of different ways Well and then the camera too. Theres a lot of different ways you can make use of this. In portrait mode, especially with the rotatable camera., So lets just open this up, shall we Ooo its pretty. Wow., Its really nice. So its its HP.? So it has the innate HP, build quality keyboard, connectors right there, a keyboard connection on the bottom, but also on this bottom., So hence docking it and the keyboard this way or docking at the keyboard. That way, presumably anyway. OK volume rocker over here a button that just has a picture of the camera. Interesting. Power, USB Type C of course., So oh very light., Incredibly thin incredibly sleek.

Lets see what else is in here.. Of course, power supply, rapid charger. Set that aside. USB Type C. Now whats going on here, OK. The keyboard again showcasing the two modes. Here we go. Oh immediately, Im impressed by one thing, which is the colors. Its black on gray.. It looks really sleek. Really pro really nice.. This is like ready for business type of keyboard.. This looks really good and the texture is really good. Its got a perfect amount of grip and is extremely lightweight yet durable.. Now what the heck is? This a cover? Look at the shape.: OK, we can figure this out.. Ok lets well lets put it together.. So there we go. Boom Keyboard can pop up like that., No problem. Close up again., Really nice in my hands.. Really really nice. Cant wait to check out this camera.! Ok! Now you. You must., So that must be the camera cut out there.. I assume it must just go right: here., Oh magnetize., Oh and its strong. Im, not sure. If I try to take it off.. Oh you clever little guy., Look at you.. How would you use it in portrait mode? Oh obviously, you just do this. The same thing I suppose would apply this way., The kickstand Yeah any angle., Really sturdy kickstand, yet really easy to move to any angle. You like. Wow. Neat design.. So what makes this tablet PC exceptional? Well, you can feel the durability in the unibody design.

, Okay, thats thats, how HP really drives home. The quality is that unibody metal design.? In fact, here youll see the power button here and the power button has the integrated fingerprint reader. So making it all the easier to log on instantly. Wherever you are and just dive right into your digital life, The bezel is seriously worth noticing isnt it. The four sided super narrow bezel that really maximizes your screen real estate And speaking of the screen heres, something you may not have heard of this HP tablet. Pc has an eye safe, certified display, which means it meets the standards required to protect your eyes from blue light without distorting colors, which reduces eye strain when working for long periods of time. Cool huh. We also have three HP speakers with HD audio for immersive sound and yes, Gorilla, Glass, five for real world durability. Out and about and in terms of how you actually use the device. Well, I think thats clear that thats completely up to you. The keyboard and kickstand works in both landscape and portrait. Modes., Oh thats, amazing. And you see windows and immediately adapts to those modes.. So when you want to review a document or something thats, basically the same size and dimensions as a normal sheet of paper. Perfect., Or would you rather watch a movie or sketch with the digital pen? No problem because, as weve seen, the kickstand provides flexibility for all use cases, even without the keyboard, just using it as a tablet enjoying a casual game or some movies.

. The list of killer features on this tablet. Pc is really quite long, but there is, of course, one that stands out a. Above the rest. If this HP eleven inch tablet PC, has a showstopper feature its this remarkable 13 megapixel rotatable camera.. This has been designed to revolutionize and simplify how you communicate and collaborate in our modern world.. This camera is built for the times that were living in., So OK, whats so exciting about the camera. Rotatable means that you can switch between rear and front views. And up to 235 degree. Desktop view.. Do you see this? Oh man., So you have the best angles for conference calls Look., Hi everyone. Are virtual. Tours. Lets take a look. Everything back, there. Great., Hope you, like the house or for taking photos and for showcasing your actual workspace, because you have the kickstand here and now till the camera down and youre able to showcase whats actually on your desk. What youre working on what youre sketching, what youre taking notes? On., I dont even care if youre showcasing your latest LEGO build.. This camera is useful for all kinds of use case scenarios, so this camera function key on the top is what lets you quickly switch from front and rear perspectives. And on the software side of the included, HP, Glam, Cam Widget uses AI, enabled technologies to keep you And focus and in frame and adjust for different lighting situations. Seriously, all the features youd want.

If you are on work, calls or perhaps live streaming. And one question you may have while looking at this unique camera design is, Is it durable? Will it last The liquid metal design of the chassis is up to six and a half times more resilient in comparison to stainless steel standard designs.? The camera has been stress tested by going through 15000 rotations to make sure that it still performs. 15000.. So, who is this HP? Eleven inch tablet PC really for Well. First and foremost, it makes sense to view this as an absolutely killer. Companion, device., With its three by two aspect, ratio screen its comfortable on the go and feels quite natural to hold and with the kickstand youre able to untether, stay productive and create on the go, especially given the multitasking capabilities of Windows. 11.. Think about it. This way, What other device would you want with you at a coffee shop or on the sofa in the passenger seat of a car or with you on the park bench? This is that ultra lightweight, versatile companion., I mean honestly thats, so rad. Lets quickly discuss a few of the core specs of this HP tablet, PC. So whats it running Windows, 11 of course. Whats, the display resolution. Well, this is actually better than HD at over 2K resolution.. Now, how about the battery life Well were talking to all day nine and a half hour battery life and thanks to HP, Fast Charge, youre getting roughly 50 of your charge after just 45 minutes of it being plugged.

In. Processor Intel Pentium Silver N6000, which is extremely responsive and optimized for Windows, 11 Storage up to 256 gigs SSD.. And how much does this a featherweight champion come in at Well just 1.45 lbs and less than 3 lbs with the keyboard cover digital pen., Digital pen? Yes, I highly recommend the HP rechargeable MPP 2.0 tilt pen to take full advantage of Windows. 11 inking features, as well as the inking capabilities in Microsoft, 365, apps. And in terms of ports. Well, we have a micro SD card slot right here: a micro SD card reader power button with the embedded fingerprint reader and a super speed, USB Type C. five gigabits per second port, which also supports DisplayPort 1.4 for wired external displays.. You can also use wireless displays with several different software offerings, including HPs built in system., So thats. The HP eleven inch tablet PC. Its simply an ideal companion for the modern world.. The camera is genuinely impressive., The design is thoughtful and detailed, and the only thing I have to say is that Im super irritated as usual, very irritated that I have to be sending it back now, because oh man, nothing makes me, look quite as good as glam Cam. Want to learn more Check out: ExpertZone Microsofts online learning, platform., Take courses., Complete accreditations and earn achievements and prizes.