Okay, so today, i’m going to be showing you something really cool, uh it’s. How do we turn our laptop into a drawing part? So use a drawing pad basically to draw, as the name suggests, so you could draw ranging from whatever from paintings down to animations to cartoons whatever it is that you want to draw and then but these things can be quite expensive and then so. You need to be creative and look for ways of actually getting what you want with the little resources that you have available yeah and then so, how do we turn our laptop into a drawing part? It might not be as efficient as a drain pad, but it it can be close to that and do the work that we want it to do for us and then the tool that we’re going to use of the secret that we’re going to use is a Pen, yeah just a pen, okay. So what is special about this pen is that you could get this pen in the store, but some sell it for 10, some for 25. So any store you go to so what’s sensitive about what’s unique about the pen. Is this portion of it here you see, so that makes it what uh sensitive amen, uh, that that’s that’s? What actually allows you to put your hand on the pen and then the charges from your hand, flows into the pen, and then you are able to put it on the torch part, and then it works just as if you are putting your finger.

So when you put your finger on the touch pad uh, it is sensitive enough to detect that okay, this is this is this is this, is this is a there is a finger or this hand? This is something that charges are flowing through. Okay. So let me move the mouse according to how the the finger moves it so the same thing that this does for you so it’s, acting like a pen for you, it’s, acting like your finger, but not in a pen version. So you could actually do some drawings on it, so you see it even works. Um with even i don’t know, if you seen this even works with the phone, so you go do the same thing. So the same thing, i’m, doing with my hand in that i’m moving my hand, is the same thing that i’m also doing with the with the phone. So you see so it works perfectly well, so you could use this and then try to do some cool drawings. Here so if you know it’s difficult for you to afford the converse that you can use to draw for the painting materials you could switch into this, just have a pen have your laptop that has a touch button. Obviously, most laptops have a touch pad and then uh you just start drawing, and then the software that we’ll be using is just imp. You could use krita it’s, a painting specially made for painting and also some bit of animation here but it’s more for painting and then it doesn’t draw, and but i prefer game it works smoothly with the pen.

You know the pen is not actually meant for that, but it works well with it and um. You could even use the microsoft paint to do some cool drawings. But you know, as you progress, you need something more advanced. So game is a free version of photoshop. So if you know you can buy the photoshop or you can afford it, you can just use you can switch to it does exactly what photoshop can do. Basically, okay and uh, so let’s hop into it and i’ll show you some of the cool stuffs that we can do. It bear in mind i’m still, atlanta, so i’m, still working on painting and drawing so in using the using those because it’s, not that the same as actually drawing with a pencil or with a pen or something like that, but uh we go into it. Okay, hi guys uh. Let me just take you quickly through how i use the pen. So this this is the jazz pen, so you just have to put it over the touch pad and then just start drawing. Oh sorry, i was paint painting you take it to the. Let me select the pen the brush too, and then you just start drawing whatever you want to draw. You see. Okay, so you can use your hand to move out the castle. So if you don’t want to click on the join or you can even use this to move the cursor too and then, if there’s somewhere, you want to draw it just start the drawing whatever it is, so that’s that’s, just how i use it so, but you Can also use your hand then to press the to move it so i’m, using my other hand, to hold the camera so it’s difficult.

So you could press the echo right. You could left click and then draw so that you have like, so you have more control, but you could also do it anyway. It’S gon na work so that’s just it so let’s move into some drawing okay. I was just doing this before we started the tutorial. Yeah i was feeling sleepy, i was feeling sleepy, so i just decided to do this. I don’t want to sleep yet so uh let’s move into the tutorial. Thank you, hello. There. How are you doing uh today, we’re gon na? Do something really cool that is tutorial. We’Re gon na do some drawings and uh. If you watch the previous section of the video, i showed you how to use the how to use the pen – and this was just some of the things i was doing quickly today and uh i’m – not a perfect painter, but the what i’m trying to portray out Here is just that um. You can use the laptop to do painting as if you were doing the painting real life on the canvas so that’s it so, and you practically just you don’t even need to get a converse. You don’t even need to buy paint. You don’t need to buy the oil and all of those you just need a single pan and it costs like 25 dollars and you all have to open. Then you can start doing the train and uh i’m using uh where’s.

