This is micah, welcome back to my channel Music smartphone, but open random web browser at a search, android, cam, Music or punta hannan website at Then click and download windows client, then click android, compliant parameter download. After my download android compliant application will open at in parama installs, adding computer and click on next then i agree then. Next then, android usb support apple, usb support, android, cam client, then install sampage, install nitos, adding computer, then click finish. I enter customer install, android compliance, adding computer, and so so now they installed the manager. It was adding smartphone mega midi, nothing as web camera gaming and open that in a google play store on android and gaming apple, app, store, naman, kung apology, then search android cam then fill in android cam webcam for pc. Then click install smartphone una, gamiton, wireless or wi fi e bixby connecting smartphone and computers is some wireless network or wi fi superbanangawin, a open, android compliant mulasatti computer, a click and wi fi icon eco connect, nothing together. Wireless or wi fi tensor device id address. Android come up in your smartphone, then click start then stop. Then. Okay, then click on camera icons upon us, then pilling up front confront cameron, gaga meeting as webcam or back on your main camera and gaga meeting. Then click start the droid, cam client, mulasa computer, panama, connect Music, me, Music, Music, video, Music, gamiton and google. With a camera and adding smartphone the winner zoom needs a zoom, app fingerprint and arrow up icons that have been on video icon.

Then filly in android com source, ayan, gamit, smartphone, obs, obs software forgot the ion source the video capture device, then bahala nakayosa nintendo. Then click ok then set device filly in android com, source Music. Then okay, i am gummy than an obs and camera on an adding Music and adding smartphone, but i enable it off. Monta is a developer model, adding smartphone, kung hindi, enable and developer options smartphone to montana settings, then open about phone then go to software information. Then click build number and seven times: developer options, books and developer options at hanapping and usb debugging a on or enable nadine. Usb debugging then open the droidcam applications, adding smartphone that canon din’s, adding computer pulas a computer file in an usb icon. Then click on refresh icon, parallelobasan name naming smartphone.