Why dont you check out the links in the description below this video clicking on these links, cannot only give you a great discount off of your next VPN subscription, but clicking through these links also helps to support my channel the World Cup 2022. The biggest football competition on the planet is finally almost here in Qatar. From November 20 to December, 18, 32 teams will compete in eight groups. The first game is the hosts Qatar versus Ecuador at the albayat stadium, with kickoff at 4pm UK time now, before we get started on how you can watch every game for free comment down below who you will be supporting and who you think will win. I have a dedicated page on my website, viatvstix.com with all fixtures and kickoff times that will be updated with the results you can check it out for free, and you can find a link to that page in the description and pinned comment below no matter who you Are supporting there will be some fantastic matches, every game will be shown live across BBC iPlayer and ITV hub. Both of these services are geo restricted to users in the UK. So the first thing you need to be aware of is that to use these apps, you will need to either be physically located in the UK or use a VPN to change your internet location to the UK. I use nordvpn and if you want to use my recommended VPN check out the link in the description and pinned comment below if youre, based in the UK, search your app store for BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub to install them.

However, if you are outside of the UK, you can download both of these apps from my website and heres how, depending on your device, you can either go directly to my website, firetvstix.com and select downloads from the menu or you can use a short code to access. My download page using the downloader app if you dont, have downloader already install it from the Amazon app store by searching and installing it. If you are using the downloader app, you will need to give permission for downloader to install apps go into your fire. Stick settings! My Fire TV developer options install unknown apps and click on downloader to turn the permission on open, downloader and type in 28907. Then click go wait. A few seconds for my downloads page to load then press the menu button on your remote and press it again to enter full screen mode tap down the screen to view a list of categories then select the UK TV category tap down the list to find and Install both apps for this example Ill choose ITV hub on the next screen, move down. Until you see a blue download button that looks just like this, then click on it to install the app once installed. Click done, then, click delete and delete again to delete the installation file as its no longer required. You can then go into your app screen to find and open each app. You can now enjoy 12 Unforgettable days of action with every match in excellent quality and, most importantly, completely free.

I will, of course be cheering on England, hoping that Gareth southgates team can finally be the one that will repeat our 1966 victory. As always. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video dont forget to hit that Thumbs Up Button comment and subscribe to my channel, making sure that you turn on notifications, so you dont miss out on any of my latest releases. These small actions from you make a big difference to me and help to improve how YouTube recommends my videos to potential subscribers, and I truly appreciate your help.