It yeah where’s, the icon, okay. So this is the icon. This is what i’m using to do. Oh sorry, this is what i’m. This is what i’m using to do, the drawings, so game it’s. It works much smoother with the with the with the laptop and Music. I did this with krita yeah, but i’ve deleted the creator off. So i don’t have this this this this this painting again. So so what we can do is just create something new create a new file, just ctrl n. Oh, you got so currently i’m using the pen to move the corso i’m, not even using my finger. So just a new. There are different templates, you could choose, but you could also just go with the default size, this size of a website. In fact, the webpage dimension – okay, so we have the brush here. These are the brush tool. This is the paint tool and that’s the eraser. You may have to use this tree most of the of the time, so i just use this area to practice. Then later once you’re comfortable with this, then you move into a much more advanced application like um, like moho, where you can do your drawings or tune blooms or even flash, and then you try and animate some cool stuffs and uh. So that’s it. So you, you click the pen and then you could choose to do whatever you want to do, but you could go to the color.

Just click on this palette here and change the color to black complete black here and then we could just start our drawing. You see so i’m um i’m, not um using the pen now, so you see so i’m just giving an overview quickly of what you can do. I’M, not even clicking the the i’m, not even left clicking or anything. So if i want to select, i just double click to continue with the drawing. If i don’t want to do, i just move the cursor without pressing it without double clicking, and then you just move around with them. So we have that. We have something simple like that see, so we could go to the color. Give this a give it a call and then just click on it. Yes, you see how that you gave it some uh. So i don’t know if there are people with yellow here, so there you go there, you have it. So this is just a quick, quick drawing okay, so we have that there. So you see how the previous color here just like that one and then paste that out there go back to the drawing and select the black color and then okay, so it’s up to you what you actually want to do, what you’re looking for! So you could. These are the types of brush types you have so you can come here. Is it here and then you can increase the size of the brush, see oh, it looks too hard, so you can reduce the force and the hardness see.

So if you want to draw something, maybe the portrait something out – i don’t even know what i’m doing now, but we’ll see how things turn out and um let’s see maybe green i’m thinking of a palm tree. I don’t know i should have used the green color or something like that. Well, i’m, just doing this so that you see it how it blends with the way you paint and it works perfectly well and i should have selected the color before Music. Okay, leave a comment down. What do you think this is because i don’t even know what i’m drawing um so that’s it? Okay let’s increase the hardness that’s too much, so this gives a little bit of blurriness to it. So you could apply these. Perhaps when you drain something at night and then gives us this kind of mood that makes it so so it depends on your imagination and then you could go with something really cool, so you can see the errors, the these parts that need to be cleared off. It’S quickly, so to give you an overview of what you do so as you go and you can choose to okay, so it’s left to you to decide how you explore and then what you want, what you’re trying to paint out to the people or what you’re Trying to illustrate to the the message you are giving out to people and then it just it depends on you, okay, so to have an individual that’s.

Okay, so it will just. It will depend on the message you’re trying to portray out. What exactly are you trying to say or what exactly are you trying to portray out with the with the drawing you have you just just made and so i’m gon na leave here and then you can go on an explorer, so you just need to get a Pen and then you can do the drawing let’s see so currently i’m doing all of this in one layer, but i should have created a different layer see so that our work doesn’t interfere with the others, so you could have have different layers, so it makes work Much more interesting and but i’m putting everything one layer, so so that’s it. So you have this, so it just depends on you. You have an idea that you want to portray out of people drooping. You have an idea that you want to portray out and then go for it, so so in subsequent tutorials, uh we’ll be doing some animation with this, so we draw some figures and animate them. Okay, so watch it for our next tutorial. Next tutorial will be we’ll. Continue with our prototyping of the google chrome using adobe xd, so it don’t forget to subscribe and share share the video subscribe. Rather than share the video with your fellow friends and uh. You can check us on facebook, too, that’s blessing john sergey so till meet again. Some other time, thank you so much for your time.

Thank you for staying with me. God bless you bye, please! If you really love this video feel free to subscribe to our channel as we’ll, be posting more videos. Don’T forget to hit the subscription bottle. Uh the like button and also feel free to share that with your other fellow friends, so that they could get it and learn something and then start to bring out the portion in your many love to draw. But they don’t have the means of actually drawing or putting that putting that skill into practice. So this is a very good adventure. Just get a pen, you have a laptop start during the drawing simple as that.