It’S working straight over bluetooth, so let’s use this to log in as well. I will show the complete walkthrough with this phone right here. So let’s get right to it. Welcome back welcome back to my daily grind. Create yourself is what you’ll find me doing every day and every night no time to lose one day, one step in the right direction: i’m, chris and i’m. Only here to show you, if i can do it, you can do it too. Welcome back to the vlog. It is sunday another day and our chance to push hard and a topic for this vlog is how to use an android device as a bluetooth keyboard without server software and stuff, like that, and also you can use it as a mouse. So let’s get it by the way all the tutorials and life hacks are right here, watch them all, but before we get started, love goes out to all my subscribers. Thank you for making my love special and worth living to the max. So let me try to give back with a sweet, sweet video, so i had this problem. I got the new device, this new mini pc. I got tired of using the on screen keyboard. I also got this other tablet thingy with a keyboard, and i thought: hey. It’S an android device there just has to be a way to use this as a keyboard for this mini pc, the mini pc has bluetooth and for sure there was all of that is free.

So let me show you the best app that i found so far for this exact purpose. Let’S get right to it! For this demo. I will use this mini pc, that’s hooked up to my tv, so let’s turn it on, and i will use this android tablet. Oh that’s, perfect timing. As always, this is the mini desktop. If you’re wondering okay. Here we go here, we go. I just win those things, and this device, of course, has bluetooth integrated all right. Here we go so let’s open up the app let’s go to the settings, devices and click on use this device and, as you can see, it’s working right off the bat. Now i obviously paired this beforehand, and i will show you all of that. But now let’s continue with the demo, so let’s login, as you can see, it’s working straight over bluetooth boom. I can use the trackpad on the keyboard. I can use the keyboard itself and you can also do it with the with the touchpad search bar and you can just type stuff and it’s working pretty good, and now i will show you how to do it. I will show the complete walkthrough with this phone right here, so let’s get right to it, open up the play store and the app is called bluetooth, keyboard and mouse when you just type in bluetooth, keyboard, just bluetooth keyboard. This should do and it’s this one. On top boom, so some of the guys they complain that they need to reconnect from scratch every time, but so far i did not have this issue.

So let’s install this app and of course, when you do this the first time you need to hook up a usb mouse or something like that and use the on screen keyboard. But once you have it connected once, then it will work. Even when you start it up, as you saw so let’s open the app allow, and now we also need to our bluetooth – is active and location as well, so let’s go there. Let’S type in bluetooth, open up the bluetooth and other devices. Using this as a mouse is still a pin in the bot, but it’s perfect for a keyboard, but i like a dedicated bluetooth. Mouse is obviously way better but yeah. It goes without saying i guess: let’s click on add bluetooth or other device come on. Okay, that’s, better bluetooth, now it’s scanning and now in the app we click we need to click on, add device and then click on search device and then, as you can see, it already found it it’s the desktop and right here, it’s the it’s, a redmi note: 10 and i will click in the app on the desktop click on yes, allow. The pairing come on connection failed, let’s, try that again search device once more it’s the desktop. This time. I will click on pair here. First and now i will click on. Yes, connection. Succeeded: okay, so now we whoa now we actually have two. Both devices are working. As you can see.

I can move the mouse with this one and i can also move the mouse with this one, but now we’ve introduced a bit of lag at least on the tablet. Yeah. There is a bit of lag, so i will delete well. I will close this app. I’M. Now only going to use the phone and, as you can see here, you can confirm it it’s moving so that’s great so i’m, now using it as a mouse pad, as you can see right here close. Oh, my goodness, this is actually not too bad close that one as well. There is a bit of lag but it’s, even usable as a mouse that is funny okay, but the keyboard that’s. The interesting thing is up here: boom click on the keyboard, select your language, let’s go for the friend for the german layout, okay, let’s open up the search and let’s search for oh let’s. Go hello, that’s perfect, but let’s go for the ultimate test. Again. Let’S close this app oh rip. Now i can’t shut down the pc. I wanted to restart the pc, but i need to do it over the app of course, let’s open the app again. Oh and here we go it’s back online let’s go for the ultimate test. Let’S restart this pc controlling it over the app actually and now let’s close the app as well as you can see. All apps are closed. Will it work with the phone as well from a restart let’s find out so let’s open up this app again? Oh, my goodness and it’s immediately connected, so this phone has a higher bluetooth version.

I think it’s 5.0, while this tablet right here, i think it’s like something for four plus or something like that. If i remember this correctly, it connected automatically. That is awesome, so let’s use this to log in as well and hit enter boom. Damn that is so cool and again you can use both simultaneously. I know that’s that’s great to know but yeah. This concludes my little tutorial right here. So, as you saw in my case, everything worked out perfectly fine. Even when i turn on the pc login, i just need to click on connect on the android device, and then i can instantly use the keyboard, login and it’s like it’s, perfect, no server, software, recom required and it’s, free and yeah. You can also use it as a mouse. You can use the trackpad. I was just into the keyboard stuff, but yeah anyways. I hope this was helpful. It helped me a ton but yeah that’s it for this one smash the like button. The way you will smash yourself when you buy a bluetooth keyboard before watching this video, bring them to never miss tutorials and live hacks and check the reason news on and that’s it.