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Remember when i continue supporting the channel. All you got ta do is, like all my videos share. My videos comment all my videos and, if you still haven’t done so hit the subscribe button enable bell notification, so you get notified every time. I drop great videos like this one or when i go live and trust me guys. You never ever want to miss a thing all right guys, so today’s video is going to be a very quick, easy tool you could use for your setup at home. As you see, this is my second setup. I have it right next to my bed, because i have no other place to put it. So i put it next to my bed and, as you can see, it’s just one piece one tower and one monitor that’s all it is. I got nothing else but there’s times that i need a second monitor when i’m doing stuff. I want to go and buy another model for two reasons. Why? Because i don’t have the space that’s the main reason. Second, this is just a secondary pc. This is nothing special for right now later on down the road i’m gon na need a second monitor, but i’m gon na have more space and i’m gon na actually gon na be using this a lot more, but for people that don’t have the budget to buy A second monitor or don’t want to get a second month. They like the single, monitor setup, but they only use a second monitor for once in a blue.

Then this tutorial is great. For you all right, let’s say you have a single monitor, set up you’re all set. Now you you need to do something like let’s say you want to stream and you, oh, you need a second monitor at this time, but you don’t have a second monitor. So what are you gon na? Do all right? I’M. Pretty sure everybody has this in the home. Maybe you don’t, but if you do, you just grab one of these it’s a tablet android or ios. This all works i’m using my old tablet, because this also works perfect for me, because i don’t need a big second monitor if i’m streaming on this or i need to set them up just to monitor some things. So this will be perfect. So this is a ipad 2.. This came down came out in 2012 or 11. Something like that. I forgot what year it came out, but this is old. I don’t even use this anymore, like i found it in my drawer, my storage of all electronics. I’M. Like wait, maybe i could use a second monitor for this when i’m streaming great idea, so for so, if you want to connect this or any other tablet, whether it be ios, like i mentioned, or android i’m going to show you how to use this. As a second monitor for free, yes, you heard this correct for free, so all you’re going to need is a tablet.

If you already have one, if you don’t, then you shouldn’t be watching this video, but you have a second tablet. You you want to use it for streaming once in a blue. All you got ta do is download our app here, install software here and you’re all set and make sure you have the cable available to hook it up to the computer and then that’s it and i’m going to show you the software we’re going to be using All right, so the software we’re going to be using is going to be the same one we’re going to use on the tablet as an app and on the computer, and this is from the company splashtop it’s a splash start software on the tablet is going to Be splashtop x, display i’m going to show you what the icon looks like, so you guys can see so icon right there. You see there’s a monitor and then there’s like a tablet or phone icon there. So it’s basically saying it’s, usually an extension right there. All right and now i’m gon na go ahead and use it i’m gon na bring it up on my computer. So you guys can see what i’m talking about all right guys so right here, i’m gon na go and bring up the website and that’s the website. Right there, the only reason i’m doing it this way, because it’s easier for me to do instead of trying to screenshot it and show you everything like this, so basically, as you can see, they have a mac version and they have a pc version.

So all you’re gon na have to do is download the pc version. If you click download open it up here, open it up and then let it install give me the option to install it, and you just follow the prompt to install it. I already have it installed i’m going to cancel this right here, because we don’t need this, and once you install it, then you’re all set up on the pc side. You don’t have to do anything else on the pc side. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to hook up the ipad to the computer, and so i have a cable already ready, as you can see, there’s a cable right there next to the mic, i’m, bringing it closer. So you guys can see, see that’s the 32 pin cable for the ipad because it is the ipad 2. So let me go ahead and get myself situated on from the computer and show you how everything works all right guys. So i have my tablet here: i’m gon na plug it in once it’s plugged in you can set it down. However, you want, if you have a mount, you can put it on the mount. Whatever you want to do i’m gon na open up the app and as you can see, it’s popping up here, the ipad is attached, so you’re good there. So you know sometimes you’ll get a notification on your ipad telling you you need to trust the computer.

