org. Thank you for joining me here for another video today we’re going to talk about switching from iphone to android. Are you looking to do that? Well, if you are, there are some things you absolutely must know and should do to make the transition as painless and headache free as possible. I’M gon na walk you through it. Follow me: let’s, go Music! Hey! If this information helps you, please consider hitting us with that thumbs up hitting that subscribe and hitting that notification bell, so you’ll be notified when we release the latest content now, first things: first you’re going to want to go to your computer, whether it’s a mac or Pc and create a google account after you’ve done that you’re going to want to go into your iphone and turn off imessage you’re going to want to turn off imessage and facetime, because apple’s imessaging facetime, which we typically connect with text messaging, actually goes through apple servers. So when you switch to android you’re no longer going to have that feature and you’re not going to get your text messages from your friends who have iphones and are sending you text messages, so you’re going to turn that off and then you’re going to send or Have your friends with iphone? Send you some text messages you can send them to them. First, with if a message and facetime turned off and make sure that you can get those messages, if you’re receiving those messages, you’re good to go we’re going to move on to the next steps.

Music i’m going to give you a couple different methods for doing this. Next series of steps – and that is syncing your contacts and syncing your calendar. There is a way to sync each separately, but we’re, going to start off with your one: stop shopping, one method to sync: both your contacts and your calendar. So what you’re going to want to do is install google drive on your iphone open the app log into your google account because you’ve already created it right, tap settings then backup pick what you’re going to want to back up then go ahead and start that back Up i’m, going to recommend that you do this connected to wi fi, because if you’re on your cellular, it may take a while to uh sync everything or back everything up. If you have a ton of contacts and calendar entries so go ahead and turn everything on and once you’re finished sign in to your google account on your new device on your android device and make sure everything. Is there Music you’re going to go into your iphone and you’re going to hit that settings menu and then in settings you can go ahead and scroll down to mail in the top where it says, accounts go ahead and tap on accounts. Now, what you’re going to do is add account, go ahead and add that gmail account to that list of accounts and once you do that, go into the account and make sure your contacts and your calendar sync is turned on once you’ve done that go ahead and Again make sure you’re connected to wi fi.

When you do this, go ahead and let uh all your contacts and calendars sync up to gmail, then jump back on that new android phone and make sure all your contacts are there. One thing that you need to know when doing this is your iphone actually does not give you a status bar or anything to note when your contacts or calendar are fully synced to your gmail account. So again, like i said you want to pick up that android device or if you haven’t yet go ahead and go into gmail on your desktop or laptop or tablet, go into that gmail account. Look at your contacts. Look at your calendar make sure everything is synced up. There. Don’T worry about duplicate contacts, if maybe you had a gmail account before, because there’s a simple function in gmail to merge contacts that will allow you to deal with those duplicated contacts Music. Now, what? If you have a bunch of files on your imac or your your macbook pro or your iphone, that you want to move over to um your android to google drive because there is no icloud on google’s platform or for android. Well, what you’re going to do is really easy: you’re going to go to your laptop or computer or your phone and make sure icloud is turned on and that it’s syncing documents syncing things and again, if you’ve stored stuff on your desktop or laptop computer, and you Want to make sure all that stuff is moved over as well again, if you’re on mac you’re just going to turn on icloud and make sure it syncs and all the folders and different things you want to have access to are in your icloud drive.

Then what you do is download google drive onto your desktop for your laptop or your desktop computer. You download that and then what they do is they show up as folders on your laptop or desktop with that done now you can just grab everything in your icloud drive, folder and drag and drop it into your google drive folder, thus duplicating all that material, and Now you’ll have it available to you in the google drive app on your android device or on your windows pc. If you put, google drive on that as well, Music and last but not least, samsung has something called samsung smart switch, which will allow you to actually move data from an old device to a new device. In this case, you can actually choose iphone as one of the options to move your contacts, calendar and other data from the iphone text. Messages to your uh, your new device, your new android device, keep in mind some things aren’t going to transfer over uh, but this is a really good, really fast way to move your contacts text messages calendar from your iphone into your android device. Oneplus also has a switch uh device and google’s pixel pixel switch is also available, so you can use a bunch of these different apps, actually switching apps to move all your data from one place to the other Music. Keep in mind that when you’re switching from iphone to android, there are a lot of apps that are iphone only apps.

There are a lot of apps that are android only apps in this case, if you’re moving from iphone android be prepared that you may have to buy some of your apps again, because apple’s app store is separate and completely different from the google play store. So you’re going to need to purchase some things. This is why i’m always a big fan of services over apps like evernote, or remember the milk, because they’re available as a service on all your devices, for instance, evernote, has an ios app, an android, app, a mac app and a windows app. So, no matter where you go using evernote and evernote is a note taking app that is similar to google, keep or apple notes or microsoft, onenote, similar to all of those but it’s ubiquitous across mobile computing platforms. So you’re able to have the app on any of those platforms, so you definitely want to know and keep in mind that you may have to buy some apps. So as you’re doing your research, hopefully you’re doing it before you move from one device to the next see what apps you use. The most then find what their equivalents are and go ahead and go over to android and pick those up. If you have any questions about that, you can always ask me in the comments: hey toshaka what’s, a great equivalent app for this particular app that i use on ios and i’m switching to android, or vice versa.

If you’re moving from android to ios, you can ask that same question, and i will do my best and i’m sure the community will as well in the comments below to help. You find a really good alternative or some options for you. That is switching from iphone to android everything you need to know. If you have any questions about what i’ve covered here go ahead, leave those in the comments below i’ll get to them. I love chatting with you and of course i don’t take it lightly that you’ve taken the time to watch here with us: i’m tasha armstrong for reviews.