This is going to be a full tutorial on setting up the dolphin emulator with android, but before we get started, i do want to mention that, in order to play these games at full speed, you’re going to need a decently powered device, these games are not going To run on something like a snapdragon 450 or even one of those media attacks that’s in the new amazon fire hd10. Personally, i would recommend something from the snapdragon 835 on up to the 888.. In between there, there are a few new chips that work great, like the 870, the 765 and even some games will be playable on the snapdragon 720 and even the snapdragon 662, which is an older chip in lower end devices, are able to play a few games. Like wind, waker, beautiful joe and a few easier to emulate games, but in order to get the best performance and compatibility out of wii in gamecube games on android, you will need a decently powerful device that’s just the way. It is right now. So in this video i’m actually going to be using the galaxy tab, s7 plus it’s powered by the snapdragon 865 plus. But i have a few other devices here, like the poco f3, the motorola g play and the s21, which is the best performer that i have because it’s powered by the new snapdragon 888. Another thing you might want to pick up while playing wii in gamecube games on your android device is a controller.

Any android compatible, bluetooth controller will work with this emulator. This is optional because we can use the on screen controls to play our games. But if you already have like an xbox one controller laying around with bluetooth built in you might as well. Try it out it’ll connect right up to your android device. So with that out of the way let’s go ahead and get started so first things first, in order to play gamecube and wii games on your android device, you’re gon na need some games. Unfortunately, i can’t tell you where to get them personally, i would just rip my own from the discs i own, but there are other ways to get a hold of games and it’s very important to have the correct format. Dolphin supports gcm and iso. These are going to be the most common, at least iso are. These are uncompressed dumps. It also supports gcz, which is what i personally use it’s a compressed format of that iso. It also supports ciso and wbfs, most commonly you’re, probably going to be using isos and these gczs, but they do have to be in one of these formats and unfortunately, they will not work if they’re zipped up, so you will have to unzip them now. As for getting these games over to your android phone or tablet, you can always download them directly on the device. Personally, i use a micro sd card or you could transfer them over usb to the internal storage.

I find that a micro sd card is just easier to manage and i have a 64 gigabyte installed in this tablet. Here i create folders for each console. Here we have gamecube. I have four games in here and, as you can see, these are gcz format. I’Ve. Also created another folder on the sd card called wii, and these are in the wbfs format, but either way you look at it, you do need these on your device, be it an sd card or the internal storage, and when it comes to internal storage, i usually Just create these two folders directly in my downloads, folder, okay! So now that we know how we’re going to get our games over to our tablet, be it sd card or just transfer them to the internal storage it’s time to get the emulator now from the google play store, you can actually find the dolphin emulator, but this One is a bit old: they have been regularly updating it, but it’s not like their newer development builds which, in my opinion, work much better. If you want to stick with the google play store version, you can always try this out it’s totally free to download, but personally i would recommend heading over to their website now. Uh from here we can download dolphin. We have the beta versions and we also have the development versions. These are updated very regularly uh, as you can see from here. This was done 19 hours ago three hours ago and one hour ago, i’m gon na go with the development version the latest one and over here we have the download for the android version i’m gon na download it.

You may have to allow your android device to download from a certain browser. It’Ll give you a pop up, we’re gon na open this up and install again. You might have some permissions that you need to grant i’m going to choose open and we’re. Now, inside of the dolphin emulator we’re going to allow the dolphin emulator to have access to our internal storage, so we’ll choose allow, and here it is there’s not much going on as you can see, because we haven’t added our games yet and that’s. The very first step we need to do now. This really depends on how you added your games. If they’re on the internal storage we’re going to search for them there, if they’re on an sd card, you can search for them from the card, but in the bottom right hand corner. We have this little purple plus button we’re gon na choose this. My file browser might look a little different from yours, but uh since mine are on my sd card i’m, going to choose my sd i’m going to find the folder i place my gamecube games in which is named gamecube and i’m going to go ahead and use This folder – i have those four games in here – use this folder allow and it’s automatically going to populate inside of dolphin and download the box art for us. There we go so we’ve got our gamecube games added now, it’s time to add our wii games up at the very top.

We have a section named. We right here we’re going to do the same exact thing: purple plus icon we’re, going to navigate to where we placed our wii games mine’s in a folder on my sd card called wii and i’m going to use this folder. Now we have our wii games and our gamecube games added now for the next thing, i’m going to show you, this is kind of optional. If you’re not going to be using a controller, you can skip this step. You’Ll use the on screen controls, but if you want to use a controller – and i would highly recommend it – we need to set that controller up for gamecube when it comes to wii. We don’t have any wiimote or anything like that and that’s really why? I only have two games here. I personally only like to use games that support a gamecube controller and both of the games. I have listed here support that type of controller let’s go ahead and set it up. I’Ve already connected my xbox one controller to my device over bluetooth. You can do it from your settings, go to your bluetooth, settings and pair it up in the top right hand corner. We have this little gear icon. This is going to be our settings. Gamecube input number one and we want to make sure that emulated is chosen right in the middle there. So from here this is really self explanatory buttons, a b x y z, tap on a press, the corresponding button on your controller and it’s, going to bind it as you can see it bound it to my xbox button, number 96 b same thing: we’re going to Go down the list here, tap on it, press the corresponding button on your physical controller.

