The link can be found in the description. So after downloading the file make sure you install zact, archiver or anyhow, you call it so after installing this app, you launch the apps and go to download. That is where we can find the two files we downloaded earlier. So you locate these two files and extract them, so this is the first one, so you click on it. Click on extract here. So when extraction is done you to the next one and extract that one also, there are all zip files, so you need to extract them. Sudan, so watch carefully. This is what youll be doing. Next, you click on the file. As you see you cut this one. You hold you press and hold click on cut back and go to Android, open, obb and paste it there. So you can see so go back and install this app, go to downloads and open the exact here and install the exactly app you just click on install. So lets wait for this app to install so after it has been installed, you open the app. So this is how it looks when you open, so you click on the three lines at the top left corner there you go to manage containers, you click on the plus sign, so click on the three lines, the three dots. So you go to properties, change the color depths so 32 bit and also check this. So you go to back now.

Click on the three lines there and you run the Explorer so lets switch. Sorry lets meet for the Explorer to run okay, so this is all so you locate Photoshop, so you double click on it or you double tap the setup file there its going to launch the setup file for the Photoshop we are about to run or install. So we click on OK all right, so we click on next, as you can see, welcome to Adobe Photoshop, so just click on next. You accept the agreement, click tap nest, tap, Nest, again tap nest and you check create a desktop icon tap next, so the license key is what you are seeing on the screen so just type the license key into the bar over there and click on next, so That is the line says key. I have inputted it, so I just have to click on next. Click on install so lets wait a bit for this to finish with the installation process, so youre almost done with the installation. So you click on finish. If I click on finish just minimize or close, this folder just find a way to you can use your two fingers to pinch it and zoom down or zoom up so close it and you double click or you press and hold and launch the Photoshop up. You are seeing on the desktop there yeah its taking a bit long to launch so lets just have patience for this and wait for it to lunch.

Its actually processing. So here is it. It has launched and um initiating and installing some tools. I think we are very close. Okay, so voila here is our Photoshop, so you can use this to edit anything. You want like the way you edit on your computer or desktop anything so to add a workspace. You just have to click on file. You tap on new, and this will pop up just like how its used on your desktop computer, so you can edit this click on OK and that is it a workspace to be created immediately. So this is how it looks like you can use it just like um the one on the desktop, as I said earlier, so these are the two you can use it perfectly and make your design or whatever you want to do with the Photoshop app. So this is us a few ways to run photoshop on your Android now dont forget to subscribe to this Channel and turn on post notification for more similar contents will talk more Music Music.