Now you can do this with your computer or your phone, whichever you prefer. You just need to be on the website. I’M. Also going to be showing you how to tune it in to get you up and running Music first, you will need to connect the aerial to the back of your tv. If you’ve got a set top box, such as sky virgin or bt, connect us to the tv via a hdmi cable, if you’re planning to connect to the internet via ethernet, cable rather than wi fi, do this now we recommend this connection for the best experience next Plug the tv into the mains and switch it on finally press the power button on the remote control to turn the tv on so the first time your tv is switched on. It will automatically be in setup, mod use, the up and down buttons on your remote control to select your desired language and press the select button, your remote control should automatically pair, but if it hasn’t press and hold the home button to pair it press the select Button to continue Music, if you use an ethernet connection at the start of the tv setup, you will automatically be connected to the internet if you’re going to use a wireless connection, make sure your tv is as close to the router as possible for the best speed. Ideally, in the same room and within five meters, your tv will automatically scan for your wireless network.

It will then show you a list of available networks highlight yours and press select now enter your wi fi password highlight connect and press select in a couple of seconds. Your tv will show that it is connected successfully when you first connect to the internet. There may be some updates to install before you can continue. You now need to sign into your amazon account or create one. If you don’t have one head to uk forward. Slash account you can do this on your tv or any device you have which is connected to the internet, and you need to do this before you can continue with. I already have an amazon account highlighted press the select button. You will now see the sign into my amazon account screen. Then using your phone tablet or computer head to uk forward slash code type in the code displayed on your tv screen and press continue. You will see success displayed on your phone tablet or computer screen, and your tv will also change to show. It is now successfully registered press select to continue if you would like to save your wifi password to your amazon, account highlight yes and press select. If you don’t want to save your wi fi password to your amazon, account highlight no and press select. If you want to enable parental controls, you can do it now or later for detailed instructions on enabling parental control. See your instruction manual press the select button to continue.

You will now be able to select all the popular apps you’d like to download once selected they will download in the background. While the tv is tuning, there are four categories to choose from and there are more apps available once the tv is set up, but you can skip this if you wish start by highlighting choose, apps and press select highlight the apps you’d like to download by using The navigation buttons press, the select button to tick the apps once you’ve ticked, all the apps. You want to download press the play pause button. A list of your selected apps will appear press select to finish the process. If you connected a set top box like sky virgin or bt, highlight no and press select, your tv will not try to tune any channels and will go straight to the home page to view your set top box. Select the input you’ve connected it to to tune your tv highlight yes and press select, make sure your aerial is connected. Then press select now choose your country and press. The select button then highlight auto, scan and press select. Your tv will now start scanning for all the available channels. Once the scan is complete, you will see the number of tv channels found then press select. Your tv is now set up and ready to watch if you’d like more info on setting up your tv.