Go ahead and trust it because sometimes, if you don’t trust, it’s, not gon na work, um or your tablet is gon na. Ask you to get permissions to connect with each other. Just give the permissions you’re all set. You open up the app here and it’s going to connect. It connects right away. It displayed right down here. It says wire x, display it showed up right in about i don’t know you saw that fast enough, but showed up there as long as you install the program on the computer and you’ve run it for the first time you open it just let it run in The background you also you don’t have to do anything else, so, as you see my ipad change, so when i click on the app it shows, let me bring it closer. Let me see if i can bring it closer about. You can see that my home screen here. Let me bring this down here so i’m, going to bring down this website. You see my home screen there it’s the same one as right here same one. So before you move start moving anything i always suggest double check. Your app so we’re gon na open up the app i’m gon na open up x display yeah right there i’m going to open it up and when you first open it up for the first time, you’re going to get this menu right here you got your settings Here your advanced settings and about the only thing i suggest you to change is the frame rate and the quality.

You have three options. You got low normal high. I keep them high uh. If your computer starts acting up or figuring, i suggest you mess with the settings there, but if you have a decent computer, then you’re fine, i keep mine that high and if you go in advance it lets you enable auto launch. So when you turn on the computer, it launches the app for you automatically, so you don’t have to keep opening it so you’re good there. We leave that there enable mirror mode this. Basically, all you’re going to do is mirror whatever’s on this screen onto the screen. We don’t want that so we’re going to keep that unchecked and if there’s any updated servers it’ll give you the option to update it, but since it’s grayed out there’s no update at this time, because i just downloaded it today, all right so we’re good to that. So we’re going to close this down, we don’t need it now after you set that up and you’re done with that you’re happy. What you want to do is right. Click on the home screen go to display settings and you’re gon na get this menu. Here. I don’t know why it did that for me, but whatever so, normally you would have to define which one is your ipad and which one’s your screen. I know this is my ipad as a smaller than my main screen, but if you don’t know just go hit, identify and i’ll give you a number on each screen, which window is this, so this just shows windows 2 here, as you see, windows 2 right there.

So, however, you have a display on your ipad at or your tablet. You put you put it there i’m going to keep it here, i’m, not going to get the amount i don’t need it. I can keep it right here on the desk, because this is just to monitor stuff when i’m streaming. If i need it so i’ll keep that one there. So what i’m gon na do i’m just gon na keep this right in the middle on the bottom here. So now, when i hit apply, oh if i scroll down my mouse goes right here and if i go up it goes there. So now i go right or left there’s, nothing. I can do left or right because there’s no monitors there so up and down. So it acts as an extended version of the screen. So now, if i run the obs let’s, say i’ll open up obs here i think i i loaded it down here so just to test it out. Okay and load it up here, you see it’s loaded up here. What, if i’m doing a live gaming streaming, and i want to display my screen on here so i can play. I also want to be able to see my obs. So if i need to change anything around the obs settings, i can change it. So what i do is, i have the second screen now. I can move this down here and, as you can see, this is a perfect size for me to be able to see what’s going on on my obs settings to make sure everything’s running right and another thing is, i can move stuff around with the mouse like.

I mentioned, but one thing i learned while using this app, at least with this app there’s other apps. You can use to do this, but with this app i actually could move the mouse and tap things with the touch screen here. So if i move here just to display it better i’m gon na i’m gon na copy my home screen on top all right. So this is my my live screen when i’m using um obs so let’s say i want to change the light screen to my ending screen. I i click on that boom. It changed. I i did it. I didn’t use the mazda keyboard. I just touched it on my hand, see my hand i’m gon na change the screen again a little live chat screen transition. I can use the touchscreen off the tablet to change it on there as well. So this you can actually whatever you have on here. You can touch clean it with the with right tablet: that’s awesome, guys, that’s, really that’s. All i wanted to show you today, i’ll leave a link down below or where you can get this for your computer, so you’re gon na have this. Hopefully, you enjoyed this and this review of this great app how to set up a tablet as a second, the monitor or even a thermal or heavy monitors you have. This could be an extra one to the side. If you want to run little things on the side there, you go guys all right guys if you enjoyed this video and everything i had to show you today go ahead and give me a big old thumbs up.

Show me all the love and support you guys, love to show the channel also don’t forget to hit that share button, because sharing is caring and we want to make sure everyone’s aware of this great software to use as a second monitor and also guys, if you Still haven’t done so to the end of this video make sure you hit the subscribe button, enable bell notification, so you get notified every time. I drop great videos like this one or when i go live and trust me guys. You never ever want to miss a thing until next time.