Os 16.1 Apple has delivered that in the form of stage manager, Im Jason Cipriani and in this ZDNet how to video Im going to walk you through the basics of stage manager and what that means for your everyday use on an iPad Music. Alright, before we begin – and I show you exactly what stage manager is and how to use it, I need to clarify that stage manager isnt available on every iPad that runs iPad, OS 16.1. In fact, originally it was only going to be available on iPads that had the M1 Apple silicon processor, during the beta period, enough users complained and apple, opened it up to more iPad models. So, as of right now, stage manager is currently available on the iPad Air 5th generation, every 11 inch iPad Pro Model ever released, as well as the 2018 or newer iPad. Pro 12.9 inch model now theres a caveat to the caveat here in that the true external monitor, support that is coming in a future update to iPad OS 16, which allows you to connect your tablet to an external, Monitor and use more apps on that window is Only available on iPads that are powered by Apples, M1 processor, so thats, the newest iPad Pro or the more recent iPad Pro Models, as well as the 5th gen iPad Air. So theres there is some. You know leeway and caveats there all right. So what is stage manager well stage manager, allows you to run up to four applications or have four Windows of varying sizes on your iPads display at the same time and youre no longer using split view or slide over for this.

This is a completely new way and a new look, and you truly can resize windows and move them around its not as free flowing as it is on, say a Mac or even a Windows PC. But it is kind of cool to see it on an iPad, and now before I go any further, let me just say yes stage: manager is a hot mess right now, Im going to focus on showing you the basics of how to use stage manager, and let You come to your own conclusion on whether or not you like it love it hate it want to leave it or needs to just be redone altogether. If you ever run into me somewhere lets have a beer or some coffee well. Well, talk all things stage manager, but for the purpose of this video, this is just how to use it in its current form, right, so its its actually an optional feature. You have to toggle it on and off. If you want to use it so right now, I have this iPad Pro currently in traditional non stage manager mode stage manager is turned off to turn it on you swipe down from Control Center, and there is a stage manager button here and Im going to tap It and, as you saw there in the background, the Safari window shrunk and now I can use this as I would any normal Safari window and it is not taking up the entire screen on the left side here you can see recent apps that are quickly available To switch to just with the tap and thats cool it like that part of it I really enjoy using, I dont have to always swipe up.

You know multi finger swipe or swipe and hold from the bottom of the iPad in order to task or multitask love that part lets go back to this window here in the bottom right hand, corner of this window is a little handle its its a curved handle That you can press and hold with the trackpad or use your finger to resize the actual window, and you can go all the way to push the recent apps off the side or you could come in and go all the way to like. Basically, the size of an iPhone app now this isnt a pixel for Pixel resize adjustment, as you can see its snapping into place as I move, because there are some constraints here on the exact sizes and resolution that you can use or resize apps to. And if you go all the way down, it hides the dock. One quick gesture that I like using in stage manager. If I want this app if I want to stay in stage manager, but I want this app to go to full screen real quick. You just swipe down and bring it to the corner of the display now its in full screen, and I can swipe up and go back to a windowed version of it as well. You may notice that theres a multitasking button here at the top of the iPad app window, its a three dot icon, thats centered on all app Windows, once theyre open in there.

So when you click on it, youre, given some options, full screen does exactly what I just did by dragging the corner of the app to the corner of the display to make the app Go full screen while staying in stage manager. Add another window allows you to add another app or a window to your current stage. So if I select that it goes to the recent multitasking View – and you can then select something from there or bring up something from the dock or your app Library, minimize does exactly what it sounds like it minimizes that window in this case it minimized it into The dock into Safari and Im back on my home screen open that back up and now theres close close does exactly that. It closes the app out its no longer running and youre done with that app and ready to move on to something else all right. So I said you can use up to four apps at the same time of varying sizes and interact with all of them on the screen without having to bounce between different apps or multitask, and all of that, like you, currently do on the iPad, if youre not Using stage manager so Im going to show you how to add apps to your current stage, uh lets start with Im, going to go ahead and drag and drop music in resize that, because I dont need it to be huge, now notice, I cant I can move It around, but I cant just put it wherever, like theres still limits within stage manager, so youll have to fiddle around with it, just know that you can drag click and drag or tap and hold on the top bar of any app to move it around.

On your screen, so right so we have music there Im going to bring in IA writer, and then I am going to shrink that down maybe Ill move that to this side oop. It just shrunk off into the recent apps. So this is a good opportunity to show you how to bring in apps from your recent site. You just drag and drop there Im going to shrink it down and have it down over here. So I have Safari IA writer, music and then lets bring up tweetbot and Ill shrink it and put it down over here, and so in theory, I have four apps open on my iPads display right now that I can bounce between control. My music playback take notes, as I browse the web and every once in a while pop in over on Twitter and see whats going on there with its new owner thats a whole nother story right. So this is cool. This is you can do a lot here. There are some constraints as far as sizes and whatnot go. You can, if you really wanted to make a bunch of columns for apps and and have it as basically four really tall iPhone apps going across your screen. If you want um, there are keyboard shortcuts for stage manager Im using command W right now to close out some apps that I dont, or in that case, a tab that I dont really want all right. So I was just using command W to close out apps theres a couple other quick shortcuts.

You should know about, if youre, using a keyboard with your iPad, and that is, if youre, holding the globe key and hit f, it puts your current, whichever app or Windows in the foreground. It takes it to full screen. Now. You cant hit Globe key F2. Then take it back to the size it just was at. You have to manually resize it yeah all right. So if I wanted to add another app to this current stage and its over here on the recents, I could drag it that works, but I can also hold it shift and then click on it thats cool too, but if I shift and click on another app In the dock, doesnt add it, the same thing goes for spotlight or the app Library. You could only use certain shortcuts and certain spots and its its a mess at times so Im going to open the settings app instead, which yes, can also be used as a windowed, app and Im going to go to home, screen and multitasking. To show you a few extra features of stage manager and you can get to these in Control Center and Ill show you that here in a second as well, so all the way at the bottom multitasking stage manager is currently on. This is where you can turn it on or off. If you really want to go through all of that, instead of stage or accessing it from control center, but here is a good representation of what you can control as far as viewing your recent apps as well as your dock.

If you would rather have the dock and recent apps hidden whenever youre in stage manager, you can turn those off just by tapping these buttons. Here I prefer to leave the dock on, because I do drag a lot of apps up into a current stage in order to multitask and it just works for me better, but you can experiment with what works for you right here in stage manager settings now I Told you I was going to show you something for control center. That does the same thing. So if you swipe down for control center, there is Sage manager, toggle it on and off right. But if you long press on it theres that same menu, you can turn the dock off recent apps off. However, you want to do it and then, when you open your apps, the recent apps for now I have it disabled are no longer visible. However, I can swipe in from the left edge of the display to view those and then bring one up to the current stage or switch between stages if thats, what I want to do all right, so I tried to do my best to avoid commentary about stage Manager theres a lot of areas where, when it gets it right, for example, using the mail app and you reply and a new window pops out, it feels like youre using a computer of a future. However, as you saw some of my struggles here in this video stage, manager needs some work and it needs to be rethought out in a lot of ways as well.