I just got this today: Im gon na Im gon na put this white thing on my watch, its a V Tech tablet. What you can really do with it is you can Music, so you can just gon na. Do my camera, my camera, Music or number to take a picture letter A and were gon na? Do the number one one Music, foreign or number here Im not going to do them all? Okay, but then were gon na? Do my team, my my piano press, the piano keys to play Music? Well, this this press, the piano its a repeat button. This is like to change the backlight color. This is off, but were gon na move. Backlight on you can change. Volume, like were just all the way, press the piano keys to play Music. Wait: okay were gon na, do planning fun Music. Should we go halfway? Yes, we should Music, two three, three, four five one, two three four five well without further Ado, were gon na. Go to settings all of the settings is like you could just you just turn off the side. Lights turn off the side. Light itd be okay to go to the next setting. I can change this, no matter. How, like you want it lets go. You can even change the music on move the slider or press an activity button to play, see my camera safe. So I used to do all you do in something its like to this Music with letters whats this one, you guess what letter is hiding press the arrow button to see the letter press that so try to look behind it.

You can do the arrows to look but me to any better buttons. Music. Okay were just gon na go to the puzzle. The puzzle watch closely its a drums press, the arrow buttons to solve the puzzle. Then press, ok, just hit the arrow keys left. All right works theres only one of them um everything. The puzzles are correct in this okay button drum were more with it, but Im only gon na do one wait. We need to build a bridge Im gon na Im gon na make it light regular life. She cant, because you cant, make dark its gon na make this time. If you try to do that, Im gon na make it light its gon na Back the Water Bridge ladder Bridge. He needs it sent card to the right one, fine, the missing letter that completes the bridge press, a letter to answer or press the arrow button. So youre trying to do this RF you can just use these arrow keys were just gon na do to find r s. Then you find T T you built the green bread, p Music. We need to build a bridge Im gon na do one with the arrow keys. I prefer you not using those, but you cant. I bet its kind of cheating like just move it around. You can see the arrow key. They work, of course, get because its okay, Music, okay, were not gon na. Do this next one word: the word party fun got turtle.

Can you find my third perhaps a letter to answer or practice? I cheat try and find the T and youre gon na cheat. Youre trying to do this necklace with letters – hey turtle, Music s, Im not going to cheat for any of these cheats. Oh Ill show this Ill show this one Music. The first letter missing just find the picture play a question game. Do you like swimming or bowling press the arrow button to choose, then press? Ok, oh you can just choose my first fourth bowling Music. I like swimming more Im hungry. Do you like oranges? Well, I do leave it down below in the comments. If you like oranges, great me too, Music, no Im, fine, you help me find it leave something in the comments to help him find his toy, but yes, or no. If youre gon na help find his toy Im gon na help, him lets see, look there. It is, you, are a smart pal were just gon na go to my calendar, my calendar Music press, the arrow buttons to look around. Then you can just Sunday well Sunday, not Sunday, its Saturday Saturday, the sway in the park, Music, foreign, Music, great Sunday. Well, thats. All were gon na do were gon na do number Bridge number Bridge. We need to feel the bridge Pikachu. Okay, so 12. were gon na dip. So this will be six seven eight, but there it is. There are soup.

You can see the six Im gon na press it I watch watch on here, you built the bridge its gon na Grace. Do this fix seven eight? We need to build a bridge, find the missing number that completes leave this one in the comments, if you know show up, because I want you to guess in the comments Music, thanks, Music put in the comments you remember it put in the comments, its right, one, Its right Austin – I just does this numbers now I use now Im gon na. Do the left Arrow. You can even use it to go the wave left to the right Music. If you could just do that, and you can also do it right to the left. Its gon na hit okay, one Im wasting time. You Music, you and now its time for this four or less leave this one in the comments, if you know which ones which side you know, which one is fewer but left or right, okay, okay, well, Im gon na show it, but if you remember put in The comments TV is left or right. I told you left or right. I hit okay, Music, nice. Try but yeah did you get it wrong, see it tells you the answer. He told you, it tells you the answer. Im gon na show you Im gon na. Do this one which side has okay so were just gon na hit this and then its okay, cool, okay, which side has more um, were gon na? Try the numbers! Okay, see if it repeats it repeat: Music, so were gon na try theres ten, so were gon na hit this 10.

no Im going to tell you the number two fun lets count together: Music press the number to answer or press the arrow buttons to choose. Then press, ok, one one Music lets count together: okay and were gon na air ones. You guys do left or right. I got tall zero four one, two three four great ones: Im gon na put in the comments, youre gon na guess what are new numbers rid of this Im saying more see just says: V, tech, everybody, wait, wait, side, lights, j, k, l m n, o p Q, r s t u v, w x, y and z, eight, nine and ten okay. This is just all the numbers and letters bye, bye by my my friend. True just this is the screen. This is the V Tech logo got your side Delight. Im gon na flip. This over hes got your speaker, another VTech logo. This is the ones when you take it out of the box. You turn these and thats what its in it has SCC rules, batteries, poo and then you have the episode screws there to open it up in case its broken and he stands. So you can do it on a table, so you can so its so its so its on it. So you can use it on the table. People, but – and this is a slider – this is settings, so you can change the settings. You can the first one you can do is do left or right to turn.

You can just hit any of them to turn on and off this side. Lights least this at least light. Like I told you see it changes color when you turn it on spiders. No open open settings application watch left on off on off on were gon na. Do this one next one: okay, wheres the screen! Whats this you can. You can even change the music or impress them its gon na.