You can move the thing you can also go for a beamer, but these are still quite expensive, especially 4k beamers and 4k is for sure are recommended just to include this. Vr is also a solution, but the thing that you can do right now is getting yourself a big tv that’s. The best thing, in my opinion that you can do for like the least amount of money. Welcome back to my daily grind. Create yourself is what you’ll find me doing every day and every night no time to lose one day, one step in the right direction: i’m, chris and i’m. Only here to show you, if i can do it, you can do it too. Welcome back to the vlog. It is monday in our day and our chance to push out and a topic for this vlog is how to reduce your eye strain by simply getting a huge monitor, so let’s get it by the way. All the life improvement vlogs right here, damn i’m rusty. I have no idea about my playlist watch him all, but before we get started, love cousin to all my subscribers, thank you for making my life special and worth living to the max. So let me try to get back with a sweet, sweet video. So the premise of this video is to get the object that you’re looking at as far away from you as possible. I noticed this basically every time when i watch a movie on my laptop, even though, when it’s like a meter away or something like that, my eyes will start to hurt when the movie is over i’m, like oh, my goodness, they can’t be healthy, so focusing on A non moving object over a prolonged period of time is not good, and this gets even worse when you’re staring at your phone watching the same movie on your phone like this is completely bonkers.

This is no phone is for sure the worst, because you will have to hold this close to you tablet laptop monitor. All of that is an improvement but we’re living in the year 2020. Actually, 2021 and technology has come a long way so previously using a tv as a monitor, wasn’t possible because of input lag latency. All of that it just wasn’t possible, but nowadays, basically the same panel. The same lcd panels that you’re using for smaller devices for laptops they’re, also now used in a large form factor for tvs. What differentiates a tv from a monitor is mostly just a tuner, so a tv without a tuner is also simply called a monitor, and by now also the input lag is low. The colors are great, like all of that. These android tvs are basically just super large smartphones and the bigger you go the further away. You can move the thing back here. I have my 42 inch 4k tv by samsung, low latency game mode and stuff like that. So definitely look out for the input lag, but just for comparison when i’m i’m now around one and a half meters away from the thing and for the same size, i would need to move my bring my phone. This close to my face to get the same aspect like the same size and the bigger you go, the further away. You can move the thing you can also go for a beamer, but these are still quite expensive, especially 4k beamers and 4k is for sure recommended get yourself a big screen.

I would actually want mine to be even bigger. 55 56 inches and above would be amazing. Then you can go yeah, like probably one and a half meters up to two meters should be no problem in my case i’m, usually away a one meter away from my thing and besides also besides saving your eyes, this will step up your productivity to the next Level, you won’t believe how just how epic it is to have a massive monitor when you think about it with a 4k tv at this size it’s, basically, the zip, oh actually, mine is 48 inches because i know it’s the same as having four 24 inch screens. Basically have four of them in one just one tv so think about it. Many guys have a triple monitor set up, and with this you will have a four monitor setup, basically without seams no bezels whatsoever. This is just amazing, but i’m, not using it as four screens, because this would mean that i need to go a bit closer to see. All of that now i enlarged the the fonts and all of that i’m, just using it as two large portrait screens. Basically that’s how i’m, using it also for editing for music production for multimedia purposes, it’s crazy, how much you can fit on this thing. Your workspace will improve in such a crazy way. I can 100 recommend it and you won’t be able to go back. If you experience this massive productivity heck but anyways, this is how to do it.

Uh. Let me just check yeah in my next one. You can check it out right here. I will create an ad for my buddies at tech magnet for their company just for fun, because i think this is an overlooked thing. They are actually selling these huge monitors without a tuner. When you don’t have the tuner inside your tv, you will basically get text for having a tuner it’s crazy, but also that is another thing that is again, as i said in my opinion, this is quite overlooked. You can easily use this as a monitor, it’s great anyways that’s it for this one. I guess i will see you the next one, because yeah that’s it smash the like button. The way you will smash your eyes when you watch movies on your phone and all in all, just using your phone for prolonged period of periods of time just to include this vr is also a solution. But the thing that you can do right now is getting yourself a big tv that’s. The best thing, in my opinion, that you can do for like the least amount of money like to never miss, live improvement, videos and check the reason news on and yeah that’s it.