We’Ll do start control, stick which is going to be our left. Stick up down left right c: stick which is going to be our right, analog, stick triggers and so on, and so on i mean it’s very self explanatory. You shouldn’t have any issues setting this up when we’re done, i usually choose the little disk icon in the top right hand, corner to save, and now we have our controller set up for gamecube games. This will also work with wii games that support a gamecube controller. Now, it’s time to start playing a game when it comes to android and different back ends that work with the gpu. We have two options inside of the dolphin emulator opengl, which is a little older technology and vulcan when it comes to certain games. I find that some do perform better with vulcan and some perform better with opengl, for example, soul, calibur right here, soul, calibur 2. I prefer using opengl whenever i use vulcan. I do get some freeze ups every once in a while, and sometimes i can’t even get into the game, but when it comes to a game like auto modalista, i prefer using vulcan and we can set these up for each game so for soul, calibur i’m, just Gon na tap on the game and hold it we’re gon na get a pop up from here. I wan na edit game settings and everything i change inside of this section here is only gon na take effect with that certain game.

If you wan na change it for all of them, you can go up to the gear icon and do it from here. But, like i mentioned, some games perform better with opengl. Some games perform better with vulkan, so go back to soul, calibur edit game settings, and from here we have three options: we’ve already set up our controller, so we really don’t need to worry about that. The main one that i change settings in is graphic settings. The very top option here, video back in we have opengl vulkan software and null software and null is going to get you nowhere with these games. But uh, like i mentioned for soul calibur, i prefer opengl. The next thing i always enable is show fps that’s going to give me an fps counter, while i’m playing a game up in the top right hand corner next on the list. We have shader compilation mode for higher end devices. You can actually just leave it on the very first option when it comes to mid range and lower devices. I prefer using asynchronous skip drawing, but this will present a few graphical issues until everything’s loaded up but with skip drawing enabled you will experience much less stutter on games when you first start playing them, so i prefer using this. I can get over that. I compile my shaders before starting. I always check this moving down the list to enhancements internal resolution. This is really going to depend on how powerful your device is from the snapdragon 865 up to the 888.

I find that 2x and 3x do work well with most games. I usually leave it around 2x, even though i’m on a snapdragon 865 here moving down the list a bit back in multi threading. Now this only refers to vulcan but uh when i’m using a game with vulcan. This is something i always enable just gives us that back end multi threading. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with opengl, but from here this is basically all i change from the snapdragon 835 up to the 888. i’m going to save these settings here now, we’re almost ready to start playing a game but there’s. One last thing that i usually like to enable and that’s for all games: we’re going to choose the gear icon, config general and at the very bottom, enable save state these saves are separate from in game saves. This is the save for dolphin. But if you read through the warning here, there is a chance that these saves won’t work with the next version of dolphin i’ve, actually had really good luck with it, but i always enable this just to give me a quick save when i’m in a game – and I don’t get to a save point. I can use the dolphin save states here instead, but if you save from a save point inside of the game, it will transfer over to the next versions of dolphin. These save states may not, but i always enable them just to give me that quick save.

So we can back up here and now we’re going to go ahead and start a game. Let’S go with soul, calibur and you might notice that we have these on screen. Controls, if you don’t, have a controller. This is how you’re going to play the game, but if you set up a physical controller, this is a bit annoying, so we can actually back up it’s going to bring up a little menu. On the left hand, side we’re going to go to overlay controls and from here we can actually remove those on screen buttons. So if we go to toggle controls, we can just go through all of it and for some reason the toggle all never works for me. So i just do it manually or if you don’t want to turn them completely off. You can adjust the oh patency and that’s going to be under overlay, controls, adjust controls, and you can see here. You can just turn it all the way down, but they’re still be on screen since we disabled them. These buttons are no longer going to work on the touch screen. So let me grab my controller here. We’Ll just get into a little bit of gameplay i’m. Using my controller, just like you would, while playing a regular game, i’m gon na pause it and we can bring that menu back up now. This is where those quick saves come in handy, so we can save state. We can choose the state i’m gon na go with slot one, and now we have that saved.

If i back up we’re gon na go back load that state it’s gon na bring me right back to where i was like. They say this might not transfer over to the next version of dolphin, but if you use the endgame saves, then it will it’ll work. Just fine, because we’re using those in game saves uh let’s go ahead and get back out of here. We’Ll go with a wii game: i’ll just exit emulation, we’ll go to wii and with sonic colors. This is one that i always like to use. Vulcan with so i’ll make sure vulcan is chosen. We’Ll start this up since i’ve already disabled those overlays, and this game does work with the gamecube controllers. I don’t have to do any more setup with the controller it’s gon na work here, just fine and there we have it we’re now playing wii games on our android device, looks really clean like this and that’s, because i have it at 2x resolution. But if you’re on a lower end device, you may want to drop that resolution down. That actually plays a big part in performance loss and we can do that directly from within the game. So we’re going to bring up our menu settings graphic settings enhancements and from here we can change the internal resolution so i’m at 2x i’ll go to one and you’ll notice, a degradation in the clarity but uh on lower end devices. One x is probably the way to go on these higher end devices.

You can go up to 1080p with a lot of games, so yeah it’s actually pretty simple to get gamecube and wii games up and running on your android device, and i hope this helped out. People are just getting started in this. Keep in mind if you’re on a lower end device chances are no matter what settings you use you’re, just not going to get full speed out of these games here, but if you’re on a device with a snapdragon, 835 or higher, you should get pretty good performance And the higher you go, the better performance you’re gon na get in the description. I will leave a link to the dolphin website and i’m also gon na leave a link to their wiki page there’s tons of information over there. It explains every single setting in detail, so if you need to know something, i would recommend reading through that wiki but that’s going to wrap it up for this one. I really appreciate you watching, if you’re interested in seeing any more tutorials like this.