Now that fix to this problem is you need to run a program called kingroot? The download is and the description of this video once you run that it will come up it's all in Chinese of course saying a root. This will not actually fully root the device, but what it will do seems to get halfway. There run this, your ear, 3G will reboot and then you will be able to run I root and finally root the tech last x98 ear. 3G. So it's going through the process at the moment I have my x98 ear 3G right here and before too long this will reboot and then I can proceed to then run I wrote and finally getting root access to the device. Oh there we go, it has actually just rebooted right now and you can actually just close this down exit it because it might meet your tablet reboot again and then run. I root root 360 run this again and finally, it says root and it installs this Chinese application. That is all normal. Once you have root, you can remove all that all the Chinese blood. Now the system is now rebooting. You can finally gain root access and install Super User instead of the Chinese of the user, so that's how you route the latest CA j7 model thanks for watching this video, please subscribe. I'Ll have more videos on these tablets and various other tablets from China. Bye.