This is an smt 713 um Ive done a video recently on the charge, port replacement Im, not sure if I would have published that at the time of this recording, but its coming, if its not already out so today, were doing quick battery replacement video on it. Someones asking me about how to do that, so I thought I just quickly knocked something together for them, as I do try to uh to all my requests, so the back of this device is quite straightforward to get off its just clipped in. It is quite difficult. You do need a pry tool generally to pull it up. I might be able to get my fingers under a corner where Ive done it before, but I dont think I will. I think I need some important t, um so generally um a blade of some description. Youll need some kind of metal spudge or something like that to get it going. You may Mark the case. You have been warned um. I have in this corner. This is why Im going in the same place – um, it is now and now Ive scratched it as well brilliant um. It is quite tricky to get going comedy little monkey. You do need like 15 pairs of hands to do this. There you go see once you get it going its not too bad, so it will pop up its clipped in all the way around. The clips are quite tight.

As I say, they are pretty pretty difficult to get up, but once they do go, they will go um again. This video is, for is illustrative purposes, Im not actually going to do a battery replacement Im just downloading it so well pop that one up thats our battery connector um, the battery is held in with a little bit of adhesive so that you can get this out With the Samsung pull strips, I never quite believe it um, but essentially pull this up, and this is what they provide you with to get the battery out. So pull this one up and then carefully apply fairly even pressure, and it will go just like that. I want to really try and reuse this battery because I dont actually need to replace it so lets just flatten that out, but but thats thats, essentially it thats our battery out um. You can pick these up on eBay for around 10 15 pounds. Um same goes for Amazon. I will link something in the description, so if anyone wants to buy one, they can theyre not expensive things and again this isnt particularly a complicated job either. Obviously there is some adhesive here. That is absolutely fine. In this case um. You might need to replace the four adhesive pads these ones arent too bad to get out compared to some of the others. So, obviously, just put it back in complete reverse push this down make sure the cable is connected.

Everything should just button up really nicely with the back all youre going to do no particular end just push it all the way around until you hear the whole back click all the way around. If something doesnt go in theres, usually a reason for it um and then thats, it were all buttoned up and thats our battery replacement done. So this has been my nice Samsung tab, smt713 um again, if theres any other questions you want to ask on this one. I will have this device for a while um. It is something that I need to give a longer test too, because of the other repairs Ive done on it. If you found the video useful, please drop me a like leave me. A comment subscribe to the channel. The more you can you can do and comment the more it puts my videos into the algorithm, the more I can produce this stuff.