As you can see over here, i have a windows, 10 laptop and an android phone, so now i’m just gon na project. The my windows 10 screen to the android phone, so first thing you need to do is open the link in the description. So when you open the link, it should take you to the mega drive. As you can see, it says, mega drive so just open that link Music and then there should be a file named as space decks and they should be nearly like. 20 25 mb. Just download that okay, after it’s done downloading, just open the file, as you can see, i have the space, so i’m, just gon na extract the file. Okay, if you don’t have access to the internet, you can just use this phone folder to download the apk. So anyways just open the windows, folder and then choose your system, architecture, Music. So to see what is your architecture just click on this pc and see on properties and over here on the system type? You should see 64 bit or 32 bit so minus 64 bit i’m, going to open that and install this application so i’m just going to install this Music okay! Now, when you’re done installing on the taskbar, you should see an application named as spacex driver. So before that make sure your internet connection is connected to the phone locally, so in my case i’m, using a hotspot of my phone and connected to your laptop, so it’s connected locally now just open the space text driver and then just just keep it running over There now on your android phone make sure the internet is still connected locally.

As you can see, my hotspot is still connected to the computer, now open the play, store and then type in space disk, and then it should take you to this multi monitor, display extension screen. So just install that – and after done installing just open that application, then you should see the desktop hp. So when you click on that, your phone should go into a black screen like this and it should take some seconds and then it should be connected.