Here, just one of my viewers wrote me a letter asking if i could make a short video, a short story on how to connect icom ic705 with the laptop computer for the fta. Work, no problems, i’ve just upgraded just uploaded a new version of wsgtx software. The version 2.4 and i’m really curious myself before going to the fields for a for activation of a park i’m curious myself. How will it work really so stay tuned? Enjoy the view of roses, our neighbors roses or watch the busy bees on our lawn and i’ll? Be back in a second Music all right: we need three things for the successful ft work: the radio, the computer and the usb cord. The radio is icon. Ic705. In our case, the computer is laptop mini pc, chewy windows, 10. In my case and the usb cord. I don’t know the make of this usb cord, but i hope it’s so it’s of good quality. It must be shielded, it should should be reliable and it should be able to transmit data. Not only the charging usb cable, as sometimes happens – and i also put on it two pairs of ferrite clamps in order to prevent some possible influence from the rf feedback, or something like that. I think it really helps so let’s start with the radio. If you got icom ic705 with the latest firmware installed on it, the 1.24 version of the firmware, then you do the ft8 setup with a push or one button, because the new firmware has introduced a new feature called presets.

We go to the menu, we go to menu number two and we see the preset. We press the preset button and we see a choice: normal ft8 or myft8. Well, the presets, normal and ft8. They are designed in the factory and they come two of these presets one and two number three or number four or number five uh. They are left for the consumer to create so i’ve created uh number three, my ft8 always so we can see what’s the difference. Press and hold edit the preset memory, and we see that preset name. I can choose my own name. I i write it in. I can choose the different settings of the menus. In my own personal presets, nothing was different from the ft8 preset from the factory, except for this civ address communication interface. The address i put it 94 h, which means different radio 94 h, is for icom ic 7300. So i did it in times when i was using the older version of the wsg tx software, which was not able to recognize new radio icon ic705 and the icom ic705s 5 had to pretend it is a icom acic7300. The new versions of the wsjtx fully recognize the icom ic705 it’s on the list and it’s no problems whatsoever to to choose it. So then the address should be a4h, which means icom ic 705.. We can push ft8 load the preset memory. Yes, we want to load the preset memory and it’s okay.

With this, we can say that the all the necessary values of the different menu items on the radio are now set to the right levels and right values with this ft8 preset. So we can exit and we can go to the menu number one we can go to set. We can go to connectors and see what kind of values we have. The most important um chapter is communication interface, v c i v. So we see c. I v address it’s a for h. This address is designated for the icom ic 705. So if due to any reasons you need to change this address, for instance, you want to pretend your radio is not icon. Ic705, but icon 7300, for instance. In in case, you use the older version of the wsgtx or some other digital programs which do not recognize um, this new icom radio, but they do recognize icon 7300. So you you need to change the civ address from a4h into 94. H, 94 h. So if you leave it like this, this radio icom ic 705 would be recognized by the software as icon 7300. So, all right in our case, it’s it’s uh a4h leave it as it is, and that’s it mod input. Modulation, input. We see all the levels, data modulation we want it to be usb. It means that the sound which comes from your computer into the radio and from the radio to the computer. It goes through the usb port it’s important data of modulation.

What does it mean? It’S often confused, it means that when you don’t use data when you don’t use digital, what does the sound come into the radio? In this case it comes from the microphone from the mic. If you put it usb or you put it mic and usb, then you would have situation when the sound instead of your microphone would come from your computer. So we don’t want this that’s. Actually it with a radio setup – and we see it’s in the the mode is usb digital and all the all the presets are in place all right, radio setup so far, so good. So now on to the computer first thing to do, we need to install the necessary icon drivers onto the windows 10 machine. The installation user manual from icom uh strongly recommends to do that with the usb cable disattached from the computer. So, while installing the usb drivers, no radio should be attached connected to the computer, this is a very strong recommendation in this short video i’m, not going to go into details on how to install usb drivers for icom ic705. All this procedure is very well described in onto the icom japan support website. There is a link in the description of this video, so please go there. Please read it carefully and do as they say. So the only thing what i i i would recommend to do when you do install the the usb drivers – and you do reconnect your radio with the usb cable to the computer, uh it’s very good – to go to the device manager go to start right.

Click on it in windows, 10 go to device, manager, left click device manager opens, then you go to ports and when the ports open, you have to see two of them. One is icoms ic, 705 serial port, a civ on com 4. In my case and icom ic705 serial port b on com5 uh for the fta digital work, we will need com4, which is icom ic705 serial port, a civ. If you see these two ports, the device manager, it means the usb driver was installed correctly and you are ready to go for the wsgtx software. Now let’s start the wsjtx app all right. So we see it’s all working because we see the frequency and we see the green dot here green. It means that the cat system is working and basically everything’s working, but we can go to the settings and just take a look. What are these settings are, so general is not important in this case. We go to radio and we see that icom ic 705 is selected here, and we see that it’s on serial port com4, which is as i as we saw in the device manager uh. This is a civ communication interface port of for icom ic705. This. What brings us cad control? We see the baud rate 115 200 here, but in fact it doesn’t matter. I will put 9600 now why? Because this baud rate is indicated in the properties of the usb driver, so we just can so we go to test cat on the lower right and it’s green.

It means it’s. Okay, we test ptt and the radio goes on the red led lights. The radio goes on, so we push ptt again and radio switches. So what is important? It’S a cat to be selected as a ptt method. If you select cat nothing else, matters is just works, so mote data slash packet uh. In our case, we should choose this because icom ic705 does have data mode. There are some radios which do not have a separate data mode. So then you would choose usb and split operation fake it. I think it’s important to mark fake it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work split like you know, in ws, gtx, transmitting on one frequency and listening onto the other frequency, so that’s it. We can Music leave the manual side and go back and go back to the software app and look it’s full of stations. Now let’s try to go transmitting. I see polish station calling cq in 20 meters. Okay, transmitter works, Music we’re, releasing around 6 watts output from the external battery now into aircraft ax1 antenna pocket, teeny, tiny antenna, but it works on receive. Maybe it works on transmit tuned with the aircraft t1 tuner all right. The police station answered some other station it’s, not so easy, really to get hurt such a smallish antenna so guys the setup is completed, it’s all working and i hope it was useful that’s it for today guys thanks for watching, please consider subscribing if you like what I’M doing please leave a comment in the comment section or please write me a letter.

If you would like me to make another story which you would like to see on my channel, i will be glad to make it if only my knowledge and equipment. Allow me to for now 73 see you later.