If you haven’t yet watched the first part of this tutorial, please consider watching it too. Okay, let’s get started. The eight method is running. Disk cleanup go to file explorer click. This pc on the left side. You can now see the local disk c with the windows logo, where the operating system is saved, right, click on it and choose properties make sure the general tab is selected and click on the disk cleanup button. It is now showing the files you may need to delete, along with their description and sizes, put check, marks beside the items to be deleted and click. Ok, Music. Let me show another way to get to the disk cleanup just type disk cleanup in the search bar. You can choose any of the two disks you may want to clean up and click. Ok. Now i only want to delete the files on the recycle bin that has a size of 1.10 gigabytes and click. The delete files button let’s check the recycle bin. If it’s already empty Music, the ninth method is defragmenting. A hard drive, defragmenting means putting files back together after being fragmented over time that may cause slow performance open again. The file explorer and click this pc Music, both hard drives, can be defragmented just right. Click and choose properties, click the tools tab. You can also check if there are errors on the disk. No errors were found as usual, Music. Let us now run the optimization feature.

Please take note that optimization is needed only for hdd or hard disk drive and it is not needed for ssd or solid state drive i’m gon na optimize, each of them Music. You also have an option to optimize based on your chosen schedule, so you don’t need to optimize manually the hard disk Music Music Music Music. So it took 30 minutes for my disk c to be fully optimized. It is because the disk is where the operating system and applications are installed. Before we proceed to the next method, let me show the picture illustrating the speed difference between hdd and ssd. The tenth method is adjusting or disabling graphics and animations go to the control panel. Choose system and security click system and on the left, side, click advanced system, settings Music, make sure the advanced tab is chosen, click settings and under the visual effects, tab choose to adjust for best performance, then click. Ok, the eleventh method is checking for malware. You can check for it using your installed antivirus software. However, there are some files or processes that may slow your pc that your antivirus has nothing to do with. I recommend using ad planner by malwa bytes. In my experience with it, it always helps to improve my laptop’s performance when it’s getting slower. The download link is available in the description of this video check it out. Music. Now let’s try how it works. If you already installed it right, click and run as administrators Music, this is the user interface.

I recently used this app but i’m gon na scan it again: Music, Music, Music, nothing is detected. You can run basic repair to fully improve the performance of your pc. This is what i usually do, however, at this time i don’t have to continue because it will stop all running programs make sure you save your work before closing all the processes. Music. The 12th method is upgrading your hardware. If all the aforementioned methods are less satisfying to you, you might consider spending some money to buy hardware parts such as ssd and ram to have an idea of how much it costs. Let us check the prices on amazon. The prices of both ssd and ram vary. According to the type size brand and interface Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, bonus tip, you can actually use a usb flash drive as additional ram using reataboost feature on windows. To know more details about it. I will make a separate tutorial video for you to check it out a few more steps. Keep your computer clean. Accumulated dust may indeed slow down your computer by keeping it cleaned regularly. It could not contribute to slow performance removed unused browser extension. Some browser extensions may slow down your browsing experience, remove the less important ones, Music, Music restart regularly. Sometimes all you need is a fresh boot. Restarting your computer can enable updates to take effect and shut down stuck programs when you’re taking a break. It could be a good time to hit restart while you go run.

Fewer simultaneous programs, just like multitasking, can be detrimental to our productivity. Running lots of programs simultaneously can dampen your computer’s speed, reinstall the operating system. If you’ve tried everything and you’re still running into problems, the last resort might be to use a fresh install of windows that’s. All for this tutorial feel free to drop down. Your comments and questions be also updated for the future uploads by clicking the notification bell. Thank you for watching.