How does it play and we got something that somebody asked for a while ago and i didn’t get to it. That’S 100, my fault, but we got rainbow six siege i’ve never really played it. I know it’s like a shooter and whatnot, but yeah. This is my first time logging in i just downloaded it come on focus camera. What are we doing here? I just downloaded it and we finna get to it right now. Um, i figure it’s like every other game and where, if your settings are low, then you get the best fps. It probably looks trash so by default my sends one ultra high. I guess we can do. How does it play on ultra high and everything else? I guess i could just knock all of those out, but let’s see multiplayer play a quick match. Let’S get into it, yes, be sure to hit that like button and subscribe, we making bangers baby. What are we doing? What are we doing? Wait please say i could? Okay and make sure i can use my um what’s, my okay enemies eliminated. You know the vibes. Yes, i i’m already raw um. Somebody already no remember remember. These are ultimate i’m on ultra settings. Right now, i’m on ultra settings right now select the spawn location, wait! Huh, i guess whatever wait, wait, what okay, um it’s an automatic? Oh the frag, usually go crazy, a stun, okay um, i guess bro. They probably blew that i’m a recruit but, like i said i ain’t never played this before so get off.

My case, please hey! I don’t need nobody in the comment section killing me either, like i said, i’ve never played this before hold on. Let me turn my light on bro, so you can see the seriousness. I’Ve never played this before wait, search for bombs. Wait what wait wait what? But you went down here i’m following people at this point. Well, wait what what wait! What is this? What what is this? What is this, what is this wait? I’Ma say like this bro i’m, so seconds to confused 10 seconds. Bro i’m confused, i don’t, know what’s going on right now. What can i, like? You, can’t jump? Eew. This plan is so slow. This is gun. I got trash loki. You have located a bomb: okay, bro. I’M. I’M. First of all, i know i’m terrible with this it’s moving so slow, but you see the frames they look like i’m getting like 180 whole time, which is crazy on ultra settings bro. They look like they put me with a good squad which is good. Look like they put me with a good squad, which is good bro like go crazy, wait diet he died over there hold on we like 145, her joints right now, okay, mind you! This is that ultra settings, bro i’m gon na play the next round. Look i’m. Gon na tell you like this i’m brand new, but i ain’t trash lifting you. What the hell is he floor.

I hit shots. I hear shots, i hear shots, i hear shots, i hear shots. I hear shots 15 seconds left. What the hell is that 10 seconds left? Yes, sir, i could have got that, kill the whole time. Wow. Yes, sir. Yes, sir let’s get it okay, so we’re gon na play we’re gon na play the next one. Those was ultra, so i figured i’d play the next one on low those ultra. So we could play this on low see if it really makes that big of a difference right now so let’s see my temperature is pretty good too. You know what i’m saying my tim’s pretty good. I guess i guess i’m ready bro, i don’t it is what it is uh graphic settings. We want them on low this match. Well, this sign boom now let’s see if it’s really, i mean i’m, pretty sure it’s gon na look it’s, probably gon na look worse, but is it like that much worse and then frames per second wise? Does it boost it that much like you know? Well, i like this, this ain’t as bad as um keep the bombs protected that joint soon as it started. So it said 300. I say what okay it’s definite. It is definitely definitely uh. Um let’s see matter of fact, let’s get outside let’s get to like this area. Was this a person? Oh, i need to get to the outside 10 seconds remaining i’m trying to get to the outside five seconds.

I mean keep it a buck with you, it’s. Definitely a frames per second, the difference like it’s. Definitely a fps difference in here and it doesn’t. Look that much worse like okay – and this is what my frames were absolute lowest. I think in this room i was like 140 150., so in here i was like 140 150. now, i’m. 188. yeah. I think when i came in from this way i was like 140. jesus christ. I was like 140 now, i’m. 244.. You talking about jesus christ. I don’t want to say 100 frame difference, but it’s it’s, a substantial, substantial amount of frames, that’s different. Oh god, i’m gon na die i’m gon na die. I might die, i might die, i might die, hey bro chill out whatever bro he ain’t even got ta. Do all that we get so we just look at cams, bro. Okay, we can look at people too, okay, so we can get so we can see the frames. You know what i’m saying let’s go: crazy, sheesh, okay, okay, he see him, he see him. He see him bro. You can do that little lean joint. That gun is cold, bro, okay, he locked in he locked in right. Now, damn hey my boys might have it. My boys might have it low heat. The frames is fluctuating like a mug bro. So you told me in this room: is it look like it’s like 180? It looks like 180.

Is the move in that room, so let’s put it on ultra now, um 180? Is this room a 40 frame difference yeah yeah yeah a 40 frame different looking in the same spot, i honestly don’t even see that big of a visual difference hold on. I want to say it was a big difference. Bro, i really want to say it was a big difference, but i don’t know like i never got down to that 138. That i’m looking at like. Never not once, i think i’ma just run low, because i don’t see that big of a visual difference and yeah. I don’t see that big of a visual difference and then the frames boost is crazy, like the frames boost is absolutely crazy. Let me leave yes i’m out here earning challenges. Bro, you know the vibes man, but i need some more practice to get good at this. Very slow pace for me i don’t really like slow shooting games, but i mean i think i get used to it and it could be a banker for me, but there we go that’s siege for everybody out there. That was wondering how the cyberpower pc plays it.