I want to look good when Im talking to co workers and colleagues well Apple, finally decided to do something about it. With the latest update to Mac OS and Mac OS Ventura, and now you can use your iPhone as a webcam and it looks really cool and its absolutely easy to use and its just amazing, Im, Jason Cipriani and in this ZDNet. How to video Im going to show you how easy it is to set up and use your iPhone as a webcam using a new feature called continuity camera. This is cool. This is a really cool feature and the first time you use it, you may even accidentally trigger it. Youre gon na have a whoa moment. I I promise you, or at least I did a few times, but so what you need to do? Theres theres really no setup you you need to take in order to get this to work, but I will show you one thing that you do need to do in order to ensure that your iPhone and your Mac can communicate with each other. Obviously, you need to be on the same Wi Fi network, for both devices you need to be signed into the same iCloud account and apple does require that you have two factor authentication enabled in order to use continuity. Camera, which is an extra security feature that you should already have enabled you have. It enabled right enable it now all right so with all that out of the way double check this on your iPhone go into go into the settings, app go to General airplane, handoff and then theres an option here for a continuity, camera make sure thats turned on Thats it all right, so this is where the magic and the fun happens in order to use this literally, all you have to do is either start open up photo booth.

If you want to test it, which is a map thats built app thats built into your Mac or the next time, you start a FaceTime call or Zoom it automatically works so heres. What Im going to do Im actually going to switch to photo booth and right now you can see that my webcam here is active right, so thats whats actively being if I was on a call thats what I would see. So I am going to hold my phone near my Mac and Im going to scroll down and or go to the menu option, camera and then select iPhone 14 pro Max and magically magically. Now my iPhone is my camera, and so you can see theres quite a big difference in quality here, but thats. Not all you can do with this right. So that looks good and if this was in Zoom or WebEx here lets go to zoom, okay, so Zoom preferences Im not going to start a zoom call right now, because nobody wants to be recorded on Zoom. Truly, you can see the camera is already set to my 14 pro Max, but you dont want to hold your phone like this, the entire time or prop it up or you know, do something weird with it. So you can stay in the shot, so Belkin and apple partnered, and they created this little doohickey, this little Gadget uh. That is, I think, its 25 or 30 dollars it uses.

Magsafe goes on the back of an iPhone 12. iPhone 13 or iPhone 14. Anything that is Meg safe, compatible and has a little ledge here, and so what it does is you could actually prop it up right above your horrible webcam that is built into your Mac, and now you have what is a very, very technically Advanced, looking webcam. On top of your webcam right, so as you can see its streaming from one of those cameras there, but you can change how it looks and to do that. What you need to do is pull up control center in the menu bar and then theres. This video effects option here so go ahead and click on that, and here are all of the options you have available to you that make the camera look even better, so Im going to turn them all off and you can see what it looks like and actually I kind of prefer the way this looks. I think it looks pretty good with everything off, but so theres Center Stage Center Stage is that cool fun feature that keeps you in frame As you move around? If people were to join me in this call, they would it would zoom out if they leave it zooms in its pretty fun feature, portrait mode adds a little blur effect, so Im going to turn off center stage. Hopefully that helps so its like youre. Taking a portrait photo photo, you can see everything around me is a little blurry.

Now toggle it pretty cool Studio light. If you have horrible Lighting in your office, where youre constantly on your video calls Studio light is pretty cool, I can see the use for it at times. It looks very, very fake though, so you know I dont be that person on a call with totally fake uh, never mind be that person. Who cares all right, so you can adjust quite a bit here but theres another option. I want to talk about real, quick, and that is called desk view now, when Apple demonstrated this and it originally announced Mac OS Ventura desk view, looked really cool Im not really sold on it anymore. What it does is it uses the ultra wide angle, camera on your iPhone if it has one to create a view, a top down view of your desk that you uh can then broadcast broadcast on your call in case you are lets, say, uh doing a Hands On demonstration of something so heres a pair of air pods right, I need to show them off on the call. This is cool. This is fun, but wouldnt it be nicer. If I could just point, you know have my hands on my desk. So what you need to do is you adjust the size of where your desk is but see if I can get it just right: uh, yeah, okay, that looks kind of good and then Im gon na start desking you! So if I was on a zoom call right now, they would see both of these feeds um and then I could sit here and then show off the airpods, but it looks really warped and it just doesnt look all that great uh yeah theres.

Some work to be done here on desk view Apple, but hopefully you know next year, maybe all right. So what happens when youre, using your iPhone as a webcam? And you get a phone call on your iPhone that it doesnt vibrate thats, good news, it doesnt vibrate and fall off the mount or whatever, in fact its a very subtle notification that you receive. If you get a get a phone call so right now, I am using in a hypothetical Zoom call Im using the iPhone as a webcam and Im going to call it from another number. I have and youll see here very gently in the top right corner. Theres, an incoming call alert. So if I click on that, nothing happens, but I can then answer the call and it pauses the video camera or the webcam continuity camera feature and then once I hang up and put this back and actually once I hang up it automatically switches back to the Phone as a webcam, so its pretty seamless, so as you can see, continuity, camera works really well its really easy to use the first time you accidentally trigger it. I promise you youre going to have a whoa moment. I I definitely have – and I know a few of my friends have as well – you dont have to plug in your phone to your Mac, but its a good idea to connect it to a charger. If youre going to be on a call for a long time or using it as a webcam for a lot during the day, just because you dont want to end up with the dead iPhone later in the day, all right for more Tech tips.

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