Island action well no worries because you can actually stream your games from the ps4 or the ps5 to your android phone. Your iphone your windows, pc and even a mac computer using sony’s remote play app now remote play is designed to work of your home wi fi network. So, theoretically, you are limited to playing anywhere in your home as long as you’ve got a good wireless signal and you will need a strong signal in order to play without any judders or the game breaking issues. So if you are lucky enough to leave it in quite a large homestead definitely recommend getting a mesh wi fi network on the go, but that was definitely a subject for a whole different video. Now, in this guide, we’re going to cover setting up remote play on your mobile device, your pc or your mac, all in turn so just skip to the relevant section for your chosen device and for more the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers so. First up setting up remote play on your smartphone now the good news is you: don’t need a sony smartphone in order to use remote play pretty much any android device and even one of those bloody iphone. Thingies will work just fine. That said, you will want a reasonably modern device with some of the latest android or ios software, in order to get the controllers to work more on that in a sec so step one is download the remote play app if you’re using an android device just go To the play, store and search for remote play and the app you’re after is ps remote play by the playstation mobile inc.

If you’re on an iphone same procedure, just go to the app store, go to the search and then search again for remote play and get that app downloaded now, whatever platform you use, the first step will be to sign into the playstation network using your creds it’s. Basically, using the same email address and password that you use to sign into your playstation once you’re all signed in the next step is to get your controller connected. This is where things start to get a little bit tricky, depending on what actual smartphone you use. If you’re using an android phone, you’ll have to be using at least android os 10, preferably os 11, to get connected to your dual shock 4 controller via bluetooth. Unfortunately, dualsense is not currently supported on android pairing up the controller with your smartphone is nice and easy? Just hold down the playstation button and the share button simultaneously and you’ll notice that lights start to blink, then just go to your bluetooth. Settings and you’ll see wireless controller pop up in the available devices. Just give that little tabby tap, accept the pair and request and boom. That flashing light should now be a nice relaxing blue color. Now i highly recommend grabbing some sort of grip accessory and grab this one. Direct from sony is an official one that just basically snaps onto your dual shock controller like so, and then it gives you a handy little grippy bit in order to hold your smartphone, makes it nice and comfortable to play wherever you’re on now, with an iphone.

You can get hooked up to your dualshock 4 controller via bluetooth as long as you’re running at least ios version 13.. However, ios is also compatible with dual sense. As long as you run at least ios 14.5 that’s, one of the more recent ones so just make sure your iphone’s up to date, you should be fine now, if you want to connect your iphone to your dual shock or dual sense controller via bluetooth. All you need to do is hold down the playstation button and the share create button at the same time until the lights start flashing like so then on your iphone just head to the settings and go to bluetooth all the way up there at the top, and You should see your dual shock or your dual sense: wireless controller listed in there if it’s in pairing modes, give that a tap and they’ll be all paired up nice and easy. Now at this point, if everything’s gone to plan, you should be asked by the remote play app if you want to connect to a playstation 4 or a playstation 5, so just tap whichever one is appropriate. Now, if you’ve got ps5, you will be asked to turn on the remote player feature on your playstation before it’ll actually work, thankfully that’s dead, easy just head to the settings menu and then go to system and then remote play and from there just turn on the Remote player feature and then as long as your playstation console is switched on and connected to the same wi fi network as your smartphone.

The two should just pair up and immediately you’re in ready for action and in the future, loading up a bit remote play app on your smartphone it’s supposed to wake your playstation if it is hibernating at the time. I found that that feature sometimes doesn’t work at all. You do actually have to go in turn on your playstation, make sure it’s fully booted up before it’ll actually pair up, but that little grumble aside remote player should hopefully touch what. As long as your network is up to it work absolutely flawlessly and you can play pretty much any playstation game via remote play, apart from obvious exceptions like psvr titles using playstation, remote player on your pc. If you want to get a bit remote play it on your go on your windows, pc or laptop, no worries, it’s, nice and straightforward, just like connecting to a smartphone. Now, first up you’ll have to head to the appropriate sony web page to actually download the remote play app onto your windows pc. It tells you a little bit more on this page about the actual specs required. Don’T worry as long as your pc is running. Windows. 10 you’ll probably be able to run remote play. Basically, any computers from the last few years should be capable just scroll down tick. I agree to the sie application, yada yada yada and hit downloads once the installer has downloaded just open that on up and then just follow the instructions to get it all set up once that’s all installed just open up the ps remote play app and then tap Sign in to playstation network and what you’ll need to do is just sign in with the usual credits that you use to sign into your playstation you’ll then be asked.

What do you want to connect to a playstation 4 or a playstation 5? So just tap whichever one you want and know that if you are trying to connect to a ps5, you will have to do a little bit of setup on your console before you can use remote play. All you got to do is on your ps5 head to the settings menu and then go to system and then remote play and then just tap the little option which says enable remote play and also not that before you dive into a gaming session. You’Ll want to hook up your dual shock or your dual sense: controller, either it’s compatible with windows 10, but you will have to get all wired up so first i’ll be connecting a dual sense: controller for remote playing with my ps5, so just hook them up via Usb with a bit of luck, your windows pc, should automatically detect that you’ve connected a new device and get it all set up for you. So, as you can see, their device is ready. Wireless controller is set up and then you’re ready to get connected to your playstation 4 or your playstation 5, and hopefully it should be fairly quick and easy. There. We go all set and of course, you’ll want to maximize this window. So you’re not just squinting at some tiny little box right in the center of your display good to go last. Stop using playstation remote play on a mac computer.

The good news is, you can run a playstation remotely on pretty much any mac os device in the past few years, be a macbook and imac whatever just head to the link, which i will bring in the video description down below and then scroll on down past The get ready section just tells you the system requirements which are very light. Indeed, you just need to be running some sort of mac os from the last four years. Basically and then you will find a section labeled install the app all you need to do is take the. I agree to the acai blah blah blah blah hit download when package is downloaded, just open that on up and then it’s nice and simple, just follow the instructions basically take some very little hard drive space, thankfully, with that done just head to the launch pad and Find the ps remote play app and the first stage, as always, is to sign into the playstation network. Using your credentials, you use to sign into your playstation console once you’re all signed in it’s time to hook up a controller. Now you can use either dual shock or dual sense controllers with mac os. If you’re running mac, os 11.3 or later, you can actually hook up via bluetooth. Otherwise, you can just use the cable for convenience i’m going to go wireless. What you’ll need to do is on the controller, hold down the playstation button and then either the share or the create button.

You’Ll pull those in together for a little while and then you’ll notice that lights start blinking. You’Ll then want to head to your bluetooth settings which you can find in system preferences and you’ll, see dual sense: wireless controller or dual shock wireless controller pop up there just hit connect and that’s it done piece of piddle back in the remote play. App you’ll, then want to choose which console you want to connect to a playstation 4 or a ps5. If you’re connecting to a ps5 note that you will have to enable remote play on the console before you can actually use it. This is nice and easy, though all you got to do is go on your console, go to the settings, menu and then head to system and then remote play and then just turn on the enabled remote play option and then just like that. We are connected to our playstation and ready for action. You will, of course, want to expand this window so it’s, not this tiny, tiny, little thing that you can barely see in the center choose your game and away you go and there you have it that’s how you use sony’s remote play app to get gaming on Your playstation 4 or playstation 5 via your smartphone, your windows, pc or your mac, os now from all the latest greatest tech, including full reviews of sony, smartphones and other shenanigans. Please do pull subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week, cheers everyone love Music.