Today we got another cyberpower pc. How does it play video in the game of choice today? Rocking i don’t know if y’all still playing rocket league but i’ll rock a rocket league rocket league never die i’ll rock with it. When i need to chill pick a game to chill just play for about an hour, so just to kill some time well, you know: fives rocket league is my game of choice. As always, top left see the specs how we rock it let’s get it, and i optimized, i watched the youtube video on the best settings for frames per second, and i put everything there. I guess if guys wanted, ask for that. Video and i’ll put it in. I a it somewhere. Jesus let’s go Music Applause dude. What is this? Applause? Applause, Music, always Music Applause, Music, right, Music, what’s up whatever they be doing bro? I got ta! Stop! Oh oh about you’re. Talking about! I have 300 frames right now. You know i have over 300 frames, it might stay over 300 on a regular bro, no screen tearing or none of that and then well above Music it’s crazy over 200. Consistently, though over 200 consistently. This is a slaughter it’s, a blood man, Music let’s go let’s. Go let’s: go hey, what’s up what’s up what’s up nice shot hold on Music. What are we talking about here? Oh these are trash. What what what’s going on right now what’s going on bro? Do they look at this as the new and they could we? Would you know say well did a new season.

I think a new season might have started. Oh you might get reset. This is a bloodbath Music. Sometimes these things that shouldn’t be quoted. Yeah huh that doesn’t make any sense Music. Oh back, one boy got it Applause. Yes, sir, oh they might score, they might as well. No, they didn’t. No, they didn’t get him out of here, but we got seven points. Bro, we got seven points brother. I think it’s gon na be a real, quick video, because you know how fast these games go: that’s, mine, hey that was clean. That was clean. That was clean bro. That was clean. Look at this joint look at this Music Music, bro, Music, now, Music, Music compressor. I can take it. Take my foot off the brakes. A little bit Music, yeah yeah yeah come on come on just to come back and score again, though, to score again what hold on we need to hit double digits bro. We need to hit double digits. Bro. Oh, we got ta hit double digits, bro, no shy! We got ta hit double digit. Take it though bro we got ta double digits, bro, Music. Yes, sir, we got it, we got it, he saw you had it damn. Okay, nice shot. Nice shot, they finally scored. I’M slick, blue i’m slick blue right now, all the time i’m blue shouldn’t have happened. Applause, oh that’s, why it’s so high? This uses? Mortar yeah? This uses more of my graphics card than say a game like um warzone that uses more gpu.

I mean dpu let’s! Go double digits, i’m golden i’m golden of golden golden that was disgusting. The match was supposed to be disgusting. Am i mvp, i better be mvp i’m, not mvp. I scored four goals. I don’t know how many how many goals he scored bro because hold on. We got to see this bro how many goals he scored. Oh, he scored five. He got carried bro. What are we doing here? Hold on? We got ta play another one with him. We got ta play another one. I was trying to finish the video right there, but we got ta play another one with them. No cuts, no edits; no none! We just letting it off i’m, even keeping it. When i was fixing audio, i don’t care Music. Let’S go these boys wait no shot. We playing the same people again Music, this one wise about it, bro this one wise by them, bro Music, that’s. What i got carried last month, yeah sure nice shot. Oh no! No, these joints might get copyrighted. You might need to take music out. What do you do get off my foot hold on thank y’all. Take off. They go that’s. All you that’s. All you easy money! Easy! Are you renting me food i’ll. Go there i’m going i’m doggy. We go. We go. We go. He sold the duffy i’ll clean up for you, though, i’ll clean up for you, though yeah great path: i’m trolling i’m telling the controller to talk about great pass.

I’M trolling. He definitely tried to shoot, never mind. It was a great pass. He said anything i’m swinging right. We hitting it, they tried all right whoa. I sold that one whoa whoa whoa. Nobody in the ball get nobody in the bar, get nobody at the ball. Nobody hit the ball hold on hold on. Let them get out. Let them get out, let them get out get Music! Yes, what that was yours, bro hit that hit that get that get that what Music come on bro? Oh, my god, they’re not going this mass bro! They not going hit that yeah! So the same, this ain’t great save bro no shot, oh my god that was fire. That was fire. I can’t even hate. That was fire. That was fire. That was fire. If i get over 300 on the replay and at some points in the game, sheesh Music, granite, though frank, should be misleading. All frames really mean is a responsiveness. How responsive something is so you ain’t got ta, you know, go through crazy, they say when it’s over 140, but when it’s all really over, like by one for nice shot. That was ridiculous. That was ridiculous. That was ridiculous. That was ridiculous. That was ridiculous. That was a great shot. That was amazing, that was fire that’s, who we carried last man bro. He let us know: hey no Music, Music. Oh, i think emily got two points. Well, emily good stuff, good stuff hold on.

If you already know the vibe whoa get that away from us get that away from us, we got it, we got it. We have the same idea. Oh shy, come on what we up to. I don’t know why i’m talking, like the only other one, i don’t, even think trash fans are playing for them right there, oh great, pass great pass. You got it, you got it emily, set it up, lost connection man stuck anywhere one minute left. No, they settle for a great shot hit that trio right now. Bro. Thank you. Thank you. That’S somebody shot where my boy is that oh Music, put on my chill Music, sir Music, get that off of my core ggs boys, ggs boys. Everybody got three shots on this man. Well, i want to play another one with him: bro bro. I got ta edit. These videos bro but be sure to like comment and subscribe.