Just how I did it is what I told you in a video. So then, this one here, I'm just going to show you a little bit more detail on opening it up. This is just a quick video guide here, so you need a t4 Torx screwdriver. You can get them in the jeweler set watch kind of set packs that they sell at local hardware stores. Should we do hard to find one so it's a tiny little screw there. So we have six screws on the back here, remove all of those which are actually already done, they've, tiny little screws and then to go around and open the tablet up. The way I did it was to start along the top here. So where I started was right by the power buttons and I just move along here with them, you can. Oh, you can use a guitar pick I'm, just using like a credit card type card here, because I find ecstasy just gives me a little bit more of a handle on it. So you go along here separating the top part, which I've already done just here and look down to the sides be very careful. There are little plastic clips and there you can easily break so we don't want to actually break those, but then wow it's going to be pretty ugly isn't it so just go along here and move down the side doing that. So I just move along, be very careful.

You can say they are quite flimsy. There are only plastic there that's coming into there, magnesium alloy backing let's go along that's one side, pretty much done right there so and then just give it a lift it up, and when I found the easiest way when I first opened this up was to just Move the whole screen out from one side trying to unclip the whole side without putting any stress on the clips it's a a little tricky to do, and because we've already unscrewed the the back of it, we should be able to get the top to just slide. All the way down there, we go it's starting to come off now so far, push that down there we go, and it is now off so I'm just going to flip that around and pull the back off so that what just fell out now is the one Of the well sorry, the volume buttons there we go and one of the screws wouldn't come out and that's just dropped out there for me. So that is how you remove the case, and then we just have four screws there to remove the heat. Spreader heat sink. That is on top of the corium, and if you want to change the SSD you've got access to it right there. If you want to insert a 4G modem, don't know any details about that just yet. We can do that as well. So right here you get a little a couple of extras that I put on I put on my own thermal pads, either side well, that's the original one and put my own thermal pad there in the middle just to try and help improve things.

Hopefully this video was helpful to you now. Remember: do this at your home risk, because if something goes wrong, you will break the tablet. You could short something out. It might not ever boot on again, so just bear that in mind, so play it safe there. If you haven't done this before just stay away from this don't, do any monitoring you think well give it to someone that they can do that. It does have experience with this. Thank you for watching hope.