My name is echo and i hope youre having a great day so that last video i did was incredibly popular. Thank you for enjoying it so today i want to show you how to install mods like forge and a whole range of custom ones. Now you can do this literally for any version of minecraft java on any android tablet or device. Like i said yes, we are in fact on an android tablet: im on a samsung galaxy tab: s4. Obviously, the higher end device that you have the better. This is going to be same rules apply. You are going to need this app, which is the pojab launcher, theres a link down below to my tutorial on how to install it. This is for people who already have this app, so this is the pojab launcher app. Now, of course, you can select any version to the old versions, all the way to the latest being 1.17.1 for the sake of todays, video were going to be using version 1.16.5, its pretty stable and a lot of mods are supported on this. The first thing you need to do is just launch whatever version you want to use. If you want to use mods from back to 1.8 or even like 1.7.10, you can use them as well, but im using 1.16.5, because its pretty new and pretty stable. So just click play and lets launch it. You can clearly see bottom left behind the ui.

It says minecraft 1.16.5, so we are on one of the latest minecraft java versions. I do have a couple of words on this as well. The reason why youre launching that version its just so that your device has registered those files for that version, once youve done this its time to go back to the launcher. Now, on the launcher, when you tap options, theres a couple of different options, the top one is to launch a mod installer, forge, etc. Now, when we tap on this, i have nothing installed, so i want to show you the whole entire process typically were going to go to the downloads page when we have downloaded forge so lets head over to google on google just type in minecraft forge. So what were going to do is then, on the left hand, side, whatever version youre, installing its completely up to you on the left hand, side tap. The version you are wanting to install were using minecraft 1.16.5, so tap on this and then tap on the top one. Its then going to take me to this page im, im gon na download the recommended version, rather than the latest, because theyre typically more stable were gon na tap on this. Its then gon na take us to this page and on the top right hand, side. It just says: please wait, i think its like five or six seconds, doesnt take long at all click on skip, and then this is going to pop up and what youre going to do is press.

Ok, just make sure the installer says: dot jar at the end lets click, ok and its done back to the launcher. We go now once youre on the launcher tap on options tap on the top one, which is launch a mod installer. Then youre going to scroll down to your downloads page and, as you can see, forge 1.16.5 36.2.0 installer is there tap on this, and this is going to happen. Dont be worried its literally just installing the forge mod, so just be patient with it. It can take a little bit of time if youre, having a little bit of problems on the top right. Its got often x, hit on the x, and you should still have this and click on. Ok – and this is just going to install all the files that you need feel free to put the logs back on, but honestly just leave it like this. As you can see, it says, successfully installed. Client profile, forge version. 1.16.5. Then just click. Ok, you then might need to force close your app thats totally fine. It just needs to be relaunched and to check if youve done this successfully tap on your versions, scroll typically to the bottom, and your forge version should be. There were then going to tap on this and were just going to launch it just to clarify that youve done this successfully on the bottom left, it should say the forge version, along with your minecraft version and says two mods loaded now, when we tap on mods, We dont really have a dedicated mod.

We do have forge, we do have 1.16.5, but now its time to install individual mods. So we need to do that. Now. There are tons of mods out there for me were using 1.16.5, so im just gon na search. Minecraft, 1.16.5 mods and honestly, the best apps are usually at the top. For example, the curse forge. There is tons of different mods to choose from here. We have just enough items: mouse tweaks journey map, apple skins, biomes or plenty. We have tons of different mods available. Youre, just gon na have to do a bunch of searching another website that people like to use is nine, but i also like mr crayfishs mods so were just gon na at the top click on mods and lets find a mod something i really want To see in minecraft is backpacks, so the top one here its like a backpack mod, we scroll down and theres various different downloads heres, a pretty cool one glass cutter, obviously basically like a stone cutter, but it does it for glass. This is supported on version 1.16.5. So were going to tap on this were going to have the ability to install this. I think we might need to scroll down to the bottom. There you go theres the download make sure its a dot jar. Again: click, ok and its downloaded. There is one more app you are going to need now, just search file manager, the specific one youre looking for is this one file manager.

This one ive already got it, but its a little bit further down than usual its its this one right here. So lets open it first thing to do click on your downloads, where youve downloaded your mods. You want to hold this and you want to do move so were going to move this now. What were going to do now is go back into the main storage youre going to scroll down until you find games tap on games on the top. Sorry go in pojab launcher on the top right, theres three little dots tap on them and go view and then at the bottom it says, show hidden files tap on that. You are also gon na see dot, minecraft youre gon na scroll down. Until you see mods and inside of here, you are going to paste it, and the glass cutter is now available for us to use, lets back out when youre in the pojab launcher. What you want to do is scroll to the bottom and make sure you have your forge version selected and then just run the game. Now you can just about see on the bottom left. It says three mods loaded. If we tap on the mod section you can see, we now have the glass cutter available. So what im gon na do now is just load up a world and show you it working. So once you load up a world im, just gon na go to inventory and im just gon na go right to the bottom, and you can already see right at the bottom.

I have a whole range of different types of stairs. I just i think its. I think its this one there, you go glass cutter all right, so lets get this, but lets also get some glass. Okay, so ive grabbed a couple of materials. Im just gon na place this down on the ground. Im gon na tap on this and put my glass block inside of there, and i can make a whole range of things i can even make stairs. I think, make slabs lets, grab the slabs uh and then what were gon na do is were gon na grab. Some different colored variations as well, because you can grab them, were gon na grab the stair variations uh, another stair variation and then im gon na grab this and make some of these. What can i do with the the panes, though? Can i do anything, lets grab the blue versions. Come on come on come on blue there you go grab the stairs. Can i do anything with a glass pane? No cant do anything with them, but we now have some different kind of stairs. Oh or slabs too. We got these one two theres. We have brown variations as well and its that simple to install, but you can see its really easy to install mods. So what i want to do is just show you one more time. I really like this one actually im going to mess around with this. More often, so mr crayfish also has a furniture mod now.

I know this is saying 1.16.3, but i am going to try and install this on 1.16.5. The process is the exact same as what i showed you last time tap on the download youre just going to simply wait for it to pop up on the bottom of your screen. It should say a jar file, then click, ok and its downloaded. Now, back to the file manager, go to your downloads section and you should have whatever thing youve just installed. I believe mine is this one and were just going to go to move. Were then going to go back to the home page of this app and tap main storage? Go down to games pub launcher, make sure you have the view and the show hidden files enabled by default. It wont be on so youre going to have to just do it once once youve done it once you are good to go, go on dot, minecraft, go to mods and simply paste it here. We now have two different mods, so lets see if it worked make sure you have your selected forge version again, it should be at the bottom. You can install multiple if you wanted one for 1.16.5, then one point for 1.17.10, 1.8 or 1.17. You can do that. Just make sure its selected and then load up your game. Okay, great news at the bottom left. You can see four mods installed tap on our mods section and we have the glass cutter, which i previously showed you and the furniture mod is also working as well.

So yeah it looks like 1.16.3 mods can still work on 1.16.5, which is great to see time to load it up. So with this one, its pretty simple on the ui, if we tap on this chair on the inventory, it shows you all the things available down to chairs and tables youve also got some extra storage. Youve got bedroom and you have outdoors as well so its good to see that this works and still works with the stone uh. Sorry, the glass cutter theres, definitely a bunch of cool things available in this pack. I really like chairs now again, the more youre gon na use, the more laggier it is going to become so my advice would be very careful what you install again. The higher end devices are gon na work, a lot better, but this can become seriously laggy over time. I can even tap on these by the way i can tap on them and uh put my things inside of theres a story. So if you can put drawers inside of drawers, but i can put chairs inside of there but good thing is it actually works? So i do hope. Todays video did help you out. If you need any help, feel free to leave a comment down below.