Listen, i got ta come real, quick and tell y’all how you can win and be a part of my 100 000 subscriber giveaway. You know i talked about it earlier. I got a lot of giveaways to give out and i want to tell y’all how you can win and be a part of this great great giveaway let’s talk about it, real, quick right now, let’s go first and foremost, i have to say thank you to you All all that are watching all that have been liking and commenting, subscribing and everything else over the last four years, like i said, i appreciate y’all. Secondly, i got ta give a huge shout out to all of my sponsors who i reached out to and who were kindly enough to give me. You know access to some of their products or their services and so let’s break it down. And let me show you exactly what it’s all being offered this year in my 100 000 subscriber giveaway from sure they are going to give away a free pair of aonik 50 headphones. You know the headphones that i’ve been using non, stop to edit and do all of my uh mixing and my editing and, of course, my casual listening with their anc headphones, they’re great headphones and i truly think sure, for offering up a pair of aeonic 50s. All right, y’all, quick update, i just heard from sure. Not only are they going to give one pair of aonik 50s they’re going to give three pairs of aeonic 50s.

So shout out to sure shout out for that update and uh yeah. We can give more and more so i’m. Just super thankful for sure next up is apogee apogee reached out and they said: hey we’ll be able to give away a free hype mic, as well as their clear mountains domain fx plug in. Thank you apogee. You know. I love the hype mic. You know that’s one of our go to’s for being on the go not only for vocals drums, but also for podcasting anything else. The hype mic has been amazing and i’ve been loving using it for the last couple of years. Up next ecamm said they would offer a one year subscription to ecamm live plus some of their merch as one of the giveaways for this bundle so yeah ecamm. Thank you so much. You know i’m using ecamm live anytime. I go live anytime i’m. Doing anything, virtual virtual learning, any type of zoom call any type of tutorial learning, one on ones: i’m using ecamm all the time, and so thank you. Ecamm and ecamm live for supporting this channel and giving away a one year free subscription to ecamm live. Of course, ik multimedia said: whatever you need henny, we got you just. Let us know what you would like to give your audience, and so, of course i want to give away a pair of the iconic i loud micro monitors, plus some of their auv 3 plug ins such as the mixbox cs, that’s such a good look when it Comes to mixing your audio using your mobile devices, like you, know your ipads and your iphones.

Thank you so much ik multimedia, because you know i’m using these eye louds right now. The micro monitors right here as well as i use their mixbox cs and other plugins. All the time, thank you so much ik multimedia steinberg, the makers of cubasis 2 cubasis 3, said they’d, be willing to give away five copies of cubase’s three plus five copies of their waves uh in app purchase. Uh. That gives you all their waves, plug in bundle. That’S built into cubasis two and three, so i thank you so much. I use cubasis all the time for my mixing, my editing, my you know, recording vocals and other things using cubases, as well as doing a lot of other mixing things when i need to on my ipad and so hey. Thank you so much steinberg. Thank you! Much! Q basis, team and uh yeah we’ll be giving away five copies of those i reached out to audient as well. They said they’d be willing to give away an id4 mark ii. Of course, i just reviewed that uh just a couple weeks ago and you know that’s my go to uh interface. I truly think it’s, one of the best audio interfaces for the money. So, thank you so much audient for being able to support us and give away to the community and id4 mark ii and, of course check that review up. I’Ll put it in the cards up top, so you can check that review out.

If you don’t know much about audience products, they have great products from the evo to the id system and i love the way the products been working in my setup so far. Thank you audience. I also reached out to sateshi. They said they’d be willing to give away some ipad accessories, and so i’m gon na pick a few, maybe four or five accessories, for you guys to be able to win whether it’s something like this charger. Where can charge your apple watch, you know, can charge. Multiple devices can also, you know, have wireless charging up top. I use this all the time when i’m on the go, or even like some of their portable usb type c. This is for the uh airpods, and this is for your apple watch or something like their keyboard or mouse will be able to give you some products from sateshi. So thank you, sateshi for providing some accessories for this community to be able to. You know level up. Your ipad, your ipad pro experience and uh yeah i’ve been using their products non stop for years. Thank you, sateshi. I also was hit up by intua the makers of beatmaker3 and they said: hey kenny, we’ve, always loved. The support that you’ve given beat maker and beat maker 3 were willing to give away 30 copies of beat maker 3. So, thank you so much to insua and the into a team, uh man, 30 free copies of beatmaker 3 is awesome.

Last but not least, is lumatouch. You know. Lumentouch lumafusion has truly taken this channel to a whole. Another level when i was just talking about mobile music production and trying to figure out the best ways to show my community how to make beats and how to do things musically on an ipad. It was lumafusion where i was showing people how to edit video. On my ipad that completely took a pivot to my entire channel, so i’m super thankful super grateful for lumatouch our partnership and all the things that we’ve been able to do together over the years. The honey luma touch mobile post production suite includes one ipad, pro 512 gigabyte ipad. Of course, one license of lumafusion one year subscription to storyblocks. That is an in app purchase inside of lumafusion one ipad keyboard, one lumafusion keyboard overlay from editor keys, as well as one seat for lumentouch’s upcoming training course, which will focus on how to use lumafusion for social media production. Of course, that lumitouch training series is coming up soon, so be looking out for more details about that but i’m telling you the ipad, the editor keys layout, the keyboard, the training course, of course, the subscription to lumatouch and a subscription to storyblocks inside illumitouch boom i’m. Telling y’all crazy crazy gifts coming your way. So how do you enter? How do you win it’s, very simple, just go to my website. Hennythebusiness.Com sign up for my newsletter that’s number one i’m going to be selecting winners from my newsletter as well as, if you sign up for my patreon any of the tiers, you will definitely be upping your auntie for one of these bigger giveaways, but that doesn’t stop There, because i already have promo codes for beat maker 3 for cubasis, 3 and also for ecam live.

So if you drop a comment down below on this video, tell me why you need beat maker 3 ecamm live or cubasis three. I already got those promo codes ready to go and i’ll do a random generator, so i can be able to give one of those out immediately, but i will be checking to make sure if you’re a winner, that i picked on my random generator, that you’re also Subscribed to the newsletter, i want to be able to give you guys as much information about what i got going on as possible. So please sign up for the newsletter and, if you’re feeling like supporting me even more look at my patreon channel and try out one of my tiers, i promise you we’re gon na get real heavy into patreon real heavy into supporting this community further and deeper this Year so i really want to get that started with a great amount of patrons that we can get going on in this new community on patreon and the winners for all the other giveaways will be announced when we unbox live the silver play button. When i receive it, hopefully that is very soon as well that’s about it wanted to just come back and tell y’all how you can win and be a part of this giveaway, and i look forward to giving y’all all of these products very very soon. And if i get more sponsors coming my way in the next couple weeks, i’ll be giving that away too don’t think it stops here because i’m always trying to give give give to make sure that y’all can get the knowledge and expertise